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I want your ideas for articles!

I wrote my first article for publication when I was in the seventh grade. As reporter of my Girl Scout troop, I summarized the groupís meetings and activities each month for my local newspaper, the San Marcos Record. I remember the editor telling me that I was a good writer -- and that he'd hire me when I grew up.

Then he started giving me a byline.

Without realizing it, he had determined the course of my life. The result was an unrelenting desire to put words on paper -- a gnawing need to write for my middle school and high school newspapers, edit the high school yearbook, and major in journalism in college.

I sold my first freelance features when I was 19, even before earning my journalism degree.

Writing has always been the dominant focus of my life. Since 1965, I have written everything from social justice articles to book reviews and travel articles. However, I specialize in human interest profiles and have interviewed recording artists, rodeo cowboys, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, surgeons, politicians, web designers, historians, ranchers, evangelists, and many others.

If you know someone or something that would make a uniquely interesting article, please email me the details at . This effort will cost you nothing but your time.

It doesnít matter if the subject for the article is in the San Antonio area or not. I often gather data and make needed contacts via the Internet. Some of the individuals about whom I have written my best articles have only talked to me by email and the telephone.

Tell me if professional quality slides or photographs are available.

Fees and Services:

Recently I have been assisting several recording artists in launching their careers. I write press releases and even feature articles on them.

I have also edited other writers' manuscripts and books.

If I can help you, please contact me at .

My fees are reasonable and negotiable. Clients are expected to pay travel, film, postage, telephone calls, and other expenses.

Services available:

* Press releases
* Feature articles for newspapers and magazines
* First person articles and testimonies (ghostwritten)
* Biographies (ghostwritten books)
* Photography
* Books and manuscripts edited

Contact me and we'll discuss a price.

Telephone 210-691-2255

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