No, you're not having a nightmare. You've struck out. Scored shit. Achieved Hades. Let the cares of your world increase away for a few years and immerse yourself in my world. A world built from the elements of no knowledge gameplay, bad jokes, and hypnotic pictures. A boring world not many other game pages even have a clue exists.

Yes, someone(me) was pathetic enough to make a Lords of Lunar page. Not Lunar, but Lords of Lunar. You've come to the right place, if you want FAQs, Walkthoughs, and character strengths and weaknesses. You can play Lords of Lunar by pressing Up, down, left, right, triangle and then start at the beginning of The making of Lunar. You must also do the chicken dance, pay me 10 bucks, and have watched The making of Lunar 100 times. Enjoy!(or suffer).

P.S. Oh yeah, a game comes with Lords of Lunar, called Lunar Silver Star Story Complete, it's ok. Send some love/hate mail to me telling me what you think of this page!

Walkthrough. This walkthrough gives you step by step instructions to master Lords of Lunar!
FAQ. All your questions on Lords of Lunar,!
The Characters. Strengths, weaknesses, backgrounds. You get everything you ever wanted to know about the characters.
Hints, Cheats, secrets, rumors, tactics, strategies. Stuck? Want to know how to get cow?
My adopted Lunar Cat........dragon.Yes, he is adopted. But people like him!
Hot Girl News Now the magazine has a webpage!
Links to places that might actually help you.All the links to the other pages.
Web RingsThe webrings I belong to because I have low self-confidence, and want more people to come see this "page". Hey, there's my friend Pat Thetic.

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UPDATE!!!This is probably my only update too, nyuck nyuck nyuck? Uh, I'm probably not gonna have internet access for awhile, 'cuz i'm poor. So no more updates(tee hee). But i'll make sure to come back time to time to see who hates me.

UPDATE 2!!!!!I'm back! I got access again. Yet I do no updates, or going to. Besides that last sentance...and this more updates.

UPDATE 3!!!!!!!!!!!Wow, most of my links don't work anymore, or pics don't work. That's sad, sadsadsadsadsad, very very very sad:( Oh well.

UPDATE 4!!!!!It seems my banner is gone for some reason. No broken pic, no nothing. Just nothing. I look in my webshell and it shows nothing too. Strange.

UPDATE 5!!!111!1!!211!@I don't believe it, I searched Google, and my page was on it. I rule. My lowly lowly page.....on Google. I've just joined the select group of only 76 million other pages. I am 1 of 76 million. I feel special. Maybe I should date these?