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Finding your picture's URL address.


How to get the URL of a pagebuilder picture

The best way I can explain this is to give you an example of my URL and break it down for you:


  • Do not put the "-2" after community.

  • In place of my name, Robinq, put your webtv name.

  • In place of "doc", put the name of your webpage. ( webtv assigns "doc" if you don't give your webpage a title.)

  • The F in scrapbookFiles must in caps, the word must be plural.

  • "import" is lowercase, D is in caps, replace the _ in your image name with a .

  • The jpg is case sensitive. You can have a D1.jpg, and a D1.JPG on the same webpage denoting 2 different pictures.

  • Note: There are other types than import. It depends upon how you receive your image. Use whatever it says for your image.



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