Hadeeth Twenty Seven: He is not a Carrier of Malicious Reports


From Anas ibn Maalik (radiyallaahu ‘anhu) who said that Allaah’s Messenger () said: Do you know what calumny (al-‘Adh) is? They said: Allaah and his Messenger () know best. He said:

Conveying the words of some people to others in order to create mischief between them.[1]


Tale-carrying is a foul disease; when it enters the heart it corrupts it, and when the heart is corrupt the rest of the body becomes corrupt and one’s actions are destroyed. How many people there are today whose evil actions have been made alluring to them by their devils, so that they think that their deeds are good and free from blemish! How many there are today who think that tale-carrying is a good deed and righteous action which they are carrying out! However these people who circulate amongst the servants of Allaah, the One free and far removed from all imperfections, spreading mischief, falsehood and leading hearts astray, then the sincere Muslim should not give them any chance to operate but should rather turn away from them and keep away from them! This is the least punishment that is possible for these people!

The sickness of tale-carrying only finds a place in hearts which are filled with love of this world, the hearts of those who use the Religion for lowly and despicable ends, and we seek Allaah’s refuge from that! However, as for the sincere Muslim who strives to follow and apply the guidance sent by his Lord, then:


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[1] Reported by al-Bukhaaree in al Adabul Mufrad (no. 425), al-Baihaqee in his Sunanul Kubraa (10/246) and others and its chain of narration is hasan. A similar report from Ibn Mas‘ood is reported by Muslim (Eng. Trans. 4/1375/no.4303).