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Sample Articles



"Adrian Flatt Celebrity Hand Exhibit," in the Houston Chronicle’s TEXAS MAGAZINE.
Noted hand surgeon Adrian Flatt collects the bronzed hands of nearly a hundred celebrities.

(View Linda's photos of Flatt and his exhibit.)

"Seventh Grader Wows Music City," published in the Houston Chronicle, December 20, 2000.
A twelve-year-old girl goes to Nashville for the Christian Country Music Convention, wins both the talent show and the songwriter’s contest, and is signed to a recording contract.

Regional Magazine:
"Comedy in the Clouds," published in Phoenix Magazine, April 1996.
Southwest Airlines flight attendant entertains passengers with humor and song. (Photos by Linda Owen)

Religious Magazines:
"Body and Soul," published in Presbyterians Today, December 2000.
United Methodists and Presbyterians overcome racial and doctrinal differences to feed the homeless both physically and spiritually.

"Special Children, Special Mother," published in Liguorian, February 1995.
Former Special Education teacher feels called by God to adopt physically and mentally challenged children.

"Learning Post-Apartheid," published in Christian Social Action.
How Christians can combat illiteracy in South Africa.

Trade Magazine:
"Always on the Job," published in Chief of Police Magazine, May/June 2002.
Police Officer Edward Gonzales is a hero ten times over. He has saved ten lives - at ten different times, always while off duty. (photos by Linda Owen.)

National Magazine:
"Hitting The Dusty Trail," published in Farm and Ranch Living, December/January 1995.
Nothing keeps this 83-year-old from missing a trail ride -- not the weather, injuries, or arthritis. He's been on a thousand rides and still refuses to stay home. (color photos by Linda Owen)