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The Bread Bakers Forum



We offer these pages as a resource to assist you with your research into building or buying a brick or other type of hearth oven. Our intent is to provide a clearinghouse of information as to where plans, kits, craftspeople and more detailed information about brick and hearth ovens can be found. We do not provide plans or referrals as only you know what you want, need and can afford. We hope that this resource list will point you in the right direction and assist you along your way.


Craftspeople (Designers & Builders)
Manufacturers, Importers & Retailers
Web Sites Concerning Brick, Adobe & Hearth Ovens
Guides to Designs & Plans
Books & Articles (More Guides to Designs & Plans)
Commentary On Building Hearth Ovens
Commentary On Baking in Hearth Ovens


Comments? Questions? New information or updates? You may direct them to Lynn or Beth and we will try to answer any that we can. Please post your questions or comments to The Bread Bakers Forum.

Note: All internet addresses have been verified as of 4/24/1999. Things change rapidly on the web, however. If you find any of the links outdated or come across new ones, please let us know so that we can keep the information current.



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