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Grade 7 PowerPoint Mini-Poetry Unit

Division 3

F2 - Students will demonstrate an understanding of the nature of technology.

3.1 demonstrate an understanding that information can be transmitted through a variety of media

3.3 apply terminology appropriate to the technology being used at this division level

F3 - Students will demonstrate a moral and ethical approach to the use of technology. 3.1 use time and resources on the network wisely

3.4 cite sources when using copyright and/or public domain material

3.5 download and transmit only materials that comply with the established network use policies and practices

3.6 model and assume personal responsibility for ethical behaviour and attitudes and acceptable use of information technologies and sources in local and global contexts

F6 - Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of the operating skills required in a variety of technologies. 3.3 demonstrate proficiency in uploading and downloading text, image, audio and video files
P1 - Students will compose, revise and edit text. 3.3 revise text documents based on feedback from others

3.4 use appropriate communication technology to elicit feedback from others

P5 - Students will navigate and create hyperlinked resources. 3.2 demonstrate proficient use of various information retrieval technologies
P6 - Students will use communication technology to interact with others. 3.1 communicate with a targeted audience, within a controlled environment, by using communication technologies, such as e-mail and web browsers
C1 - Students will access, use and communicate information from a variety of technologies. 3.1 plan and conduct a search, using a wide variety of electronic sources

3.2 refine searches to limit sources to a manageable number

C2 - Students will seek alternative viewpoints, using information technologies.

3.1 access diverse viewpoints on particular topics by using appropriate technologies

3.2 assemble and organize different viewpoints in order to assess their validity

3.3 use information technology to find facts that support or refute diverse viewpoints

C3 - Students will critically assess information accessed through the use of a variety of technologies.

3.1 evaluate the authority and reliability of electronic sources

3.2 evaluate the relevance of electronically accessed information to a particular topic

C5 - Students will use technology to aid collaboration during inquiry. 3.1 access, retrieve and share information from electronic sources, such as common files

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