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About Sifu Brian Hall


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Sifu Brian Hall has over 26 years experience with Martial Arts.  He has a 4th degree black belt in Jujitsu and 5th degree black sash in Five Animal Kung Fu and is an expert in chin na (joint locking), and Shuie Jiao (chinese wrestling).  Sifu Brian specializes in the leopard and crane styles of the Southern Shaolin boxing system.  Sifu Brian also concentrated his martial art studies in a unique internal style of kung fu called Dou Jin Chuan (shaking/vibrating boxing).  One must become proficient in soft chi gong, hard chi gong, iron hand Hei Gung,  golden bell iron vest, iron palm qi gong and heaven & earth palm to be able to develop the full skills of Dou Jin Chuan.   

Sifu Brian's interest in the Martial Arts developed at a very young age when he first saw the TV series Kung Fu with David Carradine.  Another huge inspiration was Bruce Lee and the infamous Shaw Bro. Kung fu movies.  At age 5 he began studying Kyukoshin Karate and Senoi Ryu Jujitsu learning from his father who had studied in Japan.  His father, an avid fighter, had studied under Mas Oyama's school in south Japan.  He had to defend himself one day at a gymnasium when he was attacked by an Air Force officer who was looking for trouble.  He used Kyukoshin's famous step-punch (Oyama's bull killing punch) and the fight was over in one blow. 

Sifu Brian began studying Kung Fu at the Golden Dragon Academy learning Shaolin and longfist kung fu.  Sifu Brian also studied Shorenji Kempo from Tyoshi Namora who had studied at a Shorenji Temple just outside Tokyo.  Sifu Brian then found a new instructor from Fu Jo China named Huang Li Cheung.  From Master Huang he learned the Cheung Ga (Cheung family) Style of the Southern Shaolin Five Animal system.  Later by chance meeting, Sifu Brian met Dr. Ye Wei, a visiting scholar from Beijing, China.  Dr. Ye Wei is head instructor of the Chinese Wushu Department at the Capital College of Physical Education in Beijing.  From Dr. Ye Wei, Sifu Brian learned Beijing style broadsword, Spear, Leopard, Snake and Fan Tse Boxing.  Dr. Ye Wei also helped perfect Sifu Brian's full contact boxing skills (san shou).