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These are other web sites with information about building or using a brick or hearth oven that you may find interesting or useful.


Brick Oven Cooking
Home of the Brick Oven E-Mail List
Subscribe to the Brick Oven E-Mail List here, the site also includes links to bakeries & restaurants using brick ovens, builders & suppliers, recipes & baking hints, pictures, stories and more. Very nice site.

The Bakeoven Page
Masonry Heaters Association of North America/Masonry Stone Builders BakeOven Page. This is an amazingly informative web site with information on building ovens and different types of ovens. Lots of pictures, information, links.

El Horno

Vi decided one day that she HAD to have an adobe oven right away, just couldn't wait another day, so she set out to build one.  Here she chronicles the building of the oven and includes her "lessons learned" as the "how-to's" of building an horno and using it for cooking and baking.  Lovely site with lots of pictures and graphics, be sure to check it out.

Heather & Greg's Home Page Heather & Greg honeymooned in Tuscany and learned to bake bread in a 100+ year old brick oven. When they got home, they built their own using Alan Scott plans and added an exterior of fieldstone from their own property. Their website contains pictures and commentary of both preparing and baking in the Tuscany oven and the construction of their home oven from the ground up. An extensive collection of photos and commentary, a beautiful oven.

Building & Using a Medieval-Style Hemispherical Bake Oven
Chronicles from a group of Society of Creative Anachronism members who build and use a bake oven each year for their festival. Links to photos and an earlier article the same group on oven-building.

Medieval Baking Techniques
A compendium of posts to a newsgroup of how some folks today are re-creating medieval ways of baking and living.

Medieval baking & bakers guilds
More on medieval baking, bakers guilds, baker's marks. Not specific to hearth oven baking, but interesting bread baking history.

Oven Building
Regia Anglorum, a U.K. "living history" society, builds a mud-and-sod covered bake oven. Includes how to build, how to use and pictures. Interesting and historically informative.


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