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Haiku Website

Grade 7 PowerPoint Mini-Poetry Unit


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Interantional Haiku Publications and Organizations

Bringing Haiku Back to Life! - Check out this project that is in the 2Learn Project Database.  It includes a three week PowerPoint mini-unit on haiku as well as extension activities and links.

Haiku Sites

The Shiki Internet Haiku Salon - What is haiku?  What pleasure is there in haiku?  Why is haiku so popular in English?  This unique site answers these questions along with having contests, questionaires and mailing lists that you can subscribe to.
Dhugal J. Lindsay's Haiku Universe - A massive site with a broad overview of how to write haiku, links to ejournals and to many famous haiku poets.
Haiku at AHA! Poetry -  This section on how to write haiku, articles on writing haiku, samples and links to haiku history is part of the larger AHA! Poetry site at
The Art of Haiku Poetry - Background information, sample haiku and links to other haiku sites.

Haiku for People - What is a haiku, how to write a haiku, samples of haiku, links to information on haiku poets and links to other haiku sites.

Sites of Famous Haiku Poets
and Haiku History

A Haiku Homepage- This webpage highlights the work of Basho (1644-94) and suggests other famous haiku poets.  It also has hints on how to write haiku.
Issa Haiku - A page dedicated to Issa (1763-1827), another famous haiku poet.
Metered Haiku - Assorted animated haiku from such famous poets as Buson, Issa, Basho, Reinhold and Cavallini.  Very Cool!
High Tech Haiku- This site includes history as well as many poems by Matsuo Basho.
Haiku Rules that Have Come and Gone by Jane Reichhold - An extensive list of 65 changes that the haiku has undergone.
North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts - This journal article includes information on the history, format and examples of haiku.
Basho Links - Assorted Links to take you to works and quotes by Basho.
Those Women Writing Haiku - The history of women writing haiku as well as the history of haiku in a number of countries, including Canada, as written by Jane Reichhold.
Poetry Previews: Read Reviews and Chat About Poetry - In this unique site you can explore different types of poetry as well as specific poets for biographical information.

Links to Non-Traditional Forms of Haiku

Hypertext Haiku - Read examples of hypertext haiku.
SPAM Haiku Archive - A new spin on an old age form of haiku!
Fall Haiku Poems - Halloween haiku written by students, an alternative form of haiku.  These haiku also combine are with writing.
SciFaiku - Haiku with a sci-fi twist. Read it, write it and share it here!
Cat Haiku - Another alternative form of haiku!
Haiku Houses - another twist on the tradition!

Sites for Students and Teachers - Ideas and Lesson Plans

Exploring Haiku A 2Learn 'NetSplore Activity Page - This lesson includes pre-web activities, web- activities which includes writing a hypertext haiku, post-web activities, rationale and suggested assessment.
Create your own pseudo-haiku

Haiku Writing -- A Lesson For Beginners - An activity written for students that includes examples of excellent haiku created by an individual in Calgary.
Sample Poetry Study Unit on Haiku: From Sound to Meaning - This grades six to nine sample unit framework on the Saskatchewan Education site includes suggestions, resources and associated curriculum objectives.
Haiku Workshop - A group activity for students to collaborate on creating a body of haiku.  This is part of a larger site.

The Toast Point Haiku Contest! -- A Japanese Garden of Verse - Follow the "House Rules" for publishing haiku then enter yours here!

Haiku Habitat - Why write haiku?  How do I get into the haiku habitat? Here are some ideas and samples to inspire you and your students to write haiku.
Tips for Teaching Poetry - Here are some generic tips, ideas and activities for teaching poetry of any type.

International Haiku Publications and Organizations

Haiku Talk: A forum for news and views on haiku and related genres - Haikutalk is a general discussion list for writers and others interested in haiku and related genres (site).
Haiku Computer Error Messages - These haiku are posted on a humor web board which anyone can contribute to.
Snapshots Haiku Magazine - Snapshot Press aims to increase the awareness of haiku and related short poetry, and the recognition of both new and established poets, through the publication of the quarterly haiku magazine (site index). It includes an introduction to haiku, sample poems and a submissions section.
The Haiku Society of America
The Haiku Gateway -- Dogwood Blossoms - One of the earliest ejournals of haiku, this site offers back issues and takes submissions.
Haikutalk - Information on how to subscribe to haikutalk or haiku digest email.
Useful Links - This page at Laughing CyPress contains links to haiku organizations and contests.
The Shimanami Kaido International Haiku Contest - Find information on how to enter this internationally acclaimed contest.
chaba: An Electronic Haiku Journal - "chaba is an electronic haiku journal focusing on modern haiku and senryu including essays on style and technique" (site index).  Find samples of work by modern haiku poets, organized alphabetically at this site.

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