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Linda's Photography Page

Adrian Flatt Celebrity Hand Exhibit


Interesting People

Ben Isgrig
Thousands of trail rides

Tom Dooley
Christian DJ - The Journey

Craig Owen
Found birthmother in one day.

Ed Dyer
Editor and designer of
with client Virginia Gonzales.

Travelers in the Texas Hill Country

Peruvian Indians

Evangelist Billy Swain (left) and
Christian singer Glenn Kearney

Recording artist Paula Slow and
CCMA President Gene Higgins

Kirk and Tammy Michaelis with daughters
Meagan, Madeline, and Mallory (Yesmam),
DJ Scott Perkins (right).

Carol and Jack L. Bailey with rare book
of the Nurenberg Trial

CCMA Male Artist of the Year
Clifton Jansky and his daughter Courtney

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