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These individuals are skilled in the arts of building and using hearth ovens. Some will come to your location and build an oven on site for you or can supply you with plans and advice to build your own.


Alan Scott
4500 Marshall Petaluma Road
Petaluma CA 94952
Phone: 415-663-9020
Alan Scott is a master builder of hearth ovens, and is probably the most well-known oven craftsman in the country. His company, "OvenCrafters", began as a request from Laurel Robertson, his friend and author of "The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book", that Alan build a brick oven for her kitchen. Since that time Alan has built ovens across the U.S. and internationally and will travel to build your oven. He also sells plans for building your own oven. OvenCrafters produces a quarterly newsletter for brick oven builders and bakers.

Jim Skutt
619 Frederick SE
Olympia, WA 98502
Jim is located in the Pacific Northwest. He apprenticed with Alan Scott and has since built a number of ovens on his own. He also has experience baking with a brick oven, and will travel to build, design or teach.

Andy Bennett
15 Puncheon Camp Rd.
Marshall, NC 28753
Phone: 828- 649-3558
Andy's oven designs are based on the plans of Alan Scott and the ovens seen in Bread Ovens of Quebec. He has done some commercial baking with a wood fired oven and has a reputation of being "a master craftsman, a perfectionist about his work, somewhat of an artist in that he works to add unique special touches to each oven, and he's also real fun to be around." Currently residing and constructing ovens in the southeastern part of the U.S., Andy will travel.

Patrick Manley
Brick Stove Works
15 Nelson Ridge South
Washington, Maine 04574
Phone & Fax: 207-845-2440

Patrick also a founding member of the Masonry Heater Assn., and has been designing and building masonry heaters for 20 years.  He has traveled to Finland, Sweden, and Germany to study design &
construction of masonry heaters and bakeovens. He has built home sized bake ovens, as well as commercial bread, pizza and roasting ovens, all wood fired.  Most of his work has been done in New England, but can travel.  Visit  and click on "Bake Oven" for a pictorial and comments from the owner and operator of a bake oven that he built for them.

Heather Leavitt
4207 Broad Brook Road
South Royalton, VT
Phone: 802-763-8780

Heather Leavitt gives classes on building your own oven and then how to bake using it. She lives in Vermont and her ovens are based upon the "bread ovens of Quebec" models. She is a wealth of information and experience.
Marcus Flynn
4057, Avenue de l'Esplanade
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H2W 1S9
Phone:: 514 - 844 - 9824

Marcus Flynn constructs contraflow masonry heaters and European masonry bake ovens, and cookstoves for commercial and residential use throughout the provence of Quebec.
Peter Moore Masonry, Inc.
Peter Moore
RD #1, Box 2750
Pawlet, VT 05761
Phone: 802-325-3277
Peter designs and constructs unique wood-burning ovens for commercial and home use. in addition to being an expert in the design, construction and restoration of bee-hive ovens for home use. He and his staff have also built commercial and residential brick ovens,fireplaces, masonry heaters, and stone patios, steps, and walls throughout the Northeastern U.S..

Masonry Stove Builders
Norbert Senf
Quebec, Canada
Some stove heater masons are building hearth ovens or incorporating them into masonry stove heaters. This site is the Masonry Stove Builders Association's web page. Their BakeOven page is full of pictures of hearth ovens and information relating to builders, manufacturers, links, etc. Contact Norbert, he may know of an experienced brick oven mason in your area. Great site, full of information.


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