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Player: Abstract81

Names and Titles: Dracelnesse

Abilities On a scale of 1-20
   WISDOM  12

Character Profile
Race: Dragon Shapeshifter cross
Sex: Female, very
Skin: Um, depends... in human form, white...(from now on its in human form)
Height: 5'5"
Build: Slim, but tough, and "well endowed"
Eyes: Grey
Hair: red-brown, long (to the waist)
Handedness: Right
Apparent age: approx.25
Actual age: who knows? Well over a hundred
Vision: excellent
Hearing: selective (it can be good; it can be non-existent, if you know what I mean. Rather like a cat or a child)
Alignment: good, but naughty
Goals: tending bar and, well, whatever comes with it
Marks, scarring, maiming: none

Status and Origins
Class: Merchant
Social class:
   At birth: peasent (bastard child)
   Current: independently wealthy, but not nobility
Family: Mother was a human shapeshifter married to a full human; Father was a dragon (yup, adulterous). Father's whereabouts are unknown, and mother and human foster-father are dead
Affiliations: Um... former Bard and Lieutenant of RoR (Rogues of RhyDin)- disbanded 1998; Owner of the Vale, a tavern in Aquila

Total number of skills allowed: 10
Skills: Let's see... Shapeshifting (Five forms: Dragon, human, hawk, lioness, centaur). In human form: fire-related magic, shielding, bartending, lovemaking...oh, wait, I dont' think you were looking for that... Rock-shaping (for lairs). In remaining forms, anything (flying, flaming, etc.) that goes with them, and I suppose she's not too bad at hand-to-hand combat and archery. No swordfighting!

Languages: Common
Reading/Writing: Both... gotta keep the books at the Vale, and dragons usually enjoy a good book.

General Skills
   RACIAL ABILITIES Um, dragons have hoards, hawks can fly... this all seems pretty obvious

Steeds She doesn't really need one if you think about it

Animal Followers Hey, she's her own animal follower...

Last Will and Testament The Vale, her hoard and anything else that they want is to be divided equally between Navu and Kyra

Property The Vale, her cave, her hoard, her extensive wardrobe, and a lot of gold jewelery

Obligations Owner of the Vale

People Known
Navu DitreksenHalf human/hydranThiefM
Kyra'tarynKarildesti elfAssassinF

   Nobody that I know of...

Everyday clothing~
Head: nothin' but hair
Torso: dresses or lowcut blouses
Arms: bracelets usually
Hands: gold rings (parts of ther hoard)
Back: exposed...
Legs: skirts with high slits, tight pants (prolly leather)
Feet:  suede boots or sandels
Other: Clotheshorse! gold hoop earrings

Formal clothing~
Head: gold and jeweled forehead adornments
Torso: Gold velvets, gold and sapphire necklace
Arms: Gold arm bands
Hands: those rings again
Back: exposed, as usual
Legs: bare under the dress
Feet: gold sandels, jeweled of course
Other: ornate hairstyle prolly, earrings

General notes: Her forms- They all have similar coloring, gold with grey eyes, fondness for sapphires

Gemstones, jewelery: big hoard
Other valuable items: see above

   "Never a dull moment."