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Player: Gooberabi3

Names and Titles Mish'Ceal Na'ar-Syntanzk, Head Ranger

Abilities On a scale of 1-20
   WISDOM  15

Character Profile
Race: Dark Angel
Sex: Male
Skin:  Light blue
Height: 6'5"
Build: Muscular
Eyes: Metal blue, slit pupils
Hair: long thick curly blue
Handedness: left
Apparent age: 24
Actual age: 824
Vision: 20/20
Hearing: average
Alignment: Chaotic Neutrality
Goals: Catch crooks, catch the man who killed his wife and himself
Mannerisms and Tendences: short temper, determined to the point of stubborness, close minded on a lot of things, hates rapists, womanizers, and basic jerks, nice usually, smart funny
Marks, scarring, and maiming: Celtic knot tattooed on his shoulder

Status and Origins
Class: Ranger
Social class:
   At birth: Nobility
   Current: Middle class
Birthplace: WulfGar, Teyr
Birthdate: exact date unknown (824 years ago)
Parton deity: none
Family: Brother, Flynn
Affiliations: Rangership of Aquila (RoA), The RhyDin Underground Mafia (RUM)

Total number of skills allowed: 10
Skills: weapon use, flying for short distances, marksmanship, fighting, stamina, thievery, ambush, muti-opponent combat, pickpocketing, lock picking

Language:Common, Gaelic, and some Elven
Reading/Writing: yes, proficiently

General Skills
     flying, extended breath underwater. He does not die as mortals but through his own fault or the clever trickery of another. He has seven lives and each must be ended through one of the Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, Lust, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, and Wrath. He has already lost one life to the latter. He is one of a few, he and his brother are the only ones they know of with this ability.

   Reacts and is generally slower to everything in the heat, prefers the cold

Last Will and Testament
   Everything goes to my brother. He may do with it as he will.

     A boat, a cabin in the North Country, a ton of weapons, the Aquila Ranger Station is in his name on the deed, as is the jail since he became the Head Ranger.

     Ranger, has working hours

People Known
FlynnDark HumanWarriorM

Everyday clothing~ black leather trenchcoat
Head: nothing, hair ties
Torso: tight blue shirt
Arms: shirt sleeves
Hands: nothing, sometimes gloves
Back: shirt
Legs: black pants
Feet: boots

Formal clothing~ pinstripe suit
Head: black fedora
Torso: undershirt, tie, pinstripe vest
Arms: pinstripe jacket
Hands: white gloves
Back: suit back
Legs: pinstripe pants
Feet: polished wingtips
General notes: goes for the mafia style look and pulls it off nicely.

Primary Ability: Telekinesis
Secondary Ability: Telepathy

Type of Insanity
   pyromaniac, kleptomaniac, pathological liar

Martial Arts
   MARTIAL ARTS STYLE   Ninjitsu, drunken boxing, and kempo
   WEAPONS ASSOCIATED WITH STYLE   Nunchuks, Crow's Feet, Throwing Stars, Katana, Bo, Sai, Tiger Claws, two .9mm's