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History of Pakistan
Updated 13th March 2001 at 17:23pst
4. History of Pakistan

1981 Fourth Census in Pakistan
6th February 1981 Movement for restoration of Democracy was lauched
23rd March 1981 Provisional constitution was enforced after 1973 constitution was suspended under Zia's Martial Law
1st May 1981 Kahuta Research Laboratories was renamed as Khan Research Laboratories (KRL)
7 August 1981  Nazir Sabir summited K2
1982 Gasherbrum II and Broad Peak summited by Nazir Sabir and Sher Khan.
December 1984 Presidential Referendum was held, and General Zia-ul-Haq became President of Pakistan
February 1985 Election on non-party basis for National and Provincial Assembly was held.
20th March 1985 General Zia-ul-Haq nominated Muhammad Khan Junejo as Prime Minister of Pakistan
14th November 1985 Historic 8th Ammendment in 1973 constitution was passed by Senate
December 1985 Martial Law was lifted, and political parties were banned
August 1986  Karakoram Highway opened for Public across borders
17th August 1988 Zia-ul-Haq shaheed in plane crash near Bahawalpur, Ghulam Ishaq Khan, chairman of Senate becomes new President of Pakistan
November 1988 Pakistan Peoples Party returned to Power after winning elections, Benazir Bhutto becomes the Prime Minister of Pakistan
16th July 1990 Pakistan's first satellite Badar-1 was launched from China
6th August 1990 Ghulam Ishaq Khan dismissed Benazir Bhutto accusing her of corruption, Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi becomes the care taker Prime Minister until elections
24-27 October 1990 Elections were held for Provincial and Natonal Assembly
1st November 1990 Nawaz Sharif becomes Prime Minister of Pakistan after winning the elections
25th March1992 Pakistan won its first cricket world cup beating England
25th August 1992 Nazir Sabir reached the summit of Gasherbrum I
19th April 1993 Nawaz Sharif was dismissed by President Ghulam Ishaq Khan, and National Assembly was dissolved once again. Mr Balakh Sher Mizari was appionted care taker Prime Minister by Ghulam Ishaq Khan
26th May 1993 Supreme court quashed the Presidential order and Nawaz Sharif was reinstated as Prime Minister of Pakistan
8th July 1993 President Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resigned, thus dissolving all National and Provincial assemblies, Moin Qureshi was appointed caretaker Prime Minister and Ghulam Ishaq Khan as caretaker President
19th October 1993 Benazir Bhutto once again gained power after winning elections
13th November 1993 Sardar Farooq Ahmad Khan Laghari was appointed President of Pakistan for five years
5th November 1996 Benazir goverment was dismissed by President Farooq Laghari
6th November 1996 Malik Meraj Khalid was appointed caretaker Prime Minister
February 1997 Elections were held in the country
17th February 1997 Nawaz Sharif was re-elected as Prime Minister after Muslim League won with an overwhelming majority
1st July 1997 14th Ammendment of constitution was passed by Senate
28th October 1997 Government of Pakistan submited its instrument of ratification to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)
2nd December 1997 President Farooq Laghari was dismissed, and Waseem Sijad became the care taker President of Pakistan
1st January 1998 Raffiq Tarrar became the new President of Pakistan
1998 Fifth Census
6th April 1998  1st 1500Km Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile, Hatf V (Ghauri Missile) test fired by Pakistan, at Malut, Jhelum at 07:25pst
28th May 1998  Five Nuclear Explosions conducted at Chagi
30th May 1998 Sixth Nuclear Explosion of Pakistan at Chagi
19th February 1999 UN Inspectors visited the Wah Ordinance Factory, under the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) ratified by Pakistan Government
15 April 1999 Shaheen Missile test fired by Pakistan
6th May 1999 Kargil operation started by Mujahideen in Kashmir
2nd August 1999 Kohat Tunnel (1886 meters) project started
30th September 1999 Trials of Ghauri III Missile Engine were completed at KRL
12th October 1999 Army took control of Goverment under Gen.Pervaiz Musharaf, Nawaz Sharif along with his collegues was arrested
17th May 2000 First Pakistani (Nazir Sabir) summited Everest at 07:31pst
23rd June 2000 Sukkur bypass opened, including 12 bridges
1st July 2000 M10 (Makran Coastel Highway) construction began
24th October 2000 First ever day nighter ODI played at Karachi National Stadium, Pakistan v England
30th October 2000 First ODI played at Pindi Cricket Stadium under flood lights, Pakistan v England
14 -17th November 2000 World's first and the largest Defence Exhibition "Ideas 2000" held at Expo Centre in Karachi.
9th December 2000 Nawaz Sharif along with his Family was exiled from Pakistan by Chief Executive of Pakistan, General Pervaiz Musharaf and Saudi government's demand
24th December 2000 Bagh-e-Quid-e-Azam opened for public, spreading over an area of 6 acres, around Quid's Mausoleum in Karachi
31st December 2000 Local Body polls held in 18 districts of Pakistan for the first time under Election Commision of Pakistan
4th January 2001 Surface to surface billistic missile Hadar-1 with a range of 300km is officialy declared
10th March 2001 Surface to surface missile SM-39, and air to surface missile AM-39, were succesfully tested by Pakistan Navy from Agasta-90 submarine and Atlantic plane respectively
29th March 2001 Chashma Nuclear Power plant is being inaugurated
19th April 2001 National University of Computer & Emerging Science (NUCES) is being inaugurated by Cheif Executive Gen. Pervaiz Musharaf at Lahore Campus
14th August 2002 Ghazi Brotha Hydro Power project is scheduled to start working according to Lef. General Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Chairman WAPDA, dated 22th January 2001

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