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(Faren) Penny Feigenbaum
December 23, 1946 -- May 29, 1999
Multiple illnesses and multiple surgeries


I miss you, Penny,
More than words can say.
I miss your phone calls,
Saying you're okay.
Dad always called you "Rocky".
With all your surgery,
You had to be "Lucky".
The last you could not take.
You did not want me to know...
But I have to tell you,
A mother's heart tells her so.
I did not get to hold your hand.
Everyone says you're in a better land.
My tears will not bring you back.
I did not get to say
good-bye or kiss your hand.
But I'd rather be in the grave...
In place of young you, so grand.
There was always laughter,
Wherever there was Penny.
If we remember you,
That's all that we have
and that's plenty. Rest in peace and I
will always remember you...

Your Mom