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Haiku Website

Grade 7 PowerPoint Mini-Poetry Unit

PLANTING THE SEEDS - Extension Activities

Japanese Landscape
Bun, Westmount

In addition to completing any or all of the activities within the three week mini-unit outlined within Bringing Haiku Back to Life, students and teachers can increase their expertise on haiku and technology
by completing some of these
extension suggestions.

Activity Explanation
Students create their own website of linked
haiku.  To find out more on how to do this
visit the 2Learn Netsteps on Exploring Haiku
Collaboration with
other classes
Students and teachers can partner up with another
class within their school or another school via email.
Students can become keypals (email penpals) and
share their poems, critically evaluate others work,
receive authentic feedback and collaborate on writing haiku.
Enter Contests or
Get Published!
After having written their own haiku, students can
submit them to ejournals and other websites that
accept submissions.  Get some ideas here!

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