--- S ---

Sack, Allan, 1914-2003.
early speed-reading educator

Sagan, Carl, 1934-1996. Cornell astrophysicist

             Carl Sagan: A Life, BY KEAY DAVIDSON
                       John Wiley & Sons, 1999 ($30)
             Carl Sagan: A Life in the Cosmos BY WILLIAM POUNDSTONE
                       Henry Holt and Company, 1999 ($30)
           One life, two takes (by Philip Morrison, from Scientific American)

Said, Edward W., 1935-2003.

polymath scholar and literary critic at Columbia U.

Saints Index


Saito, Hidesaburo, 1866-1929.  斋藤 秀三郎
Practical English Grammar
Idiomological English-Japanese Dictionary

Sakai, Naoki, 1946-    酒井直树
Professor of Asian Studies and Comparative Literature
Cornell University
他是日裔美国人,名叫酒井直木(Naoki Sakai),他的处女作《过去的声音——语言在18世纪日本话语中的位置》
Translation and Subjectivity (Minneapolis: Minnesota, 1997)

Salinger, J. D. 1919-
Jerome David Salinger
novelist, Catcher in the Rye
     setting in Valley Forge Miliary Academy, Pennsylvania
          Salinger and Joyce Maynard (Yale coed)

Salk, Jonas, 1914-1995.
polio vaccine developer

Sallie Mae (Student Loan Marketing Association)
              Cf.  Freddie Mac ; Fannie Mae

Salvation Army

SAM, SAM-e, or SAMe ("Sammy") S-adenosyl-L-methionine
           S-adenosyl-L-methionine as an antidepressant
           S-adenosyl methionine (SAM)
           S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAME)
           Ask the Expert: SAM

Samelson, Hans, 1916-2005.
Stanford topologist and differential geometer

Samuels, Gertrude, 1909 or 1910-2003.
age 93
photojournalist and writer

Samurai  (pl. samurai)  cf. Ronin (pl. ronin)
 Movies: The Seven Samurai
                   Chushingura (忠臣藏)

San Juan Skyway  (Coloradao)

Sanchez, Sonia, 1934-
African-American poet

Sand, George, 1804-1876.   French woman novelist
      Sand's romance with Frederic Chopin was chronicled in the film
(1991), starring Judy Davis and Hugh Grant..

Saner, Reg, 1929-
professor, U of Colorado -- Boulder
B.A., St. Norbert College
M.A., PhD, U of Illinois
selected poems in Retrieving Bones: stories and poems of the Korean War (Rutgers U. P., 1999)

Sanford, John, 1904-2003.
John B. Sanford

Saramago, Jose, 1922-
Portuguese novelist; Nobel Prize in Literature, 1998
lives mostly in Spain

Sarnak, Peter, 1953-
mathematician, Princeton
NAS, 2002

Saroyan, William, 1908-1981.
renowned Armenian-American writer, playwright, and humanitarian
Stanford Univ. Libraries house the largest William Saroyan archives
William Saroyan Int'l Prize for Writing (from Stanford Univ.)

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

Sarton, George, 1884-1956.

father of the history of science
cf. Kuhn, Thomas, 1922-1996.

Sarton, May, 1912-1995.
poetess; daughter of George Sarton

Sartre, Jean-Paul, 1905-1980.
French existentialist

Saund, Dalip Singh, 1899-1973.
U. S. Congressman from India
first Asian-American elected to Congress
first Asian-American woman elected to Congress: Patsy Mink
mathematician; PhD, 1924

Saussure, Ferdinand de, 1857-1913.  (索绪尔).
(edited by Charles Bally and Albert Sechehaye) 1915. Translated with an introduction and notes by Wade Baskin. 1956. Course in General Linguistics. Philosophical Library, Inc.

Saussy, Haun, 1960-       蘇源熙
Caleb Powell Haun Saussy
PhD, Yale, 1990
professor at Stanford  斯坦福大学东亚语言系和比较文学系主任  -2004.
the Bird White Housum Professor of Comparative and Chinese literature at Yale, 2004- .http://www.yale.edu/complit/saussy.html

Savage, Thomas, 1914 or 1915-2003.  (age 88)
novelist of the American West
"The Power of the Dog" (1967), "Lona Hanson" (1948)

Sawyer, Diane, 1945-
Wellesley graduate and a Richard Nixon aide;
spouse: Mike Nichols (1931- ), movie director, The Graduate
fact sheet

Say, Allen
Caldecott medalist Allen Say eloquently depicts this dark moment in history with Home of the Brave.

Scaife, Charles Walter John, 1938-2003.
Professor who promoted science as fun
professor of chemistry, Union College, Schenectady, NY
B.S., Cornell, 1959
PhD, Cornell, 1965


Scalapino, Robert A., 1919-   施伯樂    史伯乐
(PhD, Harvard)     bio
Robson Research Professor of Government Emeritus
UC Berkeley

Scarry, Richard, 1919-1994.  Children's author

Schaap, Walter E., d. 2005. age 87
jazz historian

Schafer, Edward H., 1913-1991  薛爱华
Edward Hetzel Schafer
a leading authority on Tang China
Agassiz Professor Emertius of Oriental Languages
UC BerkeleySinological Studies Dedicated to Edward H. Schafer by Paul W. Kroll
Review author[s]: Anne Birrell
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
, Vol. 53, No. 2 (1990), p. 373

T'ANG STUDIES 8-9 (1990-91)
    "Edward Hetzel Schafer, 1913-1991" (p 3-8)
     Bibliography of Edward H. Schafter (p 9-22)
    "What and How Is Sinology?" (pp. 23-44)

Schizer, David M., 1969-

dean, Columbia Law School
B.A., M.A., Yale, 1990
JD, Yale, 1993
youngest dean at top-tier law schools
tax law specialist

Schlesinger, Arthur, 1917-2007.
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr.
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian (son)
He popularized the term "imperial presidency" during the Nixon administration.

A Life in the 20th century: innocent beginnings (2000)

Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, 1888-1965.
historian (father)
Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Sr.

Schlesinger, John, 1926-2003.
legednary gay director of the Oscar-winning "Midnight Cowboy" (1969); companion of 30 years, photographer Michael Childers

Schlessinger, Dr. Laura C., 1947-
"Dr. Laura"
    Why Do You Love Me? Dr. Laura C. Schlessinger's first children's book

Schmucker, Samuel Christian, 1860-1943.
(some give 1944)
evolutionary atheist
PhD (chemistry), Penn, 1893
West Chester State Normal School faculty

Schneider, Paul , 1897-1939.
Protestant theologian Paul Schneider (1897-1939), who became known as the "Buchenwald Preacher," is considered a 20th-century martyr.

Paul Schneider: The Buchenwald Apostle - Claude R. Foster,Jr. -
"Paul Schneider: The Pastor of Buchenwald", by E. H. Robertson
"Paul Schneider: The Apostle of Buchenwald"
Paul Schneider: The Witness of Buchenwald by Rudolf Wentorf

           Paul Schneider - der Prediger von Buchenwald
           Paul Schneider -- der Prediger von Buchenwald!
           Geboren in Pferdsfeld - Pfarer Paul Schneider (VHS; 40 minutes)

Schneider, Stephen H.

Schoelkopf, R. Gerald, 1945-2008.
Russell Gerald Schoelkopf
July 6, 1945--April 24, 2008

Index to the Centennial History of  West Chester State College by Dr. Russell L. Sturzebecker

Recent history of West Chester University

Schoepflin, Urs.   施菩岭
x Shi, Boling
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Schonberg, Harold C., 1915-2003.
New York Times music critic

Schoonover, Frank E., 1877-1972.
artist of the Brandywine School
student of Howard Pyle

Schor, Naomi, 1943-2001.
Benjamin F. Barge Professor of French at Yale

Schram, Stuart R.   施拉姆
scholar on Mao Zedong

西方著名的毛泽东研究专家和毛泽东著作翻译家。1954年获得哥伦比亚太学哲学博士学位。20世纪60年代在哈佛大学从事当代中国问题研究。1967年执 教于英国伦敦大学。1968年至1972年任伦敦大学东方与非洲学院政治系教授,兼任该院现代中国研究所所长。1990年退休返回美国,应聘在哈佛大学费 正清研究中心主持英文版《毛泽东集》的编纂工作。主要著作有:《毛泽东的政治思想》(1963)、《毛泽东》(1966)、《未经修饰的毛泽东:谈话与书信集(1956—1971)》(1973)、 《对毛泽东的初步重估》(1984)、《毛泽东的思想》(1989)等。

Schultz, Theodore William, 1902-1998.
Nobel laureate in economics, 1979

Schulz, Charles M., 1922-2000.
      nicknamed "Sparky"
      Peanuts (cartoon) creator; died of colon cancer

Schuylkill River Trail
           Schuylkill River Trail

Schyns, Joseph, 1899-     善秉仁
Father  辅仁大学 法国神父  ; 称他“善司铎”

Sci-fi  (scientific fiction)
          sf site
          Bradbury, Ray, 1920-      sci-fi author

Science -- History
             Kuhn, Thomas (Samuel), 1922-1996. 
             Needham, Joseph.
             Sarton, George, 1884-1956.  The father of the history of science 
             Sivin, Nathan, 1931-      Penn

Science Fiction Reviews

Scientific American

The Scientist ; news journal for life scientists

Scitovsky, Tibor, 1910-2002.
Hungary-born Stanford economist

Scott, James C.
Yale Sterling Professor in Poltical Science

Scowcroft, Richard P. (Pingree), 1916-2001
       Stanford director of creative writing program;
       Harvard PhD
       wife: Anne Kendall (a Radcliffe PhD; d.1991)
       three successful sons
       students: Scott Turow, Tobias Wolff

       Stanford resolution

Scribner, Belding Hibbard, 1921-2003
medical pioneer; inventor of the Scribner shunt

Seaborg, Glenn, 1912-1999.
born Glenn Theodore Seaborg
Nobel Prize winner (chemistry, 1951)
Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

Searle, John, 1932-

Sebeok, Thomas A., 1920-2001.
linguist (semiotics)

Second Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security
of a free State, the right of the people to keep and
bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
         Second Amendment Cases

Second Chances
           Second chances: giving kids a chance to make a better choice

The Secret Garden (from Page By Page Books)
       The Secret Garden (from Literature Network)


           Semiotics basics


Segal, George, 1924-2000.
American Pop Art icon

Segall, Joel E., 1923-2003.
Joel Edwin Segall, PhD
economist, president of Baruch College (CUNY)

Seigle, Cecilia Segawa     瀨川淑子
professor emeritus at Penn

Seldes, George (Henry), 1890-1995.
critic, antifascist, and crusader (a muckraking journalist)
America's greatest press critic
dean of investigative reporters
      Facts and Fascism (chapters 1 and 2)
      Is the entire press corrupt?
      from public eye
      To tell the truth and run (a film)
      from Yahoo!
      from Spartacus

Sellin, Thorsten, 1896-1994.
Johan Thorsten Sellin
Crimnologist; University of Pennsylvania
obituary, Philadelphia Inquirer, Sept. 18, 1994

Seng, Harris B. H., 1919-     沈寶環
professorof library science, National Taiwan University
Shen Bao-Huan (Bao, treasure; Huan, globe)
father: Samuel T. Y. Seng, pioneer of modern library service in China


Seng, Samuel Tsu Yung, 1883-1977    沈祖榮
     (sometimes given as 1884-1977)
father of modern library science education in China
son: Harris B. H. Seng


Seniors Online

Sensabaugh, George, 1906-2002.
             professor of English at Stanford


Sensabaugh, George, 1906-2002.


Service Academies
           United States Air Force Academy
           United States Coast Guard Academy
           United States Military Academy (West Point)
           United States Naval Academy      

Sewall, Richard Benson, 1907-2003.
Yale Prof. of English; Emily Dickinson biographer

Shadow Federal Open Market Committee,  see Shadow FOMC

Shadow FOMC

           from Market News International
           from Mpls Federal Reserve Bank
           from Federation of American Scientist

Shadow Open Market Committee (SOMC), see Shadow FOMC

Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
Shakespeare, William
           College Literature,  Fall 1977 (vol.4, no. 3) special issue
           Welcome to Surfing with the Bard
           Shakespearean Homework Helper
           Complete Works of William Shakespeare
           Shakespearean Links
           The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
           William Shakespeare Resources on the Web
           Shakespeare Web
           Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
           Shakespeare Bookshelf
           The Works of the Bard
           Shakespeare search engine
           Shakespeare Oxford Society Home Page
           Shakespeare's Monologues
           Hamlet Web Page
           Selected Poetry of William Shakespeare

Sham, Lu Jeu, 1938-
Shen Lu-Jio 
NAS, 1998
Academician, Academica Sinica (Taiwan), 1998
Chairman and Professor of Physics, UC San Diego

Shaner, Janet P., 1952-2001.
former Superintendent, WCASD

          a word coined by James Hilton in The Lost Horizon
          a Utopian world
          a sequel by Daniel Altieri and Eleanor Cooney to James
                        Hilton's Lost Horizon  

Scenery of Shangri-la (DaoCheng,SiChuan,China)

Shadow FOMC

Shadow Open Market Committee (SOMC), see Shadow FOMC

Shankar, Ravi, 1920-      Indian sitarist
           Ravi Shankar
           Ravi Shankar Foundation

-----   daughter:  Norah Jones, 1979-   (won Emmy awards)

Shannon, Claude Elwood, 1916-2001.
father of modern digital communications and information theory
MIT professor emeritus; MIT obit
wrote the landmark A Mathematical Theory of Communication (1948)
National Medal of Science, 1966

Sharff, Stefan, 1919-2003.
film scholar at Columbia University

Sharpe, William F., 1934-

William "Bill" Forsyth Sharpe        
        Stanford professor; Nobel Laureate
        Founder of Finanacial Engines (http://www.financialengines.com/)
                    In 1990 Harry Markowitz, Merton Miller, and William
                    Sharpe shared the Nobel Prize in Economics for their
                    individual contributions resulting in the development
                    of modern portfolio theory.

Shattuck, Roger, 1923-2005.
Roger Whitney Shattuck
a polyglot scholar and writer
a Yale graduate


Shaw, Mei-Chi     蕭美琪
Professor of Mathematics, University of Notre Dame

Shearman, John, 1931-2003.
art historian of Italian Renaissance

Sheckley, Robert, 1928-2005.
science fiction writer
from Wikipedia

Sheehy, Gail.
Sex and the Seasoned Woman (2006)

Shei, Shun-Yi.    施順意
PhD, Purdue, 1978
agricultural economist

Sheldon, Sidney, 1917-2007.
father: German Jew
mother: Russian Jew
NY Times, January 30, 2007

Shen, Chia-tsin, 1913-2007.   "C. T. Shen" 沈家桢居士

老居士2007年 11月27日往生了
wife: 居和如女士 (Chu Woo-Ju, 1917-1988)
children: 3 daughters and one son


brief bio



什么叫做五眼呢? 在佛教的名词里,五眼是指肉眼、天眼、慧眼、法眼和佛眼

Shen, Dan, 1958-  申丹
English language & literature; translation

B.A., Beijing University, 1982
PhD, Edinburgh Univ., 1987
“长江学者”Cheung Kong Scholar, Beijing Univ.

Shen, Harris B. H., 1919-2004.   沈寶環
use spelling Seng;  Bao-Huan (Bao, treasure; Huan, globe)
professor of library science, National Taiwan University
father: Samuel T. Y. Seng, pioneer of modern library service in China  沈祖榮


Shen, Jackie.    沈建宏
University of Minnesota

Shen, Ning.      沈寧﹐ 浙江嘉興人
A Different View; an anti-education culture.
Writers Club Press, 2000.

Shen, Ping
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
沈平(Ping Sheng),香港科技大学物理系教授

Shen, Yuen-Ron, 1935-    沈元壤
professor of physics, UC Berkeley
NAS, AAAS, Academia Sinica (Taiwan and China)

Shen, Zhi-Xun
PhD, Stanford, 1989

Shen, Ziyuan, 1929-    沈致远
DuPont Fellow, 1990-2002  bio
Statistical interpretation of action principle


Sheng, Bright, 1955-    盛宗亮
MacArthur Fellow, 2001
Sheng Zong-Liang
composer; professor at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 

Shenton, James Patrick, 1925-2003.
Professor of History at Columbia Univ.
among his students: Eric Foner and Sean Wilentz

Sheu, Fang-Yi, 1971-      許芳宜
x Hsu, Fang-Yi
principal dancer, Martha Graham Dance Company

Shi, Jianbo.
Jian-bo Shi   施建博
assistant professor, CIS, Penn
B.A., Cornell, 1994
PhD, UC Berkeley, 1998

Shi, Wan-Xiong.   施皖雄
PhD, Harvard, 1990 (under Shing-Tung Yau)

Shi, Wei-Liang, 1925-1977.  史惟亮
Taiwanese composer

Shiau, Chia-Tong, 1913-2001.  蕭家棟
b. 4/16/1913
d. 6/16/2001

Shiau, Yih-Fu.    蕭逸夫
Monica Meau-Ju Chang  張渺珠

Shibatani, Masayoshi.  "Matt Shibatani"
B.A. Linguistics, UC Berkeley, 1970
PhD, Linguistics, UC Berkeley, 1973
Deedee McMurtry Professor of Humanities
Rice University
taught at Kobe University 神戸大学文学部教授

Shields, Carol, 1935-2003.
born Carol Ann Warner
Pulitzer Prize-winning Canadian novelist
The Stone Diaries; Larry's Party;

Shih, Chang-Ju, 1900-2004.     石璋如
archaeologist; died on 2004年3月18日
Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1978
from chnmus.net
from 李伯谦

Shih, Charles Chiu-Yang
AndroScience President & CEO
San Diego (Biotech Beach)

Shih, T. Thomas  石聰賢  
PhD (UC Berkeley)
Feng-ying Chris Chang  張芬英

Shih, Vincent Y. C., 1902-    施友忠   Vincent Yu-Chung Shih
U. of Washington
哲学史教授 Vincent Y.C. Shih 出版了《太平天国思想史》(1967年)
Vincent Y. C. Shih,The Taiping ldeology:Its Source,Interpretations, and Influences (Seattle,1967)


如 哲学家施友忠当时正在美国,民族文化书院成立后,张君劢便不断给他写信,邀他回国参加。施是张的连襟,施的妻子是张夫人的胞妹。张的一再邀请,施友忠感到 盛情难却,终于离开美国,回到各方面条件都很差的云南大理。张本人除主持学院的日常工作外,还给学生讲授宋明理学和西洋哲学史课程。

Carson Chang

Shi, Zhecun, 1905-2003.  施蛰存
x Shi, Zhicun
x Shih, Che-ts'un
x Shih, Che-ts'an
from   baidu.com
from wikipedia

Shiller, Robert J.
Yale economist
PhD, MIT, 1972
Irrational exuberance (2005, 2nd ed. Princeton U.P.)
excerpted in Money, Feb. 2005, p.70-74

Shinseki, Eric K., 1942-
from Hawaii
4-star general, Army Chief-of-Staff

Shiroi (?)

Shively, Donald H., 1921-2005.
Donald Howard Shively
Japanese studies scholar
Director Emeritus of the East Asian Library and Professor Emeritus, University of California at Berkeley 
Harvard Gazette, August 25, 2005

Shor, Peter W.
Bell Labs
NAS, 2002 (computer sciences)

Shu, Frank H., 1943-   徐遐生
son of Shien-Siu Shu
(pronounced Hsu Hsia-Shen)

Shu, Shien-Siu, 1912-2001. 徐賢修
father of Frank Shu

Shubik, Martin
Yale SOM

Shulman, Anna Leon
Editor of the Association for Asian Studies' Bibliography of Asian Studies, is a recipient of the Ph.D. degree in Chinese history from the University of Maryland, College Park, a contributor to the annotated bibliography Doctoral Dissertations on China and on Inner Asia, 1976-1990, and a native of Hong Kong.
Doctoral Dissertations on Hong Kong 1900-1997
An Annotated Bibliography
Frank Joseph Shulman   Anna Leon Shulman
$97.95 Hardcover
Release Date: 12/1/01
ISBN: 9622093973
872 Pages

Shulman, Frank Joseph.
B.A., Harvard
PhD, Univ. of Washington
a professional bibliographer, editor and consultant for Western-language reference publications in Asian Studies, is the author of twelve book-length bibliographies and scholarly guides on East, Southeast and South Asia. A graduate of both Harvard University and the University of Michigan, he has also served as Editor of the Association for Asian Studies' bibliographical journal Doctoral Dissertations on Asia (1975 - 1996) and as Curator of the East Asia Collection at the University of Maryland, College Park Libraries (1976 - 1992).
Doctoral dissertations on China, 1971-1975: a bibliography of studies in Western languages / compiled and edited by Frank Joseph Shulman.  Seattle, University of Washington Press.  c1978.

Shulman, Lee S.
Stanford emeritus professor of education
Shulman retires from Carnegie Presidency in 2007

Shuy, Roger W.
Roger W. Shuy is Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University, where he has taught for three decades. His specialty, language and the law, has led him to consult on hundreds of criminal and civil law cases. He has testified over forty times in many states. His most recent book is Language Crimes (Blackwell, 1993).

Siamese Twins (1811-1874)
i.e. Chang and Eng Bunker born in Siam (modern-day Thailand)

Sickeltart, Ignatius, 1708-1780.   艾啟蒙
 Ignaz Sichelbarth
   x Ai, Qimeng
波希米亚(今属捷克)人,原名 Ignatius Sickeltart,乾隆十年(1745年)来华,同年入宫供职,擅长人物、走兽,画法较郎世宁拘谨。故宫博物院藏的《八骏图》轴是其存世名作。

Sieele, John B. A. (汲约翰). 1924. The Swatou Syllabary with Mandarin Pronunciation. (潮正两音字集). 上海 英国长老教会.

Siegmund, David O.
Stanford mathematician
NAS, 2002

Sih, Paul Kwan-Tsien, 1909-1978.  薛光前
professor at Seton Hall University and St. John's University

Sills, Beverly, 1929-2007.
American opera singer

Silverstein, Theodore,1904-2001
Hyman Theodore Silverstein, PhD, Harvard
medievalist. U of Chicago
obit from NY Times

Simon, Herbert A., 1916-2001.
Nobel Prize for Economics, 1978

Simon, Paul

Simone, Nina, 1933-2003.
soulful diva and voice of civil rights 

Sinclair, Karen.

Siren, Osvald, 1879-1966.
Swedish Orientalist (Chinese art)

Sisson, C. H., 1914-2003.
Charles Hubert Sisson
British poet

Sisulu, Walter, 1912-2003.
Walter Max Ulyate Sisulu
Nelson Mandela's mentor

Sit, Eugene C.     薛春尧
investment -- Sit Mutual Funds, Minneapolis
educated at DePaul University (Chicago)
Corning director 2004


Siu, Yum-Tong, 1943-
mathematician at Harvard
NAS, 2002 
Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
distinguished Hong Kong University graduate (B.A., 1963)
Professor Siu is presently William Elwood Byerly. Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University, who has been C V Starr Visiting Professor of HKU's Institute of Mathematical Research from 1999 - 2000.

  萧荫堂 Y.-T. Siu)萧荫堂教授是享誉国际数学界的华人数学家美国国家科学院院士,美国哈佛大学教授,19961999年间担任哈佛大学数学系主任,是首位担任此职务的华裔。萧先生曾三次受邀在国际数学家大会上作报告,其中两次一小时报告,是当今国际多复变学术领域的领袖。2004年当选中国科学院外籍院士。曾获得美国数学会Bergman奖,并担任Journal of Differential GeometryAnnals of Mathematics等期刊的编委,1998—2000年担任美国National Research Council与国家科学院的全国数学委员会主席1998年获选为美国艺术及科学院院士。萧荫堂1943年出生于中国广州。1963年毕业于香港大学,1966年获美国普林斯顿大学博士学位。曾任耶鲁大学、斯坦福大学教授萧荫堂教授是我国改革以来,最早到中国讲学的华裔数学家之一。曾20多次系统讲述了国外多复变函数近代的成果,包括他正在研究的工作,使得与国外交流停止多年的我国多复变函数研究者获益匪浅,其讲稿成为我国后来在大学开设多复变函数课程的蓝本。

Sivin, Nathan, 1931-     席文
wife: Carole, artist
Penn professor

Skinner, B. F., 1904-1990.
Burrhus Frederic Skinner
NAS memoir

Slater, Niall W., 1954-
B.A., College of Wooster, Ohio, 1976
PhD, Princeton
Professor of Classics, Emory University

The Key Reporter, Winter 2004
President of Phi Beta Kappa

Sledd, James H., 1914-2003.
James Hinton Sledd Sr.
Professor Emeritus, U of Texas at Austin
Northwestern University
In Memoriam: James Sledd
Beth Daniell
College Composition and Communication, Vol. 55, No. 2 (Dec., 2003), pp. 217-220

Smirnoff, Yakov, 1951-
Yakov Smirnoff Show, Branson, MO
"What a country!"

Smith, Adam, 1723-1790.
The Wealth of Nations (Smith's magnum opus)

Smith, Liz
Playboy interview, Feb. 1992

Smith, Rogers M.
political scientist, Penn

Smithsonian Institution

Smyth, Craig Hugh, 1915-2006.
Renaissance art historian
PhD, Princeton, 1956
NY Times, January 1, 2007

Sneider, Vern J., 1916-1981.
A pail of oysters (set in Taiwan or Formosa)
Teahouse of the August Moon

So, Francis K.H    蘇其康教授(中山大學)
x Su, Qikang


           Glazer, Nathan, 1924-
           Moynihan, Daniel Patrick, 1927-2003.
           Riesman, David, 1909-2002.

              a computer word coined by John Wilder Tukey, a Princeton
              statistician who coined words like bit and software  

Solomon, Richard H., 1937-   索乐文
Westtown School alumni
B.S., MIT, 1960 (chemistry)
PhD, MIT, 1966 (political science)  under Lucian Pye

His landmark book, Mao's Revolution and the Chinese Political Culture
2005 Hubert H. Humphrey Award

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr, 1918-2008.
Nobel Prize for Literature, 1970.  
    Modern Fiction Studies, Spring 1977 issue
                 (vol. 23, no. 1) special issue

SOMC (Shadow Open Market Committee), see Shadow FOMC

Songhuajian   松花江
see Sungari River

Sono, Ayako, 1931-   曾野绫子
entry from Wikipedia

Sontag, Susan, 1933-2004.
social critic
an appreciation

Soochow University

Soong, Mei-ling, 1898-2003.   宋美齡
Madame Chiang Kai-shek
a profile

Soong, Stephen C., 1919-1996.  宋淇  <笔名林以亮>
wife: Mae Soong
Stephen C. Soong Translation Studies Award

Trees on the mountain : an anthology of new Chinese writing / edited by Stephen C. Soong and John Minford. Published: Hong Kong : Chinese University Press, 1985.

A brotherhood in Song.  Hong Kong : Chinese University Press, 1986.

A letter from Stephen C. Soong to Eileen Chang

South Park (tv program)

South Park (Colorado basin)

Soyinka, Wole, 1934-

Nigerian author and playwright
The first African winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature (1986)
    profile in Emory Magazine

           All about Spain
           Go Spain

                Antoni (or Antonio) Gaudi (1852-1926)
                        (Catalonian architect)
                Barcelona of Antoni Gaudi
                Gaudi (from bcn-guide)

                 Joan Miro
                 Pablo Picasso
                 Juan Gris
                 Goya  (Francisco de Goya y Lucientes)
                 Salvador Dali
                 El Greco

                 El Cid

                 Pablo Casals
                 Flemenco Dance


Spain --- Barcelona
           Barcelona (from National Geographic Traveler 50 Places of a Lifetime)
           Barcelona :  from National Geographic Traveler (October 1999)
           Barcelona Online
           Barcelona Prestige (free guidebook)

Spalding, C. Sumner, 1912-1997.

Charles Sumner Spalding
AACR (lst ed.) editor

Spark, Muriel, 1918-2006.
British novelist, poet, etc.
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1961), novel

Speeches, addresses, etc
           By Speaker
           By Title

Spelling, Aaron, 1923-2006.
American film and tv producer
NY Times, 6/24/06

Spence, Jonathan, 1936-    史景遷
Yale historian


哥伦比亚大学毕业的东亚研究博士金安平女士(1950- )结了婚


Spencer, Sharon, 1933-2002.
d. April 2002.
professor of comparative literature
Montclair State University, NJ
husband: phootographer Srdjan Maljkovic (a Serb)
specialist in Anais Nin

Sperry, Roger W., 1913-1994.
brain expert; winner of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Physiology
1935 Oberlin College

Spielberg, Steven, 1946-
Time 100 People of the Century
Time cover story; 05/19/1997; 12/12/2005
wife: Kate Capshaw
Jaws, E.T., Jurasic Park

Spitzer, Lyman, Jr., 1914-1997.
B.S., Yale, 1935; PhD, Princeton, 1938
Princeton obit
the man behind the machine
his brainchild: Hubble Space Telescope
National Medal of Science, 1979

Spock, Benjamin, 1903-1998.

Stahl, Lesley, 1941-
CBS reporter
husband: writer Aaron Latham

Stanford alumni
            Cornell, Eric A. 1961-   B.S. (physics, '85) Nobel 2001
            Drury, Allen, 1918-1998   (journalism degree)
                  Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Advise and Consent
            Pinsky, Robert (Ph.D, 1966), 1940-
            Kennedy, Anthony, 1936-
            Renquist, William, 1924-2005.
            O'Connor, Sandra Day, 1930-
            Yeh, Sabrina
            Tigner, Benjamin
            Momaday, N. Scott
            Nelson, Mariah Burton

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Stanley, Eleanor Hope, 1915-2004.  friend
born July 10, 1915
died December 4, 2004

Starbucks Coffee

Starosta, Stanley, 1939-2002.

professor of linguistics, U. of Hawaii
Paul Li's teacher

State and Metropolitan Area Data Book
6th ed., 2006
    Cf     County and City Data Book (2007)
             Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (2008)
             USA Counties

Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (2008)

Steele, Shelby, 1946-  
Black social critic
from Wikipedia
from NNDB
Mr. Steele, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, is author, most recently, of "White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era," published this week by HarperCollins.

B.A., Coe College
M.A., Southern Illinois University
PhD, U. of Utah (in English)

White Guilt and the Western Past

May 2, 2006; Page A16, Wall Street Journal

Stegner, Wallace, 1909-1993.
writer and teacher at Stanford

Stein, Elias M.
Princeton mathematician
PhD, U of Chicago, 1955
US National Medal of Science, 2001
Princeton press release

Stein, Gertrude, 1874-1946.  
A rose is a rose is a rose
"There is no there there" -- referring to childhood home Oakland

"Baby Precious Always Shines: Selected Love Notes Between Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas"
by Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas

"Baby Precious Always Shines," a delightful selection from
the 300 love notes that Alice B. Toklas accidentally
deposited with the rest of Gertrude Stein's papers in the
Beinecke Library at Yale, would not have been possible
before the 1980s, when the locked cabinet in which they were kept was finally opened to scholars. In her excellent
introduction, Kay Turner (whose other books include "I Dream of Madonna: Women's Dreams of the Goddess of Pop") explains that with their baby talk and constant blessings, the notes provide "a tantalizing mosaic of a marriage between two women that was built to last." Composed in the "word-inverted, long-breathed, rolling, repetitive, refluent style that Stein invented," they touch on everyday events in the Stein-Toklas household and reiterate Stein's love and desire for Toklas. Many seem to have been left for Toklas to find in the morning beside the manuscripts that Stein had written during the night. A few were written by Toklas to Stein. Turner also offers a convincing new reading of Stein's famously obscure "cows" (in "A Book Concluding with As a Wife Has a Cow: A Love Story" and elsewhere),
previously thought to signify female orgasm; she argues that
Stein and Toklas subscribed to the "cult of regularity" that
swept Europe in the first decades of the 20th century.
Indeed, the love notes, despite their Steinian verbal play,
leave little doubt that the recurring cows, "now sweet
smelly and complete," are bowel movements--further
evidence, for Turner, of the women's extraordinary intimacy,
their love "express[ing] itself daily in the rituals of
bodily caretaking."

Steiner, Kurt, 1912-12003.
political science professor emeritus, Stanford
"Mr. Austria" helped drafted Japan's constitution

Steitz, Thomas A.
Sterling Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Yale University
NAS, 1990
AAAS,  1990

Stern, Isaac.  violinist
                "My First 79 Years" by Isaac Stern with Chaim Potok

Sternberg, Robert J., 1949-
Yale psychologist (intelligence)
Stevens, Wallace, 1879-1955.  (poet and insurance executive)
           Hartford Friends and Enemies of Wallace Stevens
           Wallace Stevens Journal
           Alan Filreis, U Penn
           Feigning with the Strange Unlike

Stewart, Fred Mustard, 1932-2007
American novelist
concert pianist (Juilliard)
NY Times, Feb. 12, 2007

Stewart, Martha (Kostyra), 1941-
lifestyle and homemaking expert of Polish ancestry; biography ; ex-husband: Andy Stewart, publisher

Stewart, T. D., 1901-1997.
Thomas Dale Stewart
hands-on, skull-and-bones anthropologist

Stiller, Ben, 1965-
      son of Jerry Stiller, known as Frank Costanza, George's father, in "Seinfeld"
      husband of Christine Taylor, known as Marcia in The Brady Bunch Movie
     Playboy interview, November 2000

Stillinger, Jack
U. of Illinois professor of English
Fellow, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 1993

Stine, R. L.
the most popular children's author in publishing history; Goosebumps

Stoddard, Whitney Snow, 1913-2003.
art historian

Stoller, Ezra, 1915-2004.
architectural photographer

Stone, Peter, 1930-2003.
Yale Drama School graduate
only writer to win Emmy, Oscar, and Tony award

Stone, Ruth, 1915-

Stoppard, Sir Tom, 1937-
born "Tom Straussler" in Zlin, Czechoslovakia on July 3, 1937
English playwright

Stradivari, Antonio, 1644-1737.
famous Italian violin maker of Stradivarius violins

Strejan, John, 1932-2003.
wizard of pop-up books

Strunk, William, Jr.    Elements of Style.

Stuart, Alice Jackson, 1913-2001.
Alice Carlotta Jackson

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Alice Jackson Stuart, whose attempt to integrate the University of Virginia in 1935 helped start a program making education available for thousands of blacks, died Wednesday in Brookline, Mass., She was 88.

Stuart was the first known black person to seek admission into a Virginia graduate or professional school. After her rejection, the state established a tuition supplement fund for black students to attend graduate school outside Virginia.

Stuart took the supplement - $75 and two round-trip train tickets per semester - and enrolled at Columbia University in New York.

The tuition supplement program was declared unconstitutional in 1950, leading to the gradual integration of Virginia's public university graduate programs.

Born June 2, 1913, in Richmond, she earned an English degree from Virginia Union University. She was teaching there when she joined an NAACP lawsuit challenging segregation at public universities.

After earning her degree at Columbia, Stuart taught at several high schools and universities, including Howard University in Washington.

Alice Jackson Stuart passed away on June 13, 2001.

Stuart, John Leighton.
北京協合女大﹐校長為司徒雷登 John Leighton Stuart

          official page
          The Wonderful World of Wombats; Stumpers-L  (unofficial page
                  for reference librarians)

Sturzebecker, Russell L., 1916-2005.
professor of physical education
West Chester University

Style Manuals  (or Style guides)
     APA Style Manual
     The Chicago Manual of Style Online
     MLA  Handbook
     MLA Style Manual
     Writer's Handbook

Styron, William, 1925-2006.
Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist of the American South
born in Newport News, VA
NY Times, Nov. 2, 2006
Confessions of Nat Turner
Sophie's Choice
Lie down in darkness

Su, Adrienne

Su, Buchin, 1902-2003.  蘇步青
Chinese mathematician  東方第一幾何
differential geometry
x Su Bu-chin
x Su Buqing 
from baidu.com
from fudan.edu 


Su, Chin-Chun.    蘇金村
Volterra functional analysis of nonlinear systems with deterministic and stochastic inputs. [Philadelphia], 1967.
xxvii, 156 numb. l. illus. 29 cm
PhD, Penn

Su, Hsueh-lin, 1897-1999.  蘇雪林  

   x Su Xuelin


苏雪林(1897-1999),原名功小梅,字雪林,笔名绿漪、天婴、杜苦等,安徽省太平县 人,生于浙江瑞安。曾留学法国学习艺术,后回国在几所大学任过教授。1949年赴香港任职于真理学会,次年至法国研究神话。1952年转台湾做教授, 1973年退休。苏雪林在台湾主要从事中国古典文学研究,兼写小说、剧本、传记和散文,所著甚丰,计有散文随笔集十七本,除四十年代的《青鸟集》、《屠龙 集》外皆为在台湾完成,曾获台湾“教育部”文艺奖、“文复会”第三届中正最优写作奖、中山文艺创作奖、第六届“国家”理论奖。1999年4月21日,皖籍 居台著名老作家苏雪林先生在台南逝世,享年102岁。
三十年代初,苏雪林曾被称为阿英“女性作家中最优秀的散文作者”,其散文除若干写景外,多为记人人叙事抒怀的随笔小品。其文语言明快,文白夹杂而多见理 趣,虽然未必十分深刻,但也已颇具学者散文风范。只是她曾撰文攻击过鲁迅、郭沫若等左翼作家及发表过反共言论,因此在大陆不为人所喜。(宇慧撰写)















Su, Jui-Lung, 1962-     蘇瑞隆
historian. PhD  
National University of Singapore

Su, Julie.
lawyer; MacArthur Fellow, 2001

Su, Nick, 1987 (July 6)-
Po-Cheng Su 蘇柏丞
CaringBridge webpage

Su, Qikang, see
So, Francis K.H. So 蘇其康教授(中山大學)

Su Tong, (1962 or 1963-  )  蘇童  



Su, Weizhen, 1954-     蘇偉貞

Suczek, Robert F., 1918-2006.
professor of psychology at San Francisco State University
born in Philadelphia of Czech descent
"The Best Laid Plans" (1972)

Sugiyama, Ai, 1975-     杉山 愛
born in Tokyo (or Yokohama), Japan
tennis player

萧志美(Anna Sui) 1955-

Sui Dream
华裔设计师Anna Sui(安娜苏),原名萧志美。(据说不会讲英文。)拥有中国血统、身为第三代华裔移民的安娜苏,1955年生于底特律,家中排行老二,是小孩中唯一的女孩。父亲是建筑结构工程师,母亲是专职的家庭主妇,安娜苏曾在巴黎读过艺术专业。


             John Berryman
             Iris Chang (1968-2004)
             Hart Crane 
             Michael Dorris
             Cynthia Doyon
             Spalding Gray (1941-2004) actor/writer
             Gu Cheng (1956-1993), a gifted Chinese poet and fiction writer of the New Era 
                  who  hung himself in his home in New  Zealand, after killing his wife.

             Carolyn Heilbrun (mystery writer, pseud. Amanda Cross)
             Ernest Hemingway
             Margot/Margaux Hemingway (d. 1996)
             Kawabata, Yasunari  川端康成
             Lawrence Kohlberg
             Jerzy Kosinski    
             Vachel Lindsay
             Jack London
             J. Anthony Lukas 
             F. O. Matthiessen (1902-195), gay lit. critic, jumping from a window
             Yukio Mishima  三島由紀夫
             Sylvia Plath
             Berton Roueche (d.1994) 
             Segoe Kensaku (1889-1972) 瀨越憲作 go player
                 formerly pronounced as Segoshi Kensaku
             Anne Sexton  
             Shi Mingzheng (1935-1988), a Taiwan poet, painter, sculptor, and novelist                        who died from a hunger strike, purportedly in protest against the
                 Nationalist government
             Sara Teasdale
             Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005) of "gonzo journalism"
             Alan Turing (1912-1954), committed suicide after being
                prosecuted for homosexuality
             Vincent van Gogh
             Virginia Woolf
             Wang Guowei
             Wen Jie (1923-1971), a popular Maoist poet who killed himself during
                  the Cultural Revolution by inhaling gas

             Zhu Xiang

Sullivan, Michael, 1916-       蘇立文
Michael Sullivan is Fellow Emeritus at St. Catherine's College, Oxford University. His many books include Art and Artists of Twentieth-Century China (California, 1996), The Arts of China (4th ed., 2000), Three Perfections: Chinese painting, poetry and calligraphy (1999), and The Meeting of Eastern and Western Art: Revised and Expanded Edition (California, 1997). Michael Sullivan has received honors and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation. He lives in Oxford, England.



Sun, Cecile Chu-Chin
B.A., National Taiwan Normal University, 1966
M.A., Harvard, 1971
PhD, Indiana, 1982
Professor, U. of Pittsburgh

無限的思念     (孫筑瑾, 孫寧瑜)
   孙元智 1899-2004 ?? (age 105)

    x John J. Deeney (李达三)

Sun, Cecile Chu-chin. 1998. “Wang Guowei as translator of values”. In Translation and Creation, Pollard, David E. (ed.), 253 ff.

Pearl from the Dragon's Mouth; evocation of feeling and scene in Chinese poetry (U. of Michigan Press, 1995)

Sun, Chyng Feng
children's author

Sun, George C. H.
George C. H. Sun (Suncrates)
George C. H. Sun <suncrates@aol.com>
Mobile, AL USA 
University of Southern Alabama
founder and president of the Thome H. Fang Institute

Sun, Guang-yuan,

Sun, Honglie, 1932-     孙鸿烈 

Sun, Jackson T.-S.      孫天心
Academia Sinica (Taiwan) 

PhD, Berkeley

Sun, Ji-Guang, 1936-    孫繼廣  computer science
1936年生,江苏徐州人。1962年毕业于北京大学数学力学系。1962-1966年为华罗庚的研究生。后曾任教于中国科技大学数学系。现为中国科学院 计算中心研究员、博士生导师,北京大学数学系兼职教授。著有《矩阵扰动分析》,曾在学术刊物和国际学术会议上发表有关矩阵论、函数论与数值代数论文40余 篇。1985年因《广义特征值问题扰动理论》研究,获中国科学院重大科技成果一等奖。
Umea University, Sweden

Sun, Kang-i, 1944-.       孙康宜
Kang-i Sun Chang
born in Peking, grew up in Kaohsiung
B.A.Tunghai, 1966; MLS, MA; MA, Princeton; PhD, Princeton, 1978
husband: Dr. C. C. Chang

我看美国精神 (My thoughts on the American spirit)

Sun, Li, 1913-2002. 孙犁

Sun, Li Jen, 1899 (or 1900)-1990.  孫立人
General (also Sun Liren)





Sun, Lung-kee
professor, Fu Quang University, I-Lan, Taiwan

Sun, Pi-Hsia Wu, 1938-2005.   孫吳碧霞
September 17, 1938
November 6, 2005
wife of Steve Sun 孫樹霖

Sun, Yun-suan, 1913-2006.  孫運璿
former premier of Taiwan, Republic of China

Sun, Zhongliang, 1936-     孙忠良

Sunderman, F. William, 1898-2003.
doctor and scientist
Sunderman Sugar Tube

Sung, Betty Lee, 1924-     宋李瑞芳
authority on Chinese Americans
professor of Asian Studies, CCNY

Sung, Chuen-sau, 1930-2008.  宋存壽  Taiwan film director
died of Parkinson's Disease

Sung, Kwang-yu   宋光宇
Song Guanyu
Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
PhD, Penn
“Religion and Society of Ch’ing and Japanese Colonial Taipei, 1644-1945”

台湾史 (2007) 

Sung, Wen-Hsun, 1924-    宋文薰
Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1988

Sungari River  
Songhuajian   松花江


Sunstein, Cass R.
University of Chicago

Supreme Court
           Where to obtain Supreme Court Opinions
           Case Citation Finder
           Bound volumes of United States Reports  (full text)
           Cornell University Legal Information Institute (LII)
           Northwestern University Oyez Project  

Sutch, Richard
Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholars

Sutherland, Zena, 1915-2002.
children's literature pioneer
professor at U of Chicago

Suzuki, Ichiro, 1973-     鈴木一朗
Japanese baseball player; Seattle Mariner
broke single-season baseball hits record of George Sisler (257 hits, 1920) with 262 hits in 2004

Svevo, Italo, 1861-1928.    Italian novelist
          Modern Fiction Studies, Spring 1972 special issue

Swan, Alfred J. (Julius), 1890-1970.
composer and the first professor of music at Haverford College

Russian music and its sources in chant and folk-song.  Norton, 1973.

Swan, Jane

retired professor of West Chester University
widow of Alfred J. Swan

A Biography of Patriarch Tikhon.  Jordanville, NY : Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery, 1964.

The Lost Children: A Russian Odyssey
Carlisle, PA : Pennsylvania South Mountain Press, 1989.

Tributaries of history by Lawrence Davidson, Jane Swan, etc.  Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt, 1991.

"Children of Russian Revolution,"  Scholars, 3 (2): 32-43 (Spring/Summer 1992)
Sex and Society in the World of the Orthodox Slavs, 900-1700
By Eve Levin  (Cornell University Press, 1995)
review by Jane Swan. The American Historical Review, Vol. 96, No. 1, 204-205. Feb., 1991

Swain, Richard H.
Logic and Ontology in the Chih Wu Lun of Kung-sun Lung Tzu
by Chung-ying Cheng, Richard H. Swain
Philosophy East and West, Vol. 20, No. 2 (Apr., 1970), pp. 137-154

Swarthmore Collge   homepage
                 Gilligan, Carol, 1936-    '58
                 Hsia, Po-Chia, 1955-    '77
                     Academician, Academica Sinica

Syndrome X
        insulin resistant and type 2 diabetes
        Syndrome X (Stanford University, Dr. Gerald M. Reaven)

Szulc, Tad, 1926-2001.
      New York Times journalist of Polish descent