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Books and magazine articles about building and/or using hearth ovens


Jaine, Tom.
Building a Wood-fired Oven for Bread and Pizza
Prospect Books, Devon, England 1996


This little book tells how to build and outdoor brick oven from scratch, with working drawings; and how to restore an existing oven if your house is so lucky to have one. There is guidance in firing and running the oven, and a recipe for good measure. Available from

Boily, Lise.
The Bread Ovens of Quebec. National Museums of Canada, University of Washington Press; ISBN: 0660001209, paperback, 1979


Filled with wonderful photos of old ovens, plus plans for building the types of ovens used in this area. A classic, not to be missed.  Available from

Leonard, Thom.
The Bread Book.
East-West Health Books Brookline, MA 1990

This terrific, but obscure book on bread from the ground up contains a chapter on building a backyard oven, as well as chapters of growing your own wheat. It is a real gem! Forward by Laurel Robertson. Available from Ovencrafters.


Alan Scott & Daniel Wing
The Bread Builders: Hearth Loaves & Masonry Ovens
Chelsea Green, NY 1999


Two books in one - the first, a treatise on the "science" of "building" bread through the use of natural leavens, including such topics as Naturally Fermented Hearth Bread, Bread Grains and Flours, Leavens and Doughs, Dough Development and Baking, Ovens and Bread.

The second part is how to design, build and operate a masonry oven. Its
chapters range through Masonry Ovens of Europe and America, preparing to Build a Masonry Oven, Masonry Materials, Tools and Methods, Oven Construction, and Oven Management.

One of the best sources of information about building hearth ovens available.

Available from Alan Scott's Ovencrafters site,, and most major bookstores.

Clayton, Bernard.
Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads.
Simon and Schuster, NY 1987


There is a small section on building a simple oven from concrete bricks in your backyard in this very thorough bread book. Also describes how to use the oven.  Available from

Robertson, Laurel.
The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book Random House, NY 1984


There are a few pages in the back describing the use of a brick hearth oven. Available from

Bacon, Richard M.
The Forgotten Art of Building and Using a Brick Bake Oven ...
Dover Press

Full Title: "The Forgotten Art of Building and Using a Brick Bake Oven : A Practical Guide : How to Date, Renovate, and Use an Existing Brick Oven and How to Construct" This book is out of print but you might be able to find a copy through a used book search.


Books on Wood-Burning Brick Ovens
American Institute of Baking's list of books on wood-burning brick ovens.

Poilane, Lionel
Guide de L'Amateur de Pain
Robert Laffort Publishing, Paris 1981


In French, the master baker's guide for home bakers, including designs for wood-burning ovens. Availabe from Lost Arts Trading.

Food & Wine Magazine, July 1998, pps 79-81 "It's Roasting Outside"


This is a brief article on wood-burning modular ovens

Sunset Magazine, 1968(?)  reprinted summer of 1998 (July or August)

An article on building an horno, a Southwestern style of hearth oven  This article can be purchased on-line for a cost of $2.95 from Northern Lights Special Collection.

Adobe Architecture, Myrtle Stedman & Wilfred Stedman, Sunstone Press; ISBN: 0865341117, 1987

Everything on working with adobe from making bricks to building an horno.  Available from

"The Best from New Mexico Kitchens", Sheila MacNiven Cameron, University of New Mexico Press; ISBN: 0937206350, Paperback, 1994

Design & recipes. Available from


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