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Internal (Soft) Martial Arts


About Internal Styles   All true kung fu styles use internal energy (chi) at the true basis and core of their art.  The external training is only the basic root of the full art.  Only when a practitioner has mastered the internal aspects of his art will he reach the higher levels of skill.  Many students excel in the physical aspects of kung fu, but only the most dedicated learn to combine the internal and external, the hard and the soft, the yin and the yang into one.  This takes many years of training and patience and most of all, dedication.  Very few martial artists ever experience Fa-jing (internal-external power in one movement.)  Sifu Brian has extensively studied the yin and yang internal arts.  In the Cheng Ga Wu Xing Chuan (Cheung family Five Animal Boxing), there is a special internal style known as Dou Jin Chuan, vibrating/shaking body boxing.  Very few practitioners of Shaolin five animal kung fu even know about this style.  And maybe it is only found in the Cheung family style.  Dou Jin Chuan literally is several combined and separate ways of generating chi and energy.  Dou Jin Chuan experts utilize deep-rooted chi from the earth and cultivate it through their bodies sending it as fa-jing energy to their palms and fingers.  There are several ways to send chi through the body using Dou Jin Chuan. 

1. By drawing Chi from the earth through longguan cavity in the feet and vibrating to the hands in a strike.

2. By stomping on the ground and letting the vibrations magnify through the body (raising the chi levels) and sending it to the hands for a strike.  This was first done in the Henan Shaolin Temple.  The monks discovered they could double the amount of energy by stomping and punching with the rebounding energy.  This is the most basic form of Dou Jin Chuan.  There are pot holes (made from stomping monks) in the Shaolin  Temple's stone floor from centuries of this type of power training .

3. By slightly turning the foot and letting the power ripple to the palms.

4. By violently twisting the hips and whipping the body to develop an explosive strike at a short distance.

5. By stepping and and letting the chi and vibrate through the body, such as in Xing yi or in Linear forms of Bagua.


Rotating palm ba gua - unique family style of  linear Ba gua consisting of the coiling dragon and eight animal styles

 o-mei Bagua - circular style of Ba gua from O-mei mountain     

Xing yi chuan ( mind-will Boxing) - Internal style of Boxing developed by General Yui Fei

Manxing tadi linear bagua - shaolin linear Bagua   

tie bu shan (iron body) - Iron Body training to make the body impervious to blows

Golden wave palm Taoist tai chi - old Taoist style of tai chi with origins in the Omei and Hua Mountains

Five animal/five harmony qi gong  - unique style of qi gong using five animal postures and movements in harmony with the five breath tones,the five internal organs and the five elements (water, wood, metal, fire, and earth.)  

 Iron Hand Qigong - A specialized type of Qigong that is designed to push chi to the palms preparing them for internal strikes

wu hur jin zheng zho - 5 harmony golden bell cover (iron body) - a style of iron body where chi is sent to the outer skin of the body protecting the body the way a layer of gold covers a steel bell

Tien De Zhang (heaven and earth palm) - a golden wave palm set that utilizes all five Dou Jin techniques.  Tien De Chuan is a perfect blend of yin yang, heaven & earth chi, Hard & soft chi gong.  

dou jin chuan -Vibrating Body/fist Boxing

Dian xue chuan-(Dim Mak) - pressure point boxing. learning how to strike the pressure points for martial applications