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About Photopoint

photopoint vs.

  • Another popular free website where you can store photos is It is easy to put your photos on this site, but more difficult to list on eBay. You can also crop and resize the picture there.
  • To crop and resize on, you have to take the url to another site like My Imager, to resize or otherwise change the picture, and then transload it back to starblvd or pagebuilder. One draw back to photopoint is the extremely long url you are given for your picture. They make it difficult to write down the picture location.
  • When you list on eBay with photopoint, you have to keep going to photopoint to ccp the url of your picture.
  • When you list on eBay with, you already have the url for your picture (Because of the grid system they use).
  • photopoint also has a logo across the top of your photo, like starblvd. However, photopoint adds a strip with the logo to the top of the picture. Starblvd prints across the top & bottom of your picture. picture


How to put your pictures into your photopoint album

There is only one way we can put our pictures into an album on photopoint--through email.

If you have a picture that was sent to you in an email attachment, (you don't have to click on a link to view the image), then you can just forward the email to

If you have a picture on a website that you want to put in your photo album, you can use Webfx to attach it to your email.

The email address which you used to sign-up for photopoint, must be in the from part of the email. So, you can't send it to photopoint ( or starblvd) directly from webfx. You have to send it to yourself first, and then forward it.



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