In considering the mysteries of the sun and moon, there is no wonder that there is something peculiar about the way events turn out when some who are lucky or unlucky enough to gauge the ability of the moon and sun and stars to influence the outcome of events when one designs their maneuvers based on the movement or during the movement at certain angles and magnetic flux patterns.  After all, every particle in our bodies carries a charge and magnetic field.

The moon and sun appear the same size at any one location in the sky, and that changes depending on what I call the optical illusion effect.  In reality, they always appear the same size when they overhead, or when they are at the horizon. They seem to change only in relation to the optical illusion when they are near the horizon. But even then, the illusion is the same size at that particular celestial latitude and longtitude .  The reason for this is that Earth's moon is 400 times smaller than the sun and it also 400 times closer to the Earth than then sun.

When you are at a point on Earth where the Sun and Moon are in direct alignment in relation to your line of sight, the magnetic field and flux is tremendously changed I would calculate.  If not in some fashion, I am sure in others. That change also applies when they are not in alignment, and in relation to where you stand at that moment.

We appear to have a dual relationship with life and unknown factors.    We all know that many animals demonstrate irregular behavior during catastrophic events, and so I predict that some men and women can also demonstrate amazing abilities, often of a caculative and predictive nature due to the influence of those heavenly bodies surrounding us.

Sometimes even dates themselves tell of something strange.  Take for instance April 3, 2001.  That was a date that I knew something was going to happen but on the other hand, 4-23-2001, showed a deepening or crescendo and then August 12, 2001, and of course the events of 9-11-2001.  Let me explain.

On 4-3-2001, I felt compelled to try and enter a Mobile Alabama City Council meeting due to reports of emaciation of inmates and the deaths of some.  I had already survived an attempt on my life for reporting criminals at the FDIC in San Francisco in February of 2001 and no police helped me.  

On 4-3-2001 I called the Mobile Alabama government and I was told that Sheriff Jack Tillman was going to be there to block my entry to the meeting.  I had sent a fax telling of several things I was going to talk about, never disclosing all of my intentions.  I had sent a letter to an inmate regarding the conditions at the jail.  I believe jail staff opened it and told Tillman that I was going to the meetings, televised on Comcast Television, that I was going to discuss emaciation.  When I got there, the then acting Sheriff Jack Tillman took my gun permit and blocked my entry to the meeting.   He has since been terminated.  However, I am still denied entrance to their meetings.  The federal government is backing up a closed door dictatorship.  I will look to the moon, the stars, our sun, and I will listen for that voice of when to go in and take control of the beasts who rule there and from afar.

The pull on 4-3-2001 was so great that I moved to the tune of the drummer in the sky.  I was dressed to kill, a business suit, my walking cane, and My Mobile Audit Club Stick, my guitar.  I knew he would not let me in.  I shouted to the sky, "Jack is in the crack and your kids ain't coming back."  The same applies for that closed door regime of the "IT" factor that has brought EADS to our shore.  WE will be allied against them or IT and war and they strengthen themselves.  WE have time for the Universe to be re built.  From where we stand, we have all of eternity, and if it is not done right, it is not worth saving in these halves.

The reason I say halves is because life appears to dual, just as in phase shifts, you can have the same record from the same track playing at two times and two places and no one track is dependent on the other.  All things change.  All matter is transient in this form just as the magnetic fields and the resultant fluxes of matter, both within and without is always changing.

Now, back to the dates.  On 4-23-2001 I arrived in LA with my UHaul to start my life again in LA.  I made a big mistake trusting the Veterans Administration Westwood facility.  I parked there and my vehicle was searched.  My writings were found, my computers, my hunting guns in my UHaul and truck.   I even had videos of the FDIC manager in San Francisco that were destroyed from St. Valentines Day.  He was in conference in the street with someone and later someone tried to take my camera after I let him know I was there.  I had told him, George Masa and many others that I was going to report what I knew regarding money laundering and the likely murder of his predecessor at the FDIC labeled suicide.

I was arrested and basically tortured and robbed, including forced injections and more attacks on my life for the next three years.

On 8-12-2001 I was released from jail for legal gun ownership but I was still on probation and was later put in exile where I was and still am partially blinded by some poisons blown into my window by a passing truck in Eureka California.  There was even some VA cop in LA in 2001, between 4-23 and 5-1 who asked if I had anything to do with a murder in Los Angeles.  I had just arrived back there and I do not murder.  Not yet.  If I am attacked or if I see a criminal syndicate moving into kill an honest businessman or banker, I would gladly smile in the shadow of the moon and sun and stand in flux as I ripped their measly head from their body to be pickled.   The USA government has criminals in it.  Those might be of that hidden shadow group, the "IT" factor, and I urge you to step away from the government and move to have the regime destroyed.  We need a new government, a new paradigm or we need a true democracy with our highest ideals re-instated.  The Bill of Rights and USA Constitution.  If we can not have them, we should use technology to fight to get them back or we should tear the regime and down and build anew with a new paradigm and humane constructs.  Forced injections, forced experiments, torturing and murder of honest auditors and bank regulators leads us into war, and we should welcome the destruction of the enemy.

So I turn back to the sky.  I wait for the feeling that I am between light and dark between life and death and during that moments when the cogs are slipping off of their hinges, I bolt out and readjust time and space.  Ask Sheriff Jack "Snatch" Tillman.  I put him in the crack.  I did it for a reason, just and sound.  Even though he did not allow me inside.  I was heard.  But he is like us, a mere human.  The closed door regime sits behind the closed door and the federal government still treats me like a murderer in some sectors.  Never let your children close to the USA government in any fashion, from pre-natal to death.  And heed my warnings.  They are in danger from the Unseen also. Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone 


In thinking on something I have covered here before, our universe's walls is shaped like a loaf of bread according to some scientists.   What that means is that there is a periphery beyond the stars we see and matter changes and it is like a wall of some sort and the scientists are not sure of how matter reacts there.

The shape is oblong like a loaf of bread with a line of constraint that runs down the middle and it has rounded edges like a loaf of bread on one side.  The lines of constraint are like pressure points. 

In that context you can see how we circulate within the walls of this space.  We are like feces in a toilet that never touches the edges, we just continue to circulate based on the lines of constraint.  Therefore, contrary to Christian belief, time is infinite.  There is no "END" to time based on that idea.

Because I can not see infinity of course, we can not guarantee anything, but I am here, I exist, and I am primitive, we all are.  Based on time eternal that means something else is up.  The universe is like a cesspool or more appropriately possibly like the inside of a colon or digestive tract, perhaps the other end, the mouth.  Does the void where we are housed ever empty itself, flush its contents beyond the walls of constraint?

I tried to put these thoughts on Craigslist in the Science forum and they were deleted.  Almost everything I put in Craigslist forums is deleted, including my political thoughts.  But why would people be afraid of the idea that I espouse based on known scientific facts?

We must remember that Galileo Galilei was persecuted for saying that the world was round and not flat, and the Catholic Church fought with people on this idea beyond his death.

The universe is a cesspool, our government appears to be inhumane and therefore may not be human.  For instance, a man of conscience could not make another man his slave.  It defies logic.  Killing another man to defend one's self is one of those things we sometimes seem to have to do.  But to enslave someone while their family watches is horrific and I can see something of another species agreeing with this.  Although at one time, some people allegedly thought of other humans as being a different species.

That brings up a good point though, if we humans found another intelligent species, would we harness them like a mule, like a slave?  Perhaps that is why we have not been allowed to advance, or perhaps we are all the slaves, we the humane and the humans.  Something is not right.  I hope that if we are captive as slaves on this planet we wrest the slave master and snap "IT's" neck if it has one.

The universe is huge and a cesspool.  We should protect our children as  I pinpoint in this website. The closed door government in power and their abuses of us indicate we are in a nightmare in this life. Prisons are everywhere, and some people in all groups appear to be inhumane. If my children and their children are to suffer as I did, I hope the colon is flushed and we are either set free or killed.

Oddly enough, I always wondered why I had abnormal upper body strength, undefeated in wrestling in Jr. High where we engaged in Olympic style wrestling, and more recently I wonder, what is that thing on my back X-Ray, 4 or 5 on each side, remnants of wings or fins? Someone once told me that I had been a slave for a very long time. Perhaps we all are on this planet, all of us that are human or derivatives of humane beings. And why did someone close to me tell me that we are a different species? I had a dream once and in the dream the voice said of bio-engineered humans and variations, "You better get used to it".

Even more peculiar or ironic, when I was in my Senior Year of an undergraduate degree in Medical Technology, I was taking a class in a building that was the hospital where I was born 38 years earlier. One of the professors looked at me and jokingly and said something like, "Yes, I heard there was a strange incidence in a birth here long ago, real bizarre and rather horrific for those involved." He may have just been joking. I still say protect your children and have family deliver the child if possible, only going to a hospital or calling in others if it is a necessity. We can not trust anything in its entirety in the cesspool. Auditors calling it "Maintain a professional level of doubt", or more aptly, a professional level of suspicion. Our children are our future and it looks dismal out there for us of the lower caste.


I have to wonder if we are not captives or slaves on this planet, if we the true humans or a collection of humans were used and are used in some manner. We likely have differences from various planets, possibly, or various islands. For instance, I have what appear to remnants of wings on my spine under X-ray, four or five on each side.

There are the humane and the inhumane regardless of morphology, and if there is a creator, I hope the creator allows the former to reign. Much of history may be distorted as I have noticed some men of all races appear to be humane and some are not. I believe that our children on this planet are being manipulated at birth.

Protect your children. I fear possible injections or alterations of either of the hemispheres of the brain, thereby crippling us and making us the lower caste for eternity, never to escape this damned planet or their or "IT's" grip. I believe in birthing children in protected environments with relatives doing the work and nature.

If we can seal the environment of gestation and the eggs that are fertilized, we may be better off. What I am talking about is assuming the natural mother was damaged by something akin to neutrinos which zip through space and earth unaltered. Thereby, having the second generation of eggs, that of the daughter, protected as she would be protected at birth, although already in effect euthanized by our environment. The eggs however are premature and develop without interference in the third female. The same goes for the sperm of a male. The eggs are likely more important in protecting, but the sperm is half, so in my theoretical shelter from the hogs breath of the beast, I protect both. This is no longer a joke.

I want the Alabama government doors open or I want them dealt with as invading force. I want all to be able to vote, or I want their elections and politicians attacked.

The bible speaks of having to beware of the one with the little horn. I am not a Judeo Christian in totality, but I do not dismiss all that I read as nonsense.

I see in my life Reggie Copeland, City Councilman of Mobile Alabama as the one with the little horn. He is dangerous. He is afflicted wit a knot on his right fore head, the temple of human conscience. He appears to have none for me. I also fear fake Christians, and I fear that Clinton Johnson, City Councilman may be one of those types. They may both be foreign to us. Never underestimate their ability to divide and conquer. It is the nature of warfare.

In another related matter, I have been forcefully injected twice by government related officials since reporting criminals in federal government. The first time I was given one shot in the left arm and then another in the right. I do not know why they did it. I was compliant. Another time I was knocked unconscious with one injection, and again I was compliant. I am strongly against this. One reason is that I always suspect a multi-part to our being, just as the ancients belived we were more than just the flesh we see. Suppose we were losing a piece of ourselves to clumsy beasts who considered themselves in it for the kill. It is not nice to tamper like a devil in the creators playground and artwork. They will pay for what they did to me. They will pay for their lives in eternity if they have damaged me further. Now my eyes are open. I am not a newborn child. I have reposted part of this post on many newsgroups. And in this link I have a picture of Mobile Alabama Closed Door Government City Councilman Reggie Copeland. I often wonder why he hates me so? Is it because I am an auditor or is it because I recognize him as an evil idiot?

As someone once told me though, "Things are never as bad as they seem." I remember that often since my American Holocaust began. I also remember that voice from the crevice that said, "There is nothing that can not be un-done."

Segment_ 12-3-2006_SEEKINGoutLIGHTdarkSEEKINGoutLIGHTdark

I sense the end, the lull, the cold, the silent, the unfathomable, the unknown in one more crevice, this one cold and dark, or is it, perhaps light, pink like a sunset with strands of light.

I had a dream the other day.  The voice came to me and said, "You will be dead soon".   I look forward to leaving this light.  The light is dark and the dark is heartless and rips at the flesh of my soul, my father was tormented and I did not ask why, just blaming him, but now I understand.  He stood alone and fell alone, me at his side.  They did not care then or now.  They are the IT and I want it dead, and I want the flies to feast on all of it, they taste plums and cherries in that rotten flesh.  Have you flew with the dragonfly?

I am in pain.  I am sickened by the abuse that was dealt to me recently.  For being asleep in my vehicle, poor and homeless, for being in fear with the legal handgun under my seat after the attack on my life after testing the federal FDIC mafia on St. Valentine's Day 2001, after reporting a thieving food funds Sheriff in Alabama I nicknamed Snatch. The forced injections in Los Angeles, the detention in the jail, the abuse in the back of the VA police car, the blows I suffered in jail when I refused to hit an elderly man who felt nothing any longer, the forced exile in a place where no one I knew lived, where I could not afford to go, the blindness from the poisons sprayed in my eyes through my window there, the further injections when traveling there after stopping to be checked for the burns upon my neck, the burns on my neck that showed up after  I passed the hazmat cleanup crews on the interstate in New Mexico, the forced injections in Flagstaff Arizona, the being knocked unconscious there as is allowed under the Chapter 36 laws passed in 2001, the being jailed again in an insane asylum for being fearful, the roommate who seemed to wait for me to sleep, the roommate who had one of the assistants there wrap his hand in bandages, his cold dark sunglasses always on inside the building, and who said about my snoring, "We took care of it". 

The remembrance I had of being injected again, in the mouth as I slept in the Flagstaff Hospital Insane asylum, the same hospital where a worker told me my truck had tested posititive for radiation, at the hospital where althouth I was compliant I was knocked unconscious, and wondering if the mafia in the USA government had sent someone to rape me in the night.  Wondering the next day, was I raped by friends of the mafia National Treasury Employees Union, those beasts I want removed from the thoat of the government, dead or alive. I had to pay the Flagstaff Medical Center over $2000 for being abducted, and I later had to pay the Mobile Alabama Courts and my attorney over $2000 for daring to enter my native City's city council meetings. I should not have taunted the suspected mob boss George Masa, FDIC director in San Francisco, the replacement for the dead regional director.  But I had to test him, it was involuntary on St. Valentines Day 2001, after I had passed through the howling snow as I drove from South to North.  The light howls through me.  I want my and my species death if I do not win and achieve happiness. The lie of the light is that someone cares or something notices, but I had a vision of the creator once, on the surface, hard like stone, amorphous, like a mountainside, and inside, depth, and he or she or it hid there, taunting me, like I deserved to suffer. Am I the offspring of this thing? Is that why it refuses to kill me for eternity?


On theories of warfare, deceptions, enslavement of life, and the casting of a species into a lower socio-economic spectrum, there are as many possibilities as there are ideas.  I have noticed that my people never seem to rise above mediocrity.  Even those who do, it is temporary or of inconsequential gain.  Of course, many of my  people came from the era of mass media and were undeveloped and misguided by those more ape-like men who seem to point us in their direction on mass media.

I consider consciousness from one perspective, that of a multi-dimensional conscious.    By cutting off or severing the conscious from one branch or limb or window from another, the full effect of life can be misguided and controlled.   In this I am thinking of something similar to tissue but on a larger scale, where the cells are individual lives as we see them.  We are boxed in, left with nothing except the guidance of other cells or beings whose presence in our lives is like a cancer, enveloping us in their fake tissue, to guide us.

Have you ever seen men or women without true emotion.  They are good at manipulating you but they do not respond as we do. 

I welcome the death of the species under this lie of eternal guidance by that cancerous tissue who are the non-feeling leaders and upper caste of our society.  Their leadership or control is likely housed in a manner I have yet to conceive in its entirety, or they could just be more monkey like men making slaves of the world.

I encourage no one to ever serve any military.  They are lies.  Our militaries should be at our front doorsteps.  States like California where many people are more concerned about their wealth and their hair and their belongings and then their servants who fight like lions for crumbs are likely going to be non existent if we are ever given relief in the form of global catastrophe or global warfare, even if indeed there is a globe. 

The set of circumstances at hand precludes an exodus and invites obstruction and confrontation.  I encourage global warfare and a setting apart of us from them and then the complete severance from this planet, this globe, if indeed it is there.  Otherwise if our misery is to continue let us hope and pray that all societies in this realm are reduced to non-existent garbage in the heap of historical avarice.

Avoid California and avoid military service.


In theories of the wars and the overlapping wars, I look back to my artwork as a child and then the mathematical simplicities of sets and sub-sets.  The wars are all subsets on our level.  We wage war on each other and then the victor gets to meet the next challenger in due time.   We the losers hope he or it dies if it is cruel, and it does, in time, always, whether we want it to or not.  To everything there is a season and a reason.  As the overlapping wars of that subset have greater challengers, to each who opposes another, they encounter those who are more professed in battles and conquering others.   The oddest thing about true war is that you are so blinded sometimes that you can not tell who you are truly fighting, which brings up my next point.

I was told as a teenager in high school that they are in control because they have nuclear weapons.  When I said, "Yes, we do have nuclear weapons and they are rather scary."  The instructor replied, "It is not we who have those weapons".

I did not know what he meant until my later years, particularly now.  I was taught to use dope at that public school and it was allowed.  I saw others using dope, inhalants, etc. and I cringe now at the age my generation used drugs.  We are in a fight for our lives.  Our children are in tatters and our rights are non existent.  They preach peace while they rob us of everything.

So perhaps it happens again or the guts of our universe are sucked out like a yoke from an egg.  After all, the inverse of a nuclear blast would be a nuclear collapse or sucking in.

We can not believe our eyes. 

I often wondered why I was so strong in upper body strength compare to some others, both black and white at my school.  I am a descendant of slaves.  I and my descendants  will likely continue on that route as long as IT rules with it's nuclear bombs and stronger bombs and deceptions in warfare tools.  I wanted to be a bank examiner and move forward but I was kicked back, by a thing or a woman or an it who was a whore for a mob boss who reigned supreme after an honest man was killed in California.

I look forward to the global war, the war of the universes, the end.  This nightmare can not continue forever, or can it? 

I was told things are never as bad as they seem by an old wise woman.  If that is so, why do the slaves still live in torment and fear.  We are the slaves.  The IT factor is full of wealthy and no conscience.  Welcome the coming wars.

To get even with those of the IT factor for their dope given to us as children, their misguidance in our careers, and their subjugation of us to the lower caste, I recommend the older of our people become warlords in their later years for profit.  Take whatever you want from the "IT" and set up the lower caste to rise in a state of war.  If you should be captured when you are old and on your mission, it does not matter as you are almost dead anyway, and you have acted for a good cause, to help your people not of the upper caste, not of the IT and their benefactors.  Have no mercy on them, and remember, you can always take yourself out at that point as you are old and feeble.  They mean nothing to us, because we mean nothing to IT.

11_6_2006 Segment___LIVINGbastardHELLcreatorLIVINGbastardHELLcreator

The creator, oh the creator.  How many facets, how many faces, how many diamonds, how many eyes, how!? 

This miserable life. Those moments of insane laughter.  Why oh why does it not explode?  What is the secret hidden?   Why does the perfect question escape my mind? How!?

How many surgeries have our opponents done upon us?  How safe our children?  How can a creator that is benevolent leave us to exist in this ghoulish existence?  How!?  How do I bring about the end our suffering?  Both in this life and any other consciousness.?  Why do I care?  MY eyes see everywhere.  I would prefer death in this pen, as the beast reigns again and again.  Never again serve and applaud when its head is laid open in its own pig pens.  Pledge allegiance to this.



As I have grown older, I distrust the true nature of the information my senses provide.  Much like a deer blinded in lights, our reality, we do the best we can with what we are given. 

Of course I have severe post traumatic stress from an attack on my life by federal associated treasury department underworld thugs in 2001.  Then I was forcibly injected, placed in an insane asylum where they are known to have done forced experiments in 1999,  then I was placed in Los Angeles County Jail,  and I was visited by NTEU Secret Service who had me in shackles and the guard said they were my attorney.  My career was ruined in that arena, and now I am going to be a fighter again,  and I was partially blinded while in exile and now the stress leaves me at a turning point and I say God Damn the regime in power.  Attack their mass media in New York and Los Angeles and cut their devils throat from Mobile Alabama government to San Francisco and D.C.

People are heinous in the USA, many are or seem to be, in the way they attack and ignore abuses.  I feel for each of us though, our lives are measured by our moments of consciousness, not the outer world's holding of our mass.  This nightmare, this life, I would rather have been executed at birth and probably was placed in my caste in some form or another. 

I welcome attacks on the regimes mass media and transmitting towers and especially on their closed government buildings.  I must admit, I welcome global war if it frees us through life or death.


After years of stress due to an arrest for daring to defend my life after an attack upon it, I view the world differently.  I am indifferent to my own existence at times of extreme isolation, and I am suspect of  all that surrounds me.  Not in the paranoid sense, but in the analytical sense.  When I am at my lowest point of emotion, I am the most humorous and the most analytical, as if I am a rat caught in a maze, trying to get out and laughing at my own death as much as I do those who seem to live forever and who terrorize us.

I know the maze is futile as I suspect a greater blow to the head, or shock wave.  Much like a dieing greater being, whose inner logic is shattered.   Imagine if you will, life strung out like threads in a cobweb, and then imagine that the smallest section of cobweb is infinite in size and complexity and that we are a mere small molecule inside, much like the silk worm and the huge network of life and life support it defecates or vomits in the form of a web.  There you have it, your existence is the bacteria colony near his anus and mouth and you are driving your Mercedes like a monkey king in Heaven or maybe you are walking, like those before and soon to follow.


A Jewish Russian woman once asked me if I had heard  of the three stones.  This relationship she would not divulge to me what was its significance.  Then I studied the complexity myself at the triad or the interconnecting points of three material masses of various strength and form, in my own mind, each of them complexes into two, the completed assimilation would bring about genesis or the extraction of life, perhaps? 

I urge all to never volunteer in the USA military services under the current leadership.  Form your own protective circles.   I heard the chisel and chains of my fellow men to this day.  Who or whatever this is running us, is like a miracle of the mundane, a hard brutish reality.  We must act together as hunting packs and hope that those of the right frontal lobe consciousness are available to lead us out of this mess.


In the nexus the tempest is greatest next to the point of apparent staidness or lack of movement, and this phenomena can be seen in the weather and in the manipulation of the mass psychology.  We are a divided world and the lines are blurred.  Some groups hang together like clan dogs and they win as a result, in their own carnage on that which they attack.  I once was an American in California.  Starting in 2001 I was treated as an invading enemy and do not feel safe there to this day, or in Alabama.  It is as if the third world mentality of money over man has won.  The hilltop glory of the USA is no longer ours, but theirs, as we are in their ghettoes.   Never again serve the regime and beware of collusive arrangements. 

I encourage a movement out of the USA and to stop any mass controls of governments by external powers like that of the USA, which reigns through corruption at the NTEU and top D.C. levels in the financial arena.  I was told a war is going to break out in America in full force.   So it is better to make your exit to the edge of the Nexus. 


The creators eternal joke upon me was a valid deliberate miscalculation.    Of course, who is it that tampers with things when all is falling apart, as if it is ever a constant to do so in infinite variation and miscalculation until....what?  W?  Mass 'a Monkey Shit? His Ho Suet Carol?  I mean come on, a ARD FDIC whose union is the huge NTEU whose acronym spelled backwards is UETN, You Are Eaten?  I mean come on, whose anal gland is that mother focker trying to squeeze?  Monkey sh!t.

I walk into an FDIC job as a rookie auditor and accountant but already aged and very experienced in deciphering the types of the underworld almost on first and second glance, whether high or low dollar criminal or just a crazed killer.

Then, I hear of starvation in an Alabama jail, I starting pressing buttons and knocking on doors, out comes the Sheriff who takes my gun permit and denies me entry into my own native city government and they laugh and hold their mouths open wide, their heads shaved.  I can cut my hair too, so what?  Bad ass monkey sh!t with a gun.  The regime actually restricts us from developing our own societies and cultures, just like a colonial power.

Then there are those things, you know, those changes, in everything.  "Fock Jack, you look good from Hell., or the fourth floor of LA County Jail West or Mobile Alabama South"  You know what I mean.  I know someone who can make him a knife out of a pencil sharpener or a wife out of a stool.  She sang on the way out from Jack I theoreticize, "Mamma Sangria, da de da da, please make me all white"   So Jack wipes up.



On thinking of life or the illusion of life, it is obvious that some are meant to witness the end of the species or the end of their community or the end of their world. Viewing it from that perspective, the permutations of apparent time through space become less equilateral, as the spacing to arrive at the exact end is required, increasing and decreasing with a logarithmic effect with points touching upon the consciousness in a beautiful mathematical perfection so as conscious of the person is there at the crucial moment of the end, to witness the steps there to in its exquisite mathematical and geometric beauty, much like 00-4-00-3-00-2-00-1-.

It is in those learning moments near what appears to be the end we may see reflections of ourselves in those things or persons that disgust us most. Perhaps that is part of the training for the greater game, to come at another time. Regardless, the lessons are there, and perhaps we skirt along like an excited electron on an ember of burning parchment that refuses to spontaneously combust, but instead, travel along with the smallest and most minute and precise flame, savoring ever crystal of combustible material.

After all, are not we consumed by those needs exterior to us that permeate our being, life and consumption of life.

That thing known as the machine has many definitions for many, but does it not always do the same thing, perform some function?

In the end it is as in the beginning, the struggle, the struggle without pain, like dragons who are part Gods and who swoop at each other ripping each other part with no tears, only the desire for victory, for life, and to ride again. For those are where the Superiors desire us to be, preparing for the battles between themselves, or perhaps that is the illusion as the nature of things have their way.

The illusion and the reality goes onward and upward in all directions and phases, with some being torn apart seemingly at all times, and falling back into the malleable construct, to be reformed somewhat differently and yet the same. Much like the triangles and rectangles in a Kaleidoscope which are constantly destroyed, or at least whose many bodies are forced into an interim period in which the form is relaxed, and then to be mixed with the other fallen and to come out anew.

The question becomes, near perfection or the final product at the apex of each momumental thrust, do we all feel the tug and tow and loathsomeness and love and joy of those passing in the interim zone.

I admire the child-like playful intellect of Albert Einstein in seeking the mathematically perfect numerical pi. If he realized the permutations, he would have known that what he was seeking was similar to trying to spear a barracuda in the sea, always seeing the fish, but never ever being able to discern its exact location and exact mathematical probablility of the trajectory of a direct hit, because after all, is not life like a delusion, what is there is there, but it is different in reality from what you see or sense is there.


A time exists where unlimited experiments are carried out on living being using genetics, transgenics. We are approaching that point in time now as already unnecessary experiments are being carried out. It is inevitable that a host of weapons we can barely imagine will arise. The time has come to demand an end to wars and oil dependence and it is time to release restricted patents by governmental order that save human kind and nature. Also demand the treating of people equally by allowing participation in government. RISE UP OR PERISH. The US goverment is silencing the voice of the educated who shout above the profit-takers who are government officials who excercise their world wide criminal government with the assistane of those with no ethics or foresight, just greed. Space colonies, not wars. Humans are used both in peace and war time, whether we like it or not. No one dictator or dictator-like president or small group of dictators can control the world. Some questions exist about recent experiments in history. Since the exchange of plasma of an ovum is accomplished easily leaving only the nucleus is the recipient ovum, there are likely some people with a cocktail of foreign and partial RNA strands of which they may be unaware integrated into their original parents DNA from the ovum. I heard once that only 3% expression of the foreign RNA can be expressed in the host DNA through this method. Most interesting are the mitochondria who are the power houses inherited from the donor mother that are passed down to all offspring.

Imagine that cocktail of RNA from numerous creatures, insect and otherwise into a mammals DNA. The pain the original recipient would have from mismatches could be horrific although they would likely possess special abilities in addition to numerous disabilities. It would be akin to having an insect like hairs from a dimple in the eyelid constantly rubbing the eye. Over generations, the foreign DNA would become more integrated and less detrimental, after all we humans are said to originate from a host of creatures. Let us hope the scientists stop genetic manipulations on planet Earth and save it for laboratories in space. I believe horrific experiments have already been done and the victims live among us as adults, and most likely more sophisticated DNA manipulations in some youth, most likely hidden from view. Life has always been apparently out of control, like a great big sex-scapade.

8-28-2004 Update: On the other hand, another side of me looks at what is happening among humans today. If we are in fact all controlled by humans, as empathetic as they can be, maybe one genetically engineered being I have considered would be an improvement. That would be a cross between an elephant and a man. The loci of the gene expressing brain and body size of the elephant could be integrated into the genome of man. In addition, the loci of the human gene expressing the protein that was found in extraordinary abundance in Einsteins brain could be amplified and,or, replicated and thus intensified, and I believe it would amount to nothing more than intelligence associated with gray matter in the brain. You could not touch him and her with a lightning rod when it came to intelligence. To my knowledge, no elephant has ever eaten another elephant, and in addition, their disposition is more gentle among themselves with the exception of males in the mating season. We may find something very similar, or they may find us or know of us already existing. The man and elephant hybrid might be dwarfed yet seen as a talking dog by those more superior, perhaps hidden from the common human being's view, and more likable than man himself who might be viewed as a rat, a living being but not one you would necessarily want in your house.

Hinduism would be quick to accept and honor such a being whereas others might be repulsed. India is known to socially accept bestiality, and the Hindu God Ganesh best exemplifies the life form in the phenotype or exterior form that is part elephant and part man. The United States has historically performed experiments on humans, behind closed doors and with some known and in public view. Already the Genome of an elephant is being mapped in the United States, if not elsewhere already.

It is only a matter of time until people start to put those things together to make the next being, part man genius, and part elephant. What the current geneticists are doing in the article linked above is basically triangulating a position, much as in navigation on land or water, of a position on every genetic marker, every genetic section or loci, on the human genome or collection of genes in total, and in addition inference upon those of the most studied creatures. When they are done putting together genetic segments will be akin to the paper dolls that young girls used to play with, except instead of swapping dresses, they geneticist swap the orangutan brain for the human brain and leaving the musculature as the orangutan. I once saw on TV two monkey like men in India. They basically masturbated all day in public and people brought them all sorts of offerings. Were they genetic hybrid, transgenic man/chimpanzee, or did they have a deficiency of some sort prenatally? Who knows, but you can bet he'll be running the side line and making O.J. look like a big footed armadillo with tuberculosis.

An even larger cranium would be offered by certain species of large whale, although the genome mismatch of aqueous mammal versus terrestial mammal could present some difficulties, another factor could possible be in skin issues and the fact that body size to support the cranium might result in mandatory residence in a body of water and thus vocalizations would be problematic.

Of course the largest brain I have ever envisioned was during a time I was being forced to live in California by the Federal Government and California government, in what amounted to as nothing more than prolonged torture and expense, and a second chance for the federal mafia National Treasury Employees Union and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to set up a second attempt on my life. Of course Mob. Ala-bama government did not mind the exile of the man who reported theft by the Sheriff there either. A poison was sprayed in my window in Humboldt County California by a passing truck. It caused me to have systemic lupus erythematous type reaction, known as lupus, which means wolf. I have only had seriously one episode of lupus which was when the Veterans Administration gave me Methylprednisolone for pain, a steroid drug. As I lay sick for days, the poison made me have a fitful dream of large human shaped brains, black as soot, immersed in a fluid and floating. It was as if they were under a larger umbrella shaped organism, much like the top of the Cannonball Jellyfish. That framework could likely be afforded in the growth of a neural network of unlimited dimension if the growth factor gene was constantly amplified or set not to end and the organism housing the brain was constantly fed. Weight factors could necessitate special apparatus to support it or an upper limit and the shape of the brain could be made, possibly, just like the human form in which we are familiar.

Of course a human vocalization apparatus would have to be placed somewhere along with other sensory organs of humans, sharks, and other creatures, perhaps having the mouth for speech on the top and on the side of the housing apparatus with the Cannonball Jellyfish shape, with the brains or brain tissue connected underneath.

What bothers me most about the approaching global war and likely eventual human extinction in our realm of perceived existence, is not only the unnecessary loss of many lives and most likely the human species in our current course, as a result of our deplorable leaders who do not know who we the common are or even care about our well being, and that is in despite of their propaganda that claims otherwise, but what what bothers me most is that the next intelligent being to dominate if the world had another ice age or great million year flood as a result of mankinds tampering, they would likely have to go through ages of barbarism to get to a higher level of existence. After all, dinosaurs and mountains thought they were human once also and the lowly insect could eventually be king of the planet. He would probably strut and call himself Dirty Hairy Fly.


In those moments of daydream when strangers come and go, we often look back and they are gone or a distraction. That is the case of a haunting memory of the passing of the distant fellow, whose time and place could not set relative to my own. He said, "It is a machine.".

Of course because I could not tell his position relative to my own in time and place, I can not say if the machine would reflect the relic of modern America in the year 2000 or if it was from the further reaches in a place and time not of my own. If that was the case, the machine could be any number of things, from biotechnological apparatus or some other variation whose dimensions could be out of reach and, or not be determined, as in that which is composed of structured waves or fields.


The art below is composed of two paintings with computer enhancements (Click to Enlarge...Today's Title, Over Through and In the Looping Glass.  The inspiration was during a meteor shower and was right before the Shuttle disintegration on re-entry.  We common Americans have no government, so let us look to technology and art to escape their abuses. The current factions have us dependent on oil and will not allow patents that break that dependency. When the oil runs low, their profit taking begins, and soon the sparks fly.



Are life and death like a phase shift, retaining substance and constantly altering form.



Plato talked of the illusion of life and consciousness. What he did not factor in is the possibility of manipulation of a person or other life form to perform certain tasks unbeknownst to the manipulated person. Analogous to taking a machine that makes cloth and restructuring it to make liquid. The person subjected to the change through manipulation could be going through a days events in their own mind and lives while they were in fact doing nothing more than the chores or functions requested by that being in control from beyond the bounds of the change and subsequent illusion.


5-30-2004 In viewing things of past and present, the prophesy writer or seer knows things as one would know a newspaper print when viewed through the nearly translucent layer of a gelationous substance, colored and somewhat distorting, yet viewable, as if viewing through a fatty substance or broth. Nostradamus knew these things by extrapolating from the sky to the earth to the individual to the point in time. The greatest view is allowed when the event is most lighted in significance. My own extrapolations and views come about only when certain celestial alignments and my own chemistry are at their height. The point is often read out clearly, yet at times the lines are crossed, and can be deceptive. Science will be able to look forward and back, and it may be to our eternal detriment as a species.

I have seen a being that straddles space like a large being and whose hands or extentions can hold large areas of space, as if by strings, similar to the toy of a child whose strings thread through a button, and which can be twisted and released to create an undulating back and forth through space to beginning and end of oscillation and back again and again until the child tires of the game. All things are at this beings mercy, including the reversing of nuclear blasts. Some may refer to this being as God or Allah, etc., however, this being is lower in the pecking order, and is however a reflection of the greater being, whose will is always met. Fractal cosmology explains this concept in its simplest form, yet it does not cover the true complexity, and I truly doubt any normal human being could ever understand that complexity. That is likely by design or default.

Humans in current form appear to be destined to not leave the planet in any significance or permanence, at least in the current form. The tumult may send this sector onto another path. That is the nature of nature with the eternal destiny of all, as we have so little control, including those so-called great minds, who are in many cases the hybrid expressed.

The 33rd degree of latitude will know those things of their own design...a line cut of extreme heat and possibly fire.

(On a side note..I have learned to have a deep fear of the US governments, among some other nations if not all, Federal, State, and Local, after discovering lie after lie and abuse after abuse. I also have a deep fear of some Americans as they appear to be brainwashed and devoid of thought, as if always salivating for the next fight with those who disagree with their own doctrine, which is most often in their case, the propagandized doctrine, i.e. Television hype and propaganda that tries to short circuit analytical thought.) The blend of right and wrong as a matter of opinion always keeps my sword sheathed. I detest violence, but it appears that the most violent in government employment are those who accuse others of the trait. I had my guns taken in early 2001 after fleeing for my life after an attack upon it. Since that time our government in the USA has repeatedly attacked nations, killing hundreds if not thousands of children, and now our police and many of our soldiers are swinging their battle axes, batons and guns, like primitive cave men of the earlier sub-species.


I know of many things not known to the masses in total. Some I will not share. However, I remember a past life in which horses were stampeding over me in a battle-field. I remember my fingers blown off fomr an explosion. I remember the horrors of my childhood in lower Alabama. Those were the worst.

I remember a place not from this sphere of life, where life was tranquil and beautiful, where life felt no pain and experienced only the most beautiful and exotic experiences. I long for that place again. This life has been hard, as mankind of this realm behaves like lieing monkey-dogs, with some who try to rise above the norm who are torn down and into the filth and squalor, either in life or sent to their death. I long for that beautiful place I knew, and it lingers so briefly yet exquisitely in my mind. Purity and peace.

5-16-2004 For those that I truly love, I would swim through a river of fire. When I was a child, I was undefeatable at dodge ball, only being hit when I chose to let someone do so. In today's world, the game has changed. Inside I am like a child, so naive and love to play the game. I was told in a stern female voice in the darkness of a road somewhere in America, "You have till January, 9." I thought "1,9". " 9-1 as read in Arabic and Hebrew." "9-11" I thought, "It must be road fatigue". No one ever answered 911 for me before, but maybe, just maybe, 1-9".

5-11-2004 Today, I saw another vision. This one was quite unique. It was fluid and it rushed out with great extremity, like a bag that had burst in one location and the fluid ran free and with viscous tumult. I pray for the downtrodden of this nation. It is about to be lost I believe.


Update--(After thinking back on the subject below, I believe I was deliberately poisoned by people related somehow into the California and Federal Government. I was in forced exile after disclosing many things, including Alabama Sheriff Jack Tillman's thievery. The year was 2003 or 2004...I stated the exact dates already) . An orchard insecticide truck sprayed chemicals into my home's windows in large quantity as I was in the shower. The poison came into my window and made me sick for three days. Or it could have been the NTEU and FDIC mobsters trying to harass and kill me again. I am not sure which. My forced felony probation officer did not return my call for three day. I could not leave the county adn I was too broke too afford a hotel. The time has come for war in the Southwestern and South Eastern USA and likely much of California. Who cares. They are going to kill us and imprison us anyway.

On around March 6th or 7th, 2004, I can not recall the exact date due to an illness from what I at the time thought was a sudden terrorist attack. I believed that I and my neighborhood in Humboldt County California were subjected to some sort of terrorist attack. It was very strange, but I was taking a shower in the upper level of my apartment. When I was drying off, with the door partially closed, I saw a truck drive by my window from my dead end driveway off of an alley and it was spraying something less than one foot from the window, as if it was a mosquito truck. But there are no mosquito trucks in Eureka, California. The sprayer was much cheaper than the regular mosquito trucks like I am used to seeing in the South-East. The spray was coming into my window, directly as the truck drove by, and my driveway at the apartment was not on the street, but off of the street. The truck then turned onto the alley street, went onto the Street due West of Me and the spray was drifting Eastward and I got away from the then closed window but the room was full of the spray and my eyes were burning terribly. I laid down but the bed was wet with the poison and my eyes burned terribly. I took a shower a few hours later. Since then it was determined by a physician that I have lost some of my vision.

Afterward, I was sick for several days. My probation officer in Los Angeles could not be contacted until three days later and I was so sick that I begged him to let me leave the state, at which time he did let me leave. The truck was not supposed to come by my window. It may have been a bug spray for the lawn of my neighbor, or it may have been a terrorist attack or harassment by mobsters for the National Treasury Employees Union of Washington D.C. or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in San Francisco, both of which likely had a hand in the murder of the previous regional director at the FDIC in San Francisco, which has been classified a suicide by criminals at the police and banking agency, the Treasury Department agency known as the Secret Service. Also after that when fleeing Humboldt County three or more days later after being bed-ridden, my vision had gotten so bad that I thought I was seeing a red tide, red algae spores, that had formed in Humboldt bay between Arcata and Eureka. It was not a red tide according to others in Eureka, therefore it was the effect of the poison on my vision. I am very sensitive to some drugs and pesticides and also red algae blooms.

The spray in my eyes made it appear that a red tide bloom had made the bay red and the rivers coming down between Arcata and Eureka were red, and a red haze from the spores appeared to be lingering thick as I fled town on 3-10-2004. The mosquito type truck that had sprayed a strange smelling poison that aggravated my Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus allergy symptoms and made sleep become a passage and journey through that area that borders between life and death, consciousness and unconsciousness, as if in a fevered state.

As I lay poisoned on the bed, not knowing why I was so sick, and almost delirious from the poison, the dream was one in which there was the collecting of souls from beings in the firmament and their re-depositing in their respective strata.

The struggle was intense between beings. There were those who came from far away and those who were residents, and I could not tell who was friend or foe, just as is the case many times in this life.

Everything was taken as its inverse, and there was a collective consciousness of some groups of beings, and those that were the smallest became the largest, and all things manifested themselves as human, or nearly so, just like those beings in this life who feign human hearts. (An old indian saying was that the mountains and dinosaurs thought they were human once also.)

The smallest of creatures and that which has historically been most abundant in the decomposition of larger to smaller was the flies. Their consciousness became collective on the other side and may be living on this side in human form according to the dream. They manifested themselves into a group of beings that seemed to reign supreme, remaining hidden and only presenting themselves when the need arose. Friend or foe, I did not know, but their power was such that they were truly omniscient and yet not there at all. They were not nearly as blatantly disregardful as another group who arrived on the scene and whose position seemed to stir things up and keep all moving in a panic state.

These other beings were from another more directed and powerful surge, like a huge spiraling force coming down like a huge tube. Their presence was felt and presented in smaller beings in the human form and were very aggressive and feared. Very much like I refer to as any human who behaves with disregard, much like the Nazis of lore, and I want to reiterate that skin tone has nothing to do with being a Nazi of that type in this life, and their methods of camoflauge can be very deceptive. They were gaining control and we missed the oversight of those from the flies domain, who kept to themselves and only intervened when they deemed it necessary or if their intervention was deemed fit, and we were not entirely sure that they did not have something to do with the Nazi-like beings there. The communication between mine and our kind was of a silent understanding and blinded, yet knowing we were one and not alone, much like a center layer of epidermis cells on a layer of biological tissue.

The group to which I belonged was somewhere in the middle, much like humans of today, with some perceived control over events, but never truly having the final say and more condemned to the actions of those external.

Passing to that point was very fitful for me as it was almost like having a fever. I had to flee Humboldt County due to the illness I was suffering once the probation officer in Los Angeles let me leave three days after I had contacted him. I believed at the time it was the red tide or whatever the truck spewed West of my window and then drifted East.

As I lay on the bed, the sun warmed my back from the West facing window and a dream of a nuclear war came upon me. I felt the blast, however slight, not feeling the true brunt which I am sure occurs with the punch of the shock wave.

When I was passing through that point to the other beings, it was a fretful sleep. Feeling expansion of my flesh like that of a large balloon or a bloating, and then it was as if I was sinking through semi-porous material in which my entire being drifted through in tact, much like a sponge through a very fine colloidial broth, i.e. like passing through a liquid with very fine particles.

On another true conversation I had prior to the allergic sickness, the local indians told me the earth is bleeding regarding the red tide in Humboldt bay. They said the mountains of the rockies were huge worms of history that had laid down there to die to block the white man from approaching.

The red tide, they said, started as a red spot years ago, and their elders said the earth was bleeding, and now it bleeds like an artery. Save the woodlands of the area. They are too precious and should not be sold. Development like that in LA should stay in LA.

On a side note, I am not sure if Sheriff Jack Tillman and his abusive cohorts are accustomed to swimming through a lake of fire. After a few millenia you get used to it. It is being in the firmament in the eternal silent struggle that is difficult. Get used to it, Jack and kiln.

The thief who is Sheriff of Mob. AL, Jack Tillman, does not understand people like the honest auditor, Kurt Brown. Kurt Brown understands Jack Tillman because he was like Jack when he was a lost and confused child who was led by men and boys who were confused and lost. The carpenter's square is lodged in the tailgate for a reason, Jack. Your needed digging implements await you.


My father, who I believe could have accomplished many things, but who was misled and sunk into alcoholism, once told me in a dream after his death, "Some day you will meet your unknown half-brother". " I hope he is not who I think he is because he is like a boil in need of a lancing and puritanical cleansing with pure alcohol. Perhaps it is just a nightmare that I associate with the criminals of Mobile Alabama Government, those criminals behind closed door government. My father, Bruised Brown, named me Dirt Brown, and my half brother, if he is who I think he is, I will label as "Wipe Your Ass Brown".


In my estimation, the small tools of physics, honed from the application of new technologies and new understandings of physical principles has opened a new range of weaponry.

One such application would be the application of a physical plane with possible energies derived from the kinetics of a moving automobile or simply from amophous matter or matter with form. The way the device would work would be that a vehicle equipped with a new physics tool could drive up next to a vehicle, and apply the tool of a physical plane between the target vehicle and the road or a positive kinetic energy from the attack vehicle. The plane would would go under the carriage of the vehicle, while both vehicles are in motion. An upward thrust would seem the target vehicle flipping over onto its side, and therefore sending it cascading into a death roll. There are other possible future weapons of destruction below. I hope we can build into space and not get into another dog-eat-dog fest.



In my opinion and in my observation there are many variants of humans. It appears that Saturn was a home to many wonderful beings. All humans deserve dignity, even if as simple as a Native from India who does not harm a cow. Evidently Saturn met a quick and fatal end. The pic link shows Saturn. It holds ice, H20 the elixir of life, in its rings. Something happened there and I hope it does not happen to this planet, Earth, before we can put Free-floating Bio-engineered Space Colonies into orbit.

That leads to the point of origin, where are humans from? It has been said that Africa was the source for humans and they spread across the globe. I agree, however, I also believe that some variants of humans may have come from far away, perhaps even fleeing Saturn before the calamity. Could earth have been a prison outpost for Saturn where unruly or unwanted humans and other creatures of no dominion were sent? Most likely, if not Earth, then they were sent somewhere.

That leads to the second point. There are likely creatures who do not resemble humans and despise all humans for their behaviours or lack thereof. I seem to remember from a distant time, a remarkable being, whose intelligence made humans look like rat brains in a maze. Their heads shaped like Cauliflower on the top and back. Their smiles always there, and if crossed, their wrath was like being cut by razorblades in a house of smiling mirrors.

I might be right. I might be wrong. But I hope when humans meet those Cauliflower Heads, or other beings of extreme intelligence, they have their act together, or Earth could become Saturn II, or simply the toilet AKA Teliot.

Would anyone like to play one handed golf and join the musical ensemble in space with all that is right. The higher life forms enjoy the arts, after all their technology, intelligence, and infrequent warfare gives them time to enjoy life. Artistic ability became a saving grace for many as it gave them status among the more intelligent nobles. Therefore, when you see someone with artistic talent, remember, it might have been an adapted trait for survival, e.g. they had to drop the ax and pick up a song played, or be cast out, e.g. from Saturn to Earth?


In observing the changes over the past few years, it is startling what has happened to America. History repeats itself due to several factors. First there is likely a cycle of predation of just about every human alive. It appears that the wave of wealth and wave of influence has spanned the globe, leaving behind another country in despair and moving on to the next. The best example is India, which is now the place to be for High Tech companies according to propaganda reports on the mass media.

At different times in the life cycle of the planet, various groups are more adept at winning favor by their place in the life cycle and their primary advantage point, which may not coincide. By influencing changes, systematically or otherwise, the uprising group overthrows the other. What is happening in America right now appears that we are in the middle of a battle for power, a transition.

Of course I could be wrong, but I believe we are in grave despair. Our governments have closed out all dissenters in most areas, and there have been orchestrated murders, suicides, and drug-induced brainwashing, and simply outright divide and conquer techniques. The US government calls anyone insane who challenges them.

I would rather have a merciful death than be subjected to years as some sort of slave. There influence may be such that it is similar to be under the influence of an insect's poisons with the insect on your back, not knowing where you are going but doing things as directed by the influencing source.

In my estimation, many of our history books are wrong, if not all. However, I believe man is capable of murder, if given the right influencing substances and brainwashing tactics. For instance, I was told to join the military and kill anyone who the government asked so that I could defend the US. However, the people we fight, e.g. Vietnam and Korea, unsually have done nothing to us.

The US government and state governments under the new regime obviously do not care about us. Set it free.


On potential horrors we must always be watchful for, just as our forefathers watched, so must we. We as a people are not slaves in body, mind, or imagination to men whose behavior is that of a salivating rabid dog crossed with a feral pig. If they try to close the door to government, kick it open with public knowledge and amass your contingent. My greatest fear is of medical experiments unauthorized. In one possible arrangement with the Central Nervous System or heads of victims electrically connected with leads and processes of barbaric extraction, is a wretched fitful dream I saw the present past and future. In one arrangement was the 12 head arrangement with the heads immersed in fluid, each in their own containers, with leads and contacts running in a set arrangement.

Then in an even more horrid arrangement, I saw in a dream where a nation or group perhaps outside of the world, had millions if not more of human brains in a fluid, each connected. But with whom…Then it came that it might be the natural owner of the brain to whom each whistles, but who knows. They said the entire collection of brains was to talk with their Supreme Being who I will not name. The person who was placed in front of the arrangement when I viewed it, may or may not have been the gate-keeper of the huge and grotesque superhuman computer. They said it helped them stay in contact with their supreme being.

I was forced injections and held captive with abuse and uncertain actions by members of the VA Hospital in Los Angeles Westwood as you will see in this site. They do not have any of the heads there that I am aware, as that will most likely be their next X-mas gift from the new power broker of the world and society.

Beware of the encroachment in our society by the hand of corruption who’s edifice was and is the National Treasury Employees Union. Through the systematic replacement of key employees, and less than key employees, a type of blitzkrieg was initiated against the USA. Collusion between monopolist American media and the Gate-Keepers of wealth, has created a new panic-stricken society of those with auditing skills. If you know that the Archimedes priniciple states that one drop of water is deplaced by one drop of mass, then through selective and forceful and vengeful automation with street level tactics, success was guaranteed, in that one employee of no criminal link was replaced with one employee of criminal link.

Of course, on the other hand, if you answer the phone to many times with the wrong caller, you can eventually put a bug "in their ear". So I just say, let the answering machine get it every now and again. Is the IRS ET N U?


ALWAYS MAINTAIN A PROFESSIONAL LEVEL OF SKEPTICISM when auditing or inspecting any thing, place, or person. Watch from the corner of your eye for the quick slight of inspection as that is where the slight of hand lingers, especially in technological warfare apparatus.

I had a dream of a gun fight and attack under possible scenarios where employees were removed from key positions in the bureaucratic hierarchy. The aggressor gun fighters held apparatuses of a new variety. In the greatest, was the slitting of a time window, obviously, in which the assailant can basically step out in front of you with a gun and tap you on the shoulder, and then go back to the point of origin. A flash of light may be all that is discernibly obvious when the transit point ebbs and flows. It occurred to me that the grounding of something in the transfer of the person or the image therein and the firearm, could be grounded to arc against the invincible assailant. Lean him into a wet sink and turn on the dragon with a monkey charge. You may find that the man is not there as much as you think and that the gun is brought through a slightly different method or apparatus.

A high-tech device is worn on the wrist like a long large watchband and is only viewable in the slight of eye and only briefly.

To obtain the heads of victims, in one scenario, a person steps from the time window. I see a very fast spinning blade, similar to metal artisans, and yet silent and almost to the molecular level, and slicing the neck quickly. Many people if not all tend to inhabit multiple time windows, if not all.

Those types of things are horrid, but some of them are already with us, e.g. forced injections and removing of doctors notes from medical records condoned by government. We must remain vigilant. I had a dream of a place where my ideas of great complexity and diversity were challenged. It was in a place where life held strands of life, some like splintered dragons, handing in the windows of moments of times. It was our space on a higher level. The presence of vast numbers of people with few resources forced the predatory features inherent in mankind. Mankind comes in variants through space travel.

The nature of the death passages is the pressure of the firmament, always pressing and shifting about with the outer shell of sentient beings remaining valid. There are some whose age is questionable due to the method in which they die and crawl back onstage. The cycle of life is a cycle and some can and do benefit from being able to catch the endless loop in one favored point of the cycle. Their constituency, method, or knowledge gives them favor, and they are likely several degrees of perception removed from the average vantage-point. The nature of illusion is to keep the hidden speaker, hidden.




3-2004...On potential horrors we must always be watchful for, just as our forefathers watched, so must we. We as a people are not slaves in body, mind, or imagination to men whose behavior is that of a salivating rabid dog crossed with a feral pig. If they try to close the door to government, kick it open with public knowledge and amass your contingent. One of my greatest concerns is of medical experiments unauthorized. In one possible arrangement with the Central Nervous System or heads of victims electrically connected with leads and processes of barbaric extraction, is a wretched fitful dream I saw the present past and future. In one arrangement was the 12 head arrangement with the heads immersed in fluid, each in their own containers, with leads and contacts running in a set arrangement.

Then in an even more horrid arrangement, I saw in a dream where a nation or group perhaps outside of the world, had millions if not more of human brains in a fluid, each connected. But with whom…Then it came that it might be the natural owner of the brain to whom each whistles, but who knows. They said the entire collection of brains was to talk with their Supreme Being who I will not name. The person who was placed in front of the arrangement when I viewed it, may or may not have been the gate-keeper of the huge and grotesque superhuman computer. They said it helped them stay in contact with their supreme being.

I was forced injections and held captive with abuse and uncertain actions by members of the VA Hospital in Los Angeles Westwood as you will see in this site. They do not have any of the heads there that I am aware, as that will most likely be their next X-mas gift from the new power broker of the world and society.

Beware of the encroachment in our society by the hand of corruption who’s edifice was and is the National Treasury Employees Union. Through the systematic replacement of key employees, and less than key employees, a type of blitzkrieg was initiated against the USA. Collusion between monopolist American media and the Gate-Keepers of wealth, has created a new panic-stricken society of those with auditing skills. If you know that the Archimedes prinicipal states that one drop of water is deplaced by one drop of mass, then through selective and forceful and vengeful automation with street level tactics, success was guaranteed, in that one employee of no criminal link was replaced with one employee of criminal link.


2-3-2004 GMT I could not figure out why I was so attacted to Winona Rider when her hair was jet black and found it disheartening in flaccid red, which was after a sensual dream about the young actress with jet black hair, and then I found a picture of Anita Garibaldi, and I wondered, did I watch her get butchered in fear and de-test, or was it just another horrid nightmare, a fiasco in history that I recalled. She died fleeing for her life with her husband, Guisseppe Garibaldi, the so-called father of modern Italy...Looking at Berlusconi that is somewhat questionable...Perhaps Garibaldi could heave a little blood from Italy's bleeding ulcer onto Berlusconi's grand facade also, right up there next to some of America's fat and tawdry political portait takers.

2-2-2004 GMT In the immediate future, I foresee a rise in the use of organic medicines and a distrust of large drug manufacturers. Also, a return to at-home-birthing through the use of mid-wives and more control and observation by the family of the expectant mother. Many in the world, including many in the U.S.A., now view the distant and anonymous hand of government as an oppressive, abusive, and manipulative force, that brings power unto itself through force and blood-letting. Pain Feeling Citizen, Beware.

2-1-2004 I remember in the faintest hints of where imagination crosses memory, a place where life was abundant, and almost all was foreign to the Earth's eyes, with some creature's resembling familiar beauty, and others lurking barely visible, recognizant by Earth's children, and in the end, it was like being in the Wood, where life passes, most wanting only to be un-tendered and unfettered. Like bubbles of life they pass and go, and the haunting suspicion of those things so beautiful as 'our kind'. Then the day of darkness came, like a large black cloud with eyes of its own, consuming me and maybe us into its design. Those are the passages, where friend and foe we often do not know, only wanting to be un-tendered and unfettered, but knowing, some-how it is all the same in the end in all of the variants.

1/18/2004 The jester of bile came and slobbered out, "Thanks to your design, two were caught". The question becomes, when a boar swallows a mechanical stool pigeon, does it Boar a whole, or bore a whole. Our enemies in America steal our belongings and our livelihoods and our reputations and set themselves on high. Watch as the diamond falls to the sea and the buzzards of salt dive for naught. "Get the Hell out of Arabia" is the resounding echo we hear atop the crescent mountains from their bludgeoned brothers abroad, therefore the question remains, is all of mankind a salivating dog feasting on maggot infested carnage, some of which is his own, inside and out. Some can not feel pain unless it is on their own flesh, therefore their variety may be mute to the wisdom of our design, the design of pain feeling flesh. Never trust American Federal and State and local governments, particularly Los Angeles California all the way to Alabama. Never trust the American elitist Dictatorship posing as a democracy, as they are as untrustworthy or less trustworthy than the Dictatorsip in China and Russia. The aptitude of the current American Dictatorial regimes is destruction and subjugation. Our enemies inhabit the seats of power. We are not even allowed to live safely, defending our own lives, under the old laws that were stolen from us in this wretched island nation, the USA, La Isla Mas.

The dead speak to us in many ways and forms, as there is no single one of anything in nature, and there are multiple languages, both known and unknown to this terrestrial crawling pack of humans

In one of Kurt Brown's quatrains published in news groups on the web he envisioned, "Three will stand in judgment of two."  (The pic is below) .  Although the post is lost, here is a piece of an article that remained on the internet as of 4/25/02.  If anyone has that news post, please email it to the webmaster.  Kurt  had his belongings ram shackled by thieves of the government in April of 2001 and they did not return them. 

Nostradamus predicted the tyranny Kurt would suffer in the city of Los Angeles when his papers were scattered.   Kurt Brown, a foreseer, was harassed and continues to be harassed by certain members of America's SS, just as predicted in the quatrain's of Nostradamus


The arrival late, the execution completed,
the wind contrary, the letters seized en route:
The conspirators fourteen of a sect,
the enterprises by the wise Red-haired One.

  Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile, Alabama, illegally took away Kurt Brown's permit before the atrocities of Los Angeles because Kurt wanted to note corruption and atrocious conditions being reported at the county jail.  The sheriff later was discovered to have stolen $100,000.00 and, unfortunately due to neglect under Tillman's care a man died of flesh eating bacteria.


From: Tim Main (tango@hi-lux.demon.co.uk)
Subject: Re: Pic : HOWLING FOUR HORSEMEN IN GATE (Letter: Prophesy and Facts)
Newsgroups: alt.humor.jewish, alt.personals.jewish, alt.religion.christian.baptist, alt.religion.christian.roman-

In article <Fkh%5.547$US4.58067@newsread1.prod.itd.earthlink.net>, Kurt
Brown <constantine9999@c4.com> writes
>I prophesied the bombing of the USS Cole the night before it occurred.  I
>prophesied the ongoing disaster of the 2000 election and Gore's defeat the
>night before the election. 

You did, huh?  Shame you didn't quote the specific here.
Got any other good news items coming up?  Where should I NOT go this

(Here is a link to the remnant of the vision) http://groups.google.com/groups?q=insubject:Howling+insubject:Four+insubject:Horsemen&hl=en&selm=IH3H6DAqncP6EwIw%40hi-lux.demon.co.uk&rnum=1


To the poster, of the article above, Tim Main, beware of skepticism toward the messenger, as Tim apparently lacks vision, or belief in visions, which are in a sense a gift of unknown origin.

Kurt also stated in that article that was clipped above that three would that three would stand in judgment of two, however the news post had been clipped.  He did not know what exactly was to happen, but he knew it was going to be a big event.  What the vision was saying was that it would take three points of interaction to knock down the two World Trade Center towers.

The visionary artwork of the WTC disaster and an attack on his life that soon followed two months after publication of the article is listed below.  Notice that in the upper left corner there are three men with judges robes on one layer and two men with nooses on their necks on the other layer.  The key interacting parts are the two planes, the radio operator who talked the planes in, and the twin towers that were destroyed.  The third point, the radio operator is likely still alive.  In the photo of the "Visionary Art", you will note that there are also two large buildings at the top, and a ghost of death and horror looms on the right.  You may also note that the sun image, the MOuRNING STAR, is behind bars.  It sent a shudder through Kurt when he drew it and looked back.  It foretold that that many branches of out-of-control government would persecute Kurt for exercising his constitutional right for defending himself in case of attack, which he suffered also not long after the art was published, in a trip from LA to LA, i.e. Los Angeles, known as Prisonus Maximus Profitus Pointy Cappus, to Lower Alabama, known as The Village of The Damned.  Kurt is symbolized by the large orange eye, which indicates the watch man, the sentinel, the vechter.

 While traveling in a car from Los Angeles to Lower Alabama, in February of 2001, an assassination attempt was made on Kurt's  life in Louisiana because of some information he had released and some things he had said to a powerful individual and reported about a large organization, the FDIC and the NTEU and their current regional director as suspect.  A court gag order has been placed on Kurt by the corrupt Los Angeles Superior courts so he can not talk about the event or the organization.  Freedom of speech is dead in America.  The attack was terrifying to him , and  the only damage was to the alignment of his vehicles tires, and a good helping of post traumatic stress from which he has recovered, yet not fully, until the murderers and assassins are dealt with.

The vision is that of a virus that mankind will have to battle.  It is a virus that will make the deadly Ebola Virus seem mild because the new and coming virus will have an avarian vector, i.e. spread by birds, or  it could be another winged creature suck as a flying insect.  You will note in the art below that the bird is at the center indicating the spreading agent, above the bird is the serpent with its long deadly fangs indicating the virus, and in opposition is man in full battle armament striking back at the deadly upcoming disease, and giving into it due to weakness of preparation to deal with the onslaught of the powerful new viral agent and its spreading mechanism.

Click to enlarge

Because viruses are no doubt curable when enough funding is provided for research, the U.S. government and other governments should give more funding to AIDS research.  In that manner, we will be able to kill two birds, two deadly diseases, one of them before it strikes, and the other, AIDS,  which has already taken many lives and is increasingly ravaging mankind.  

6-3-04 Thursday-- My mother was buried today, having died last Sunday after being diagnosed with mesothelioma six weeks earlier. As we went through services in the church, a song was sung, "Amazing Grace". There in the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of her reflection, spinning and dancing as if with an almost invisible partner, making two to three circles and passes. My prayer is that my mother has a safe passage to the heaven she sought and deserved.

Later that day, as I sat at my computer looking at the page describing the atrocities I have suffered while trying to enter my native city's city council meeting so that I could help the poor, I heard a loud roar within the silent din. I read a Bible passage in the New Testament, which is something odd for me but not for my mother. Luke 9 or 10, and it went something like, "If the cities you visit do not let you enter, leave with nothing from them, including wiping the soil from the souls of your feet upon them". So to shall I instruct my offspring regarding the wretched city of Mobile Alabama, and so shall I once my wife has healed her quota of the poor, sick, and dieing there.

Upon reflecting along the past, the prophet warriors have dug up some old transcripts on the web, whose hard copies were lost to the tyranny of American lawmen who do not respect the rights of an individual as defined in the constitution and its amendments.  Many of the pics and writings were lost to the tyranny of the corrupt lawmen who walk among us in the City of Lost Angels who refused to return the writings and art to Kurt, even after a judge ordered the items returned. 

We have included the articles and link to two articles dug up like old bones below.  One was written after the Veterans Administration gave the author a medicine to which he was allergic, so enjoy the ride.  Also, please note that the email address is no longer valid on the articles.  You can find the current email address at the bottom of the page if you want to contact the mongooses, including The Kurt Brown.  The first article was the most laborious vision as it was one of the first for Kurt.   Freedom, Peace, Mutual Respect, the true orders of divinity. 


The articles below were edited to rid a request for donations and some other improvements.   Help the poor, the disabled, and especially the children.  When the bombs are being counted, 9 will lead to 13, as this was a horrific vision of youth that haunts the seer to this day.  Pity the horrified children of the world if the moment of selfish annihilation spreads.  All consciousness of man is one and it is blinded to the other through time and space, but it can be felt with true compassion, not rhetorical lies about compassion as our politicians spew, which is like venom from a viper thus blinding the truly compassionate and innocence in the child in all of us.

The post below was after the Veterans Administration deliberately overdosed me on a drug they knew I was allergic and later after being attacked by federal mafia banking regulators and a proven thief who is an Alabama Sheriff, the VA Police arrested me and my life has been torn apart since late 2000 and early 2001.

Link to World Vision Article Listed Below

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From: Kurt Brown (constantine9999@yahoo.com)
Subject: Pic : (Kurt Brown says vote Green) "HOWLING VELVET THRONE"
Newsgroups: alabama.general, alt.california, alt.college.democrats, alt.left-handed, alt.military.uk

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Date: 2000-11-07 06:31:58 PST

Later.  Today, VOTE NADER, vote for the underdog my AFRICAN AMERICAN
to the post listed below

From: Kurt Brown <constantine9999@yahoo.com>
Subject: Pic : (Velvet Throne) "HOWLING GOOD MOURNING AMERIKA"
Date: Friday, November 03, 2000 10:09 AM

Fellow citizens of the cyber-realm and of the world.   Now that I have your
attention, we may begin.  I will be including a more complete and absolute
picture later today.  But the written word now is heard quicker since I have
your attention.  A'hem

We have opened the door and now the waters are flowing in as the polar
ice-caps melt, and the ground is becoming scorched in places where it was
once wet.  Changes have been occurring around us as a result of man's
selfish and foolish folly, and now  the monopolistic dual-party system has
strangled many of the roots and branches of our nations tree which we hold
so dear.  The same roots and branches, if allowed to bear fruit, could
provide our nation with an abundance of happiness, comaradarie, and
brotherhood.   Eventually,  I sincerely hope, this dream will come to pass.
But, for now, it is just a dream between myself, my father, and the truly

My spirit wrenches when I see an American born citizen miss the opportunity
for education and then become a useless and defective commodity to be bought
and sold on the free market in an indirect manner as fodder for the
monopolistic dual-party government, which was borne only recently from
squalid comfort and insepid apathy.  The time has come to organize against
the tyrannical rule of the few, and to recognize that our forefathers warned
of us tyranny and wanted us all to have the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE

I DO NOT RECOMMEND VIOLENT UPHEAVAL.  I recommend that the horn of Jacob,
which is now the internet, and tomorrow broadcast radio and television, be
used to resound and amplify all of those things which we on the outside have
lost and want to regain.  We are a nation, a people, who have only begun to
drive this nation across the cosmos and into the farthest reaches of the
galaxy.  But don't get confused and think that all good things will come to
us as a gift of nature.  Those sorts of gifts are rare, as we are living
beings and our consumption rates and birth rates do not allow for idle times
in our lives, or to wait on gifts from nature or our nation's development
under the monopolistic dual-party system, as time is precious, almost
ephemeral, in that in our current state of underdevelopment we risk
extinction either from the inside or the outside.

The question of infinite life is ludicrous as all things bend under the
weight of their own mass and therefore all things are circuitous, routing
back toward the point of origin but stretching out infinitely into all
directions.  It is through this design, the looking back to look forward, as
where we are standing is always shifting and is not always clear.
Therefore, I say to you, look at where our country is today.  Many people
would jump ship and sail away like a haphazard European on a long nautical
jaunt across uncertain and turbulent seas.  We are marooned on this island
we call America because there is no better place to go.  Yet, in our ample
abundance, many of our brothers are starving, either for food, shelter,
companionship,  or a sense of achievement, and the simple but holy
satisfaction of knowing that he or she has achieved their life's full
potential.   We all suffer as a result.

The hounds of ignorance will be yelping at your door, or I should say
squealing very loud to block the airwaves of any sounds that run counter to
the monopolistic logic which is strangling our contented development as a
whole.  Case in point ---the debates by the Alpha-male Gore and the
pseudo-lucid and comically posturing  Bush were resolved and constrained
from touching on issues that are affecting us all and which I have
elaborated on or will elaborate on further in the near future.  So, I will
ask all of you who read this cyber cast, to yell from the rooftops, from the
seats of television studios, from any crevice where you can be heard, that
our demands for a better nation, a healthier tree of life, be given the
chance to root and take hold.  It is time to demand that the dual heads of
the monopoly party be forced to reckon with two, if not three, of the third
party candidates before the election.  I would like to make a motion that
the Greens and the Libertarians get a chance to expound their views and
answer the questions and fill the holes that the monopolizers deliberately

Education is the first step.  We must not water the seeds of ignorance.
More funds must be channeled to the common man's child to enhance their
growth, otherwise our nation will continue to bear bitter fruit, and the
omniscient presence of blow flies hordeing the airwaves with their incessant
mono-tone buzz, all the time feeding on the dieing entrails of our nations
cankerous limbs, i.e. the men and women who were left behind by the men and
women whose only goal was to satisfy their own needs without considering the
destituteness of others.

There are no options.  We as a nation will continue to rot and be
constrained in certain sections, and eventually die as a whole, or we can
take positive aggressive action and derive the maximum benefit that nature
can provide.  All of these demands and desires are perplexing.  But we must
move conscientious people to the forefront or we will all end up being
fodder for a machine that has run amuck, and that beautiful tree we call our
nation will be ground asunder by our own rotten weight.

I am growing rather weary as election day, and my own personal D-Day
approaches-- the day in which it is a win-all or lose-all proposition in
relation to my financial future and the likelihood of a third party
candidate, or possibly two, breaking the rythym of the dance and shuffle of
the misguided tyrants who lead us through the lowlands during the floods,
and the highlands during the storms, simply because the moving shelter they
have built does not encompass us all.  I have worked in what should have
been a decent occupation in this country and I was still forced to live
among  the destitute in this nation of ours, not even being able to afford
the creature comforts of a home.

Some say that I am Allen Ginsburg or have the ghost here with me.  Of that I
am not certain.  I traveled the same streets as he and witnessed the same
atrocities.  My own father was very much like him in appearance and in his
behavior traits.  Perhaps it was our commonality in regard to genetic
factors and our environment that created the similarity.  But like a lense
over a weakened eye, this strange new light has opened my minds eye.

A home, in many cities in our great nation, has become an unattainable dream
under the current monopolistic system which is posing as a two party
lean-machine.  The current system from an astrological perspective is  more
in the nature of an enlarged bulge that is blocking the flow of energy to
the weakened limbs of a celestial tree giant.

I have seen and felt the intense human suffering in our once great nation.
It has only occurred to me recently how severe the problem is, and how
easily, with enough effort, it can be corrected.

My health is continually growing worse and I am not even as old as
Methuselah yet.  My tirades of thought and emotion in my art and writing are
well-directed and well intentioned however.  A flow of energy, or a spirit
if you will, traverses through everything.  It is upon those waves that a
select few are allowed to see and hear the minute sound of destiny and
therefore rule and design.

Despite the deafening sound of my Ginsbergian Howl, We all must stand
together brave and united as we are all just small points or pixels in a
very large screen which stretches across the cosmos.  Some day we may be
able to travel the entire length of the galaxy, but as it stands, we aren't
going to be able to watch Haley's comet or Jupiter's moons from a close
perspective again without having the wretchedness of the weak and selfish
mans desires be our folly and our end.

Remember, we must not destroy those material things that are already there
as the world has limited resources, and there is nothing left to waste. The
current monopolizers of democratic thought and action are comfortable with
their current arrangement and are afraid of change however, so we, as the
third and fourth party enlightened members must counsel those of their
congregation who have been duped by the expert monopolizers of today and of
the not so recent past.  With the correct leadership, we, as a nation, can
be the perfect tree, whose every seed, whose every branch is tended and
cared for, to create the illustrious forest, the sanctimonious place that we
all want to share next to heaven.  These things are possible, but only if we
rid ourselves of apathy, bloodlust, and greed, and move forward with a bold
new leadership whose hand can guide us through our development just as the
perfect algorithm can drive these wonderful computing machines.

Nothing ever comes simply and there may be bloodshed in the end, as the
nature of humans to hold on to the static nature of things is strong and
resolute.  For example, witness the heinous flatworm springing and thrusting
from the truly blind mans mouth who wants to Conserve everything, including
the growing rot.

Conservatism-my eye.  The purpose of the enlightened men and women who need
to and who should, by ancient law guide us, will be to protect and serve,
not to devour and seize.  Therefore the desire to grow, change and improve
is part of our genetic make up and has undoubtedly allowed us to survive for
a short time on this strange and wonderful planet thus far.

The truth is that increasingly greedy corporate moguls would just as quickly
sell you or kill you as look at you as they are blind in one eye, the eye of

Constructive peace is deemed appropriate and we will arrive at our true
destiny, unharmed, and unscathed (at least somewhat) to achieve the eternal
and global and some day  inter-global peace that we all need.

The machine (the modern day monopolistic dual-party system which squeals
that each party is different) which imprisons my brethren for victimless
crimes, and then uses them to derive wealth through the sale of the victim's
labor, their upkeep, and eventually their demise, is so corrupt that it is

 Free speech is even stifled through their design, which resembles an arm
choking a foot until it is gangrenous  simply because the faulty mind wants
the genitals to have a greater blood supply.  The entire scene from an
enlightened perspective is both Barbaric and inane.

Just as a tree that has strong branches when the roots are cast into rich
soil, a person can flourish if given the opportunity to truly grow at an
early age.   It is obvious that something is very wrong.   The public school
systems are a disgrace, bordering on being a baby-sitting service which can
only produce a true success rate of 10% and probably less.   After all, we
all know that the upper 10% in our nation, the lucky few, are the only ones
who ever achieve any real measure of success, and therefore happiness.  But
even their happiness is somewhat thwarted because the society around them,
our tree of life, has started to crumbled from the dead weight and our
senses register all these aspects of decay but feel helpless because the
enlightened and compassionate have lost control of the steering wheel.  The
thousand points of light one of the smooth talking monopolists waxed happily
for hours about, have turned out to be the lights from the jailers den, and
I cringe to count the number.   It is more than I care to bear witness and
we as enlightened leaders of America should not tolerate it.

Rehabilitation for the victims of our past leaders design should be
considered paramount.  As the only other option would be to kill them, and
that is against nature's law.

All of the babble about conservatism is a hoax, a lie, a sham, which insists
on conserving and preserving a past system that somehow forgot to bring
along all of the passengers, the world's brothers and sisters.

To look at a man, woman, or child, and to despise them for simply being,
simply because they are not in our inner tribe, or simply because they are
different in some other manner is reminiscent of a primitive homo sapien
turned cannibal who feasts on the entrails of another homo sapien for the
sheer pleasure of gluttony.

 It is time to move beyond those primitive things and to enjoy the feast of
happiness that life has given us.   There is always room at the table of
life, but there is also the probability that if we don't take action and
release the grip of the misguiding hand that is thwarting us, we will cease
to exist as a nation and possibly as a species.

In my most recent post I was very harsh on the people who are in my
geographical area, and I do apologize.   I said that the people of Alabama,
and for that matter, much of the nation, were ultra-conservative, and many
were fascists,  with a few being extremely violent.    Just as in the rest
of the conservative states in the nation, There are not many fascists here
in Alabama.  There are some however.  In the mean-time  many peoples ideals
are being guided by a small group of  fascists who lack a social conscience
or lack the knowledge and intuition to guide and lead us to our maximum
achievement.  I suppose it was a matter of evolution for the ignorant to
rise to the top, like bad cheese in a vat of turbid milk, but it is time for
the next bold step or all of our future generations, and consequently past
generations as consciousness is strung from mother to child like a thread,
and we will suffer the consequences.

We must always remember though,  that the nature of man is to take more than
he needs.  It is a primitive trait borne out of survival in harsh conditions
which must be overcome by the conscious deeds of the higher self.

We must not tread on others personal beings and we should not let them tread
upon us.  I recently read that the pseudo-lord of the flies, the little
Bush, is going to have all political appointees undergo a drug screen.   It
is the most holy of trespasses and should be admonished as an atrocity in
betraying the sanctity of the rights of the human body.    The Bush is
failing the test of trespass.  His motives are thwarted and bent to serve
his kiln and his cronies in their alcohol and tobacco absorbed frenzy of
self gratification while sitting in front of a mundane television doing
nothing more than spewing hypocrisy out like vomit from a vulture.

Theirs is a culture of alcohol and tobacco borne out of self-righteous
deceit, and now greed in maintaining the drug warriors coffers,  that simply
annoys all of those around because of the nature of alcohol to affect the
speech and the dissolution of all human inhibition and the treacherous smell
of burning tobacco infecting all of the people's senses who surround them.

Rosh Hashana Abraham and Mohammad

Brought to you through a humble man,

Kurt Brown

Remember, we feast on a HOWLING pic tonight, so stay tuned.

Listen to the silent music, if you dare.

Time is ticking.  Two heads have become one and it will take the power of
three to drive their ignorance asunder.  Act quickly and with thrift my
enlightened friends. You know who you two are.  Only you know of the direct
line.  I will be waiting and watching.

Ctrl V for victory

Keep the world GREEN, Give Him  a chance to speak for those on the OUT.

LET US STEER, Keep the GOREY BUSH IN HOOT'S REAR.  See Clinton Hoot like the


Also, remember to save the truly green prophets, the tree of  THREE, WHICH