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On the left is a recent view of the skyline of Nairobi. To the right is a closeup of the tallest
building in the city.

And here are two more pictures of the large modern buildings typical of Nairobi, Kenya.

What Kenya is Really Like

The images above are a view of the syline of Nairobi from a hill overlooking Uhuru(Freedom) Park and three images of typical modern buildings in the heart of the city. Sure, there are lions and giraffes in Kenya and there are Maasai warriors and black rhinos, but to most Kenyans this is the sort of scene they are most familiar with. . .a modern city of the modern world.

The links below are designed to make it easier for you to get an idea of what Kenya is really like. And this is an especially good idea for anyone at Jefferson State Community College. After all, we have admitted more than 300 Kenyans to our school between 1995 and 1999. (By the way, if you have been struggling with Kenyan names, click here for a pronunciation guide.)

Links to Info and Images of Kenya

Descriptions of Kenya's Major Tourist Sites.
No pictures, but plenty of info about all the major tourist spots in Kenya. This site reviewed on February 11, 2000.
Mashada: An E-Zine for People Interested in Kenya.
This is a must for people who want to learn about Kenya from the Internet. Articles on Hip-Hop in Kenya, the Kenyan Banking System, Women's Rights, and much, much more. This site reviewed on February 2, 2000.
Just the Facts!
This site presents all the almanac sort of information about Kenya: population, geography, resources, government, education, and so forth. This site reviewed on December 22, 1999.
The Music of Kenya
This new site reviews what music is popular in Kenya.
Les Gens: The People of Kenya
This new site is in French, but will soon be available in English. My high school French was enough to follow most of the commentary, and there are some nice pictures of traditional tribesmen.
The Major Events in the Life of Jomo Kenyatta
This is a very detailed year-by-year outline.
Papa F's Corner
This site by Fulbert Namwamba is a must-see site! It has links of all kinds and, as a bonus, you get some of Papa F's humor. Papa's site is the "real Kenya."
Safari '98 -- Kenya
Pictures of the people, places, and animals of Kenya and Tanzania.
Photos from Kenya
The animals and people that tourists want to see.
The Constitution of Kenya.
Here is the best available text of the Kenyan Constitution. The typos in it are the fault of the people who put this web site up.
What Kenyans Eat
NEW! Here's where you can find out about Kenyan "chakula"(food). Dozens of dishes,plus other great links.

Wahome's Kenya Page
Helpful advice to Kenyans studying in the United States.
A charging black rhino!
Real Ernest Hemingway stuff!
The History of Kenya
Outline of major events up to 1994.
Kenya Facts
Basic Almanac Data
Jambo, Kenya!
All sorts of great Kenya links.
Habari za ulimwengu!
What one Kenyan thinks you should know about Kenya!
The Kenyan-American Association Website
An all-purpose site for Kenya-related topics!
The Embassy of Kenya in Washington, D.C.
This is a good link to official Kenyan information.
An excellent overview of Kenya
The Kenya Site
How Well Do You Know Kenya? Take a quiz at this site to find out.

Swahili Language Links

Basic Swahili Vocabulary
You can pick up your first few words here!
You can begin your study of simple Swahili grammar here!
Swahili for Travelers and Tourists
Just click on the Tanzanian flag and you can get some more Swahili lessons.

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