Hadeeth Twenty One: The Muslim Repents and Turns Back to Allaah


From Aboo Sa‘eed al-Khudree (radiyallaahu ‘anhu) who said that Allaah’s Messenger () said:

The example of the believer with regards to eemaan is like the example of a horse with regards to its tethering stake; it roams around and then returns to its tethering stake, and the believer is negligent and then returns to eemaan. So feed the pious with your food and treat the believers well.[1]


So he does not persist upon sin, or treat it lightly. Rather like the rest of the children of Aadam he commits many sins! However he is frequent in turning back in repentance to his Lord, returning penitent to his Creator. If he has any pride or arrogance, and this is something alien to the Islâmic personality, then he does not have it with regard to his Lord since he is a weak servant, and his Lord is the One who sustains the heavens and the earth. So what has preceded will clearly show us:

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[1] Reported by Ibnul Mubaarak in az-Zuhd (no.73), Ahmad (3/38,55), Ibn Hibbaan (no.616) and others and its chain of narration has two weaknesses: (i) Aboo Sulaymaan al-Laythee who is unknown, and (ii) ‘Abdullaah ibn al-Waleed who is weak. However it has a support which raises it to the level of hasan, it is reported by ar-Raamahurmuzee in al-Amthaal