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©2000 KLS Player: Kraal999

Name and Titles  Lord Khraal Nel'Fray of the Island of Evermeet

Abilities On a scale of 1-20
   WISDOM  15

Character Profile
Race: Elf
Sex: Male
Skin: White
Height: 6'
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Auburn
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Apparent age: 20
Actual age: 
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Mannerisms and tendencies: 
General appearance: 
Marks, scarring, and maiming: 

Status and Origins
Class: Bard
Social Class:
   At birth: Nobility
   Current: Nobility
Birthplace: Evermeet
Birtdate: Unknown; Pisces
Patron deity: none
Family: Tyriss and Niles Nel'Fray


Titles or honors granted:

Total number of skills allowed: 10

Language: Common and Elven
Reading/Writing: yes

General Skills
   Racial Abilities  Elves share certain characteristics regarless of race. Among them are their lithe build, pointed ears, generally thin limbs, graceful movements, and overall elegance. Life is sacred to each race, although certain individuals may serve as an exception. They can see further into the infrared wavelengths of the spectrum allowing them to see in the dark (Elvensight).

CLASS DESCRIPTION  By nature, a bard will learn many different skills throughout his travels. Thus, although his strength lies in other areas, he makes a proficient fighter. All bards are accomplished singers, chanters, or vocalists, and can play a musical instrument of their choice. The bard has the ability to influence reactions of groups (if they are not preparing to attack), altering the general mood of the listeners. He can try to soften their mood, or make it uglier. The means by which they attempt this, range from a fiery speech to a haunting melody. The music, poetry, and stories of a bard can also be inspirational, rallying friends and allies. Since bards learn a little bit of everything in their travels, they can read and write in their native tongue, and are certainly able to pick up a second language. Bards also have a good chance to be able to determine the general nature of a magical item, if given the chance to closely inspect it, though not necessarily handle it. However, these are not the main powers of the bard. Bards have an exceptional personality and soul, and thus their performances take on a semi-magical nature. The areas of Song, Music, Dramatics, and Voice of Command, are the bards equivalent of spells.

   CLASS RESTRICTIONS/DISADVANTAGES  Where armor is concerned, the bard's nature dictates that he must be able to move nimbly and fluidly. Thus he cannot wear armor heavier than studded leather and cannot use a shield. If he betrays either of these rules, than he cannot use his bardic powers while still wearing the extra armor.

CLASS ADVANTAGES  He fights as a rouge, though he can use any weapon without restrictions on proficences. He receives the Thief abilities of Detect Noise and Read Languages. Any of his powers do not need to be memorized as mage spells; however, there is a limit on how many they know, dependent upon skill level. The Voice of Command is the most revered of all bardic abilities. Bards closely and jealously guard the Secrets of the Voice. To all others, it is an amazing power, whereby speaking a few simple words a bard can order another to do almost anything (at higher levels). Bards rarely reveal the secrets of their Voice, and doubtless their goodly nature would prohibit them from using such powers for this purpose, except for in the most dire circumstances, regardless.


Special Weapons Notes  

Animal Followers
Type: imp
Notes: pain in the ass

Last Will and Testament

Property  Na'Broth


People Known
KyraKarildesti elfAssassinF
Tyriss Nel'FrayElfThiefM
Niles Nel'FrayElfHealerM



Everyday clothing~
Torso: Black tabard/tunic belted in the middle
Arms: Black leather bracers with studs
Hands:  Back: Hooded black cape with scarlet lining, held together with a brooch
Legs: Black pants and platemail greaves
Feet: Black round toe boots that come to the calf and fold down, the fold being red

Formal clothing~
Torso: black dress tunic with red lace at the neck
General Notes: 

Brass swept hilt rapier
poniardright boot
small steletioone in each bracer
daggerbelt on right side