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                 Shu, Shien-Siu, 1912-2001.

Member, Academica Sinica
President,  National Tsinghua University, 1970-75

astronomer Frank Shu, President, National Tsinghua University, 2002-


from Brown University

Shien-Siu Shu 47 Ph.D., of West Lafayette, Ind.; Nov. 17, 2001.. He was chairman of the board of the Industrial and Technological Research Institute in Taiwan and a retired professor of mathematics and aeronautics and engineering science at Purdue University. He had been president of National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan from 1970 to 1975. A member of Academia Sinica, he had also taught at the Illinois Institute of Technology and was a former consultant at Boeing, General Electric, and RCA.


Ph.D. Brown University 1947
Dissertation: On The Method Of Successive Approximations Applied To Compressible Flow Problems
Advisor: Charles Loewner

Boundary value problems of linear partial differential equations for engineers and scientists / Shien-siu Shu.
Singapore ; Teaneck, NJ : World Scientific, c1987.
xiii, 270 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

Theory and applications of stochastic processes.1968

Mem., Acad. Sinica 80-; Prof. Emeritus, Purdue U. b. Chekiang Sept. 12, '12; m. Hsia, Irene; 2 s., 2 d.; educ. BS, NTHU 35; Ph.D., Applied Math., Brown U. 47; Hon. Ph.D., Purdue U. 93; Lectr., NTHU 35-43; Mem., Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton U. 47-48; Res. Assc., MIT 48; Asst. and Assc. Prof. of Math., Illinois Inst. of Tech. 48-55; Prof. of Engr. Sc., Purdue U. 55-63; Prof., Illinois Inst. of Tech. 63-68; Prof. of Aeronautic, Astronautic and Engr. Sc., Purdue U. 68-70; Consultant, Cook Elec. Lab., RCA, Gen. Elec., Boeing Airplane Co., Mid-W. Applied Sc. Corp., and Argonne Nat. Lab.; Pres., NTHU 70-75; Chmn., NScC 73-81; Bd. Chmn., Ind. Tech. Res. Inst. 78-89. Publ.: Fourier Transformer; Group Theory; Non-Linear Differential Equation: Aerodynamics; Add. 110 Colony Rd., W. Lafayette, IN 47906-1209, USA.