Forty Hadeeth On: The Isl‚mic Personality

By Shaikh ĎAlee Hasan ĎAlee ĎAbdul Hameed

© 1995 Al-Hidaayah Publishing and Distribution


Authorís Introduction


  1. Purity and Sincerity of Intention
  2. Distinctness
  3. Justice and Being Justly Balanced
  4. Striving Against Oneís Desires
  5. Gentleness
  6. Returning to the Truth
  7. Responsibility
  8. The Muslim Seeks to Make Excuses for Other Muslims
  9. The Muslim does not Harbour Envy
  10. Following and Applying Divine Guidance
  11. The Muslim Has No Free Time
  12. The Muslimís Piety and Self Restraint
  13. The Muslim is Honest and Truthful in All His Affairs
  14. Knowledge for Knowledge
  15. The Believer is a Mirror for His Brother
  16. The Muslimís Struggle and His Devil
  17. Remembrance of Allaah
  18. The Muslim Does not Fall into Backbiting
  19. The Muslim Does not Pry into the Matters that do not Concern Him
  20. All of His Actions are for Allaah
  21. The Muslim Repents and Turns Back to Allaah
  22. The Essential Characteristics of His Personality
  23. Honest Jesting
  24. A Time for this and a Time for that
  25. He Does not Take Sins Lightly
  26. The Muslim Does not Commit Oppression
  27. He is not a Carrier of Malicious Reports
  28. He is not Attached to this World
  29. Disassociation from this World
  30. Good Actions
  31. The Muslim is Contented and Satisfied
  32. Devotion to the Religion of Islaam
  33. How the Muslim Deals with People
  34. Visiting Brothers
  35. The Muslimís Character
  36. The Muslim Knows His Own Worth
  37. He Hopes for Good for Himself and His Brothers
  38. Ordering Good and Forbidding Evil
  39. Being Cautious to Avoid Animosity and Dissension
  40. The Means to Escape the Trial which Befalls the People


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