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A fellow webtver recently introduced me to a FREE website where you can store your pictures.

You can store up to 150 images per email address.
With 6 webtv users, that's a potential 900 images! Plus, if you have email accounts outside of webtv (hotmail, DWP, Worldshare etc...), the amount of storage is almost limitless.
There are two drawbacks, (neither of which have any effect on eBay):
  • 1) You can not store any animation.
  • 2) All the pictures have the words "" written across the top and your account name on bottom. (So you wouldn't want to store a background or something decorative there. But eBay pics should be just fine.)

Using pictures from this website in the Gallery and on the auction page, works just fine.

There are two ways I have found (so far) for Webtv user's to move images to Those are through email and by transloading images from your webpage.

How to move your pictures from your website to a account

  • Once you have opened your starblvd account you can transload images from your webtv webpage to starblvd. Your pics have to be on a published webpage. You can't transload from the scrapbook.
  • Go to user name
  • On this page there is a side bar written in yellow. Click on edit. It is the last choice.
  • Now put in your password.
  • At the top of the side bar click on "page #1"
  • Now you will have some options to choose from.
  • Since we have no hard drive, we can not upload the pics, so choose transload.
  • Now input the picture URL, just like you do with webscissors, and press return.
  • If you put the URL in correctly, there will be writing on the top of the page in red, telling you that your picture was transloaded.
  • If you put the URL in wrong, you will go to a page that asks you to transcribe the image. Just press the "back" key and retype the URL and try again
  • Once you have transloaded your pics, scroll down further on the page and you will see a 5 X 5 grid with thumb nail images of your transloaded pics.
  • At this point you can change the order of your pictures in the grid using the arrows at the top of each thumbnail. Clicking on the X will delete the pic.
  • Now you can delete these images from your pagebuilder scrapbook to make room for more!

Moving images to Starblvd through email

Method One

  • If someone sends you email with pictures, have them also email the starblvd account.
    The email address you registered with, has to be either in the "To:" or the "C.C." lines of this email. This is how starblvd knows who the emailed photos are for.
    Now when you go to the s.b. edit screen, there will be a message that there is something in the mail queue for you.
  • If you have pictures in an account at Kodak's photonet, you can also email the photo's to yourself at, and put your own email address in the "cc:" line.

    (If you don't have a cc: line on your email, you can access it by going to settings and then to advanced settings.)

Method Two

  • If you have a pic in an email (you actually see the pic when you read the email. You don't have to click on something which links you to the pic), then you can forward the email directly to
  • When you log into your account, you will have the pictures in the "mail queue".
  • Just click on "mail Queue" and add the pics to your album.

Method Three

If there is an image on a website that you want to store in starblvd, you can email the image to your self using
  • You ccp the url address of the picture, or the website where the image is located.
  • Then choose the image you want, Skip the part where it asks you what effect you want, and choose "email this to someone".
  • Just put in your email address, and the image is emailed to you.
  • Now you can forward the email to, and the image will be added into your mail queue.
You have to email it to yourself first, because your email address has to be in the "from:" part of the email.


In order to find the URL for your picture, you have to understand how that grid where your pictures are stored, works.

Here is a sample URL, and we'll go from there:
  • Put your account name in place of robinq
  • The 1 stands for page #1
  • The 2 stands for row 2
  • the 4 stands for column 4
  • (Remember, rows go left & right; columns go up & down.)
  • So basically, you are replacing the importD0.jpg with the 1-2-4.jpg?m=1
  • If you are using an image on a site, but the image url is not being accepted, then leave off the ?m=1. According to Truomo and Anthony at Starblvd, it is not necessary.

That should just about do it.
If I forgot something, write to me below.

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