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Skyler Edward Aarvig
May 2, 1999 -- March 4, 2000
Severe Pulmonary Hypertention Complicated
By Major Heart Defect and Down Syndrome

Skyler was a special gift lent to us from God. He taught us so much about life while he fought hard to keep his. He always smiled even when times were painful for him. Skyler will always be my miracle. I wrote a poem about him I would like to share.

Have you often wondered
if miracles do come true?
I will share with you my story
and you will believe they do.
I wished with my heart
and I wished with my soul
The greatness of my wish
did only God know
My miracle was born to me,
I had wished for a son
Skyler was special
and second to none.
His soul like a lion
with strength for us all,
Would carry us through
when his lungs came to fall.
This miracle from God
was love pure as could be,
My pain at its passing
known only to me.
My son was the greatness
God precisly bestows,
To people who live life
and are open to woes.
Skyler's smile was
as bright as the sun,
He lives deep within me,
he whispers my name.
Because of this miracle,
my life will never be the same.

By Michelle Aarvig for Skyler

Skyler and Daddy - 3 months old

Skyler - 9 months old