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Forever In Our Hearts

Our dreams they have been shattered
Our families torn apart
Now precious memories of our children
Reside forever in our hearts.
Joan Lawton - 3/00

Skyler Edward Aarvig
(son of Michelle Aarvig)

Michael Todd Angers Jr.
(son of Dianne Angers )

Danny Baran
(son of Ann Baran)

Melanie Jo Barr
(daughter of Jo and Jimmy Cook)
(daughter of Terry and Wanda Newman)
(wife of Morel Barr)
(sister of Chanda)

Arlyn Maria Beal
(daughter of Karyl C. and Ronnie Beal)
(sister of Ronnie)

Karen Lynn Berry
(daughter of Kathy and Eddie Berry)

Shane Leif Bradley
(son of Julie Bradley)

David Ryan Brewer
(son of Steph Brewer)

Jason Michael Briggs
(son of Linda)

Adam John Conger
(son of Jeannie and Alan Conger)
(brother of AJ)

John Lee Copeland
(son of Sarah Copeland)

Sherri Lynn Cote
(daughter of Jean Cote)

Brittany Alyssa Couture
(daughter of Melissa Couture)
(sister of Emily and Ryan)

Vernon Creamer Jr.
(son of JoAnne and Vernon Creamer)
(brother of Stephanie)

Adam Kyle Davis
(son of Patricia Elkins)

William David Earl
(son of Connie)

Tony Edwards
(grandson of Barbara Hinman)

(Faren)Penny Feigenbaum
(daughter of Bernice Schwartz)
(sister of KAT)

David M. Fields
(son of Pattie Fields)

Harlan Shawn Friedberg
(son of KAThy Friedberg)
(grandson of Bernice Schwartz)

Justin Gates
(son of Dennis Gates)

John Michael Gentry
(son of Faye Gentry Combs & John Gentry)

Michael Ray Georgia Jr.
(son of Maryanne)

Cody Nathaniel Golyar
(son of Ray)

Bradford Halpin
(son of Gilda Halpin)

Matthew Ryan Fugate Hobson
(son of Charlotte Fugate Hobson)

Carol Lynne Ivin
(daughter of Diane & Glen Ivin)
(sister of Christopher Ivin)
(Mommy to Jeffrey, Kayla, Zack & Jessy)

(son of Jackie W.)

(daughter of Bill)

Jeffrey Joseph Angelo Kesling
(son of Donna Kesling)
(daddy to Kyle)

Michael Kristen Kouris
(son of Pamela and Michael Kouris)

Michael Scott Lawton
(son of Joan and Brian Lawton)
(grandson of Peg and Mike Spernak)
(brother of Aimee)

Noah Matthew Lueken
(son of Beth and Scott Lueken)
(brother of Nathan & Madalyn)

Jonathon Mahoney
(son of Leanne Parnell)

William MacLeod Manning
(son of Robin Manning)

Randy Karl Mas
(son of Karla Welch)

Mark McDowell
(son of Marly Richey)

Heather Brooke Mitchell
(daughter of Jeannine)

Richard Alan Moll
(son of Margie Moll)

Jason Matthew Overton
(son of Sue Overton)

Elysia Marie Pefley
(daughter of Anita)

Michael Douglas Pickles
(son of Linda and Pat Pickles)

Melissa Leigh Putler
(daughter of Wendy Putler)

Joshua Ruggerio
(son of Sue Ruggerio)

Ryan Michael Saberon
(son of Liz Weyhknecht)

Jason Michael Saulmon
(son of Sheri Jacobs)

Kaleb Zane Seitz
(son of Terry Seitz)

Lisa Shore
(daughter of Sharon Shore)

Charles Joshua Stambaugh
(grandson of Gail Stambaugh)

Jennifer Sue Steensen
(daughter of Merle Anne & Steve Steensen)
(sister of Ian)

Andrew Brian Stein
(son of Karolyn Soice)

Craig Stille
(son of Joanne Stille)

Ryan Michael Sullivan
(son of Claire Sullivan)

Amanda Sue Vaughn
(daughter of Sue Vaughn)

Keith Wagner
(son of Margaret Wagner)

Ryan Lee Wells
(son of Suzanne Nadrich)

Lauren Williams
(granddaughter of Russell
and Delores Williams)

Lisa Michelle Winslow
(daughter of Betty Winslow)

Elizabeth Lauren Wolcott
(daughter of Sam Wolcott)

Kelsey Dawn Yoder
(daughter of Gail Yoder)

Katie Marie Young
(daughter of Karan Young)
(granddaughter of Hazel Ralph)

We invite you to visit The Children's
Memorial Page at the link below.
On this page, you will find
a special memorial lovingly created
for each child who was either born into
or who left this world during the
present month. We wish to thank each
and every one of you for taking the
time to visit our beautiful children.

Children's Memorial Page