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External (Hard) Martial Arts

Southern& northern shao lin forms

Li family fist (li gar chuan)                red fist (hong chuan)           

White eyebrow (bok mei chuan)      Southern Shaolin

fast strike( tuan da chuan)                 pa chuan (canon fist)

Hua Mountain long fist                          

Southern Shaolin Wu Xing Chuan (five animal boxing) & 6 harmony forms

crane- beginner to master level sets.  Crane balances hard and soft movements.  Master level crane incorporates body vibrating and iron bone shattering palm techniques and secret Taoist wave palms.

tiger-   beginner to master level sets.  Tiger utilizes strength and power, focusing on chi na techniques that damage muscle, bone and sinews.  Master level tiger incorporates golden bell iron body and iron sand palm.

snake- beginner to master level sets.  Snake uses fluidity, flexibility, and angled attacks.  Master level snake emphasizes body vibrating techniques, iron wired fingers, fire and water palms.  Snake really focuses upon vital area and pressure point striking.

leopard-  beginner to master level sets.  Leopard utilizes quick rolling attacks that balance speed, power and agility.  Advanced leopard utilizes body vibrating, iron hand and advanced pressure point fighting.

dragon-  beginner to master level sets.  Dragon emphasizes on combining all five elements, animals and fighting methods into a single fighting style.  Master level dragon  utilizes body vibrating, iron bone shattering palms, and burning palms techniques.

Wu Xing Wu Fa Chuan- the five-animal, five-method boxing.  Highly advanced master level set combining all five animals and is considered to be one of the highest external forms of the Cheung Family Wu Xing Chuan System.  The five methods refer to a harmony of the five animals, the five elements, the five harmony Taoist palms (shaking, iron bone shattering, burning, wave and fire and water palms.)

Wu Xing Ba Fa Chuan-  the five-animal, eight-method boxing.  Intermediate set combining all five animals created by Wu Xing Chuan founder Li Sou.

preying mantis - 1st seven star preying mantis/2nd s. star preying mantis/Shao lin mantis

drunken boxing   monkey fist    eagle claw


Wisdom, peace, and strength are not flowers to pick,
but mountains to climb. 
Shaolin Proverb