Astrology Charts Past and Future - and Predictions of the Future

Jan. 7, 1952. Russian Orthodox Christmas, so Christmas in Russia, and possible day of Vladimir Putin the Antichrist conception, since he was born 9 months later to a mother named Mariya (similar to Mary). Being conceived on Russia's Christmas makes sense if Putin is the Antichrist. The Astrology chart for Jan. 7 1952 is shown below: notable is an approximate 6 sided diamond shape. See the page on Russia where I discuss the diamond shape of geographic coordinates concerning Putin, note that diamonds are made from Carbon (element 6). Note that diamonds sparkle with light, and note that Lucifer means "light bringer". And note that in Nov. 2003 as Putin visited Rome, and there was the largest solar flare ever measured, there was a 6 sided astrology chart shape. And also notable in this Jan. 7 1952 chart are fire trines (a 120 degree shift between 2 planets in fire signs which which multiplies the fire energy) between Mercury at 22 Sag and Pluto at 21 Leo, and a second fire trine between Jupiter at 6 Aries and Venus at 5 Sag. These two fire trines here appear to be multiplying Satanic energy to produce a Satanic conception.

October 7, 1952. On November 1, 1952, the first Hydrogen bomb was exploded. On Oct. 7 1952, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia and possible Antichrist, was born, just before Julian year 6666 began (in January 1953). Note the grouping of planets in the sign Libra in his chart. Also note: 1952 = 13/.00666 (13: Revelation 13)
And see this page on other prophecies, on a Psychic Jean Dixon vision of a snake in 1952.

July 1, 1961. Birth of Princess Diana of England, at this date there was a roughly cross-shaped Astrology pattern.

February 5 1962. Astrologically, there was an unusual grouping of planets in February 1962, an unusual astrology alignment. Also note that the psychic Jean Dixon predicted that a world religious leader was born on Feb. 5, 1962, at the time of an unusual grouping of planets, who would change the world in the new millennium.

June 6, 1966. (6/6/66). On this day, Astrologically 3 planets, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Gemini, and Jupiter in Cancer, were in adjacent Astrology signs with each at 6 degrees, for an astrology 6-6-6. Also, the Astrology pattern of this day somewhat resembles a pentagon, a Satanic-related symbol. Significant event at this time: Ronald Reagan won the Republican nomination for Governor of California. As a result of his later Presidency, there was the beginning of the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Former President Reagan (a personal hero for me) I believe would have recognized today the evil of the rise of the Antichrist in Russia. Also, note that in June 1966 the Cultural Revolution was underway in China, Chairman Mao caused anarchy and great chaos there-- Chairman Mao represents the Red Dragon, Satan.

Aug. 31, 1994. A rare Grand Water Trine Astrology pattern of major planets forming an Astrology triangle pattern in the three water signs. A very powerful Astrology pattern. Note that this was a few weeks after the July 1994 comet collision with Jupiter. Refer to the Nostradamus section on the Nostradamus prophecy 1-50 connecting an "aquatic triplicity" (such as this Grand Water Trine) with the Antichrist. Also note this is 111 years (2x666 months) after August 1883.

Aug. 31, 1997. Princess Diana's tragic death, at the time of a bent cross Astrology pattern.

February 26, 1998. During a solar eclipse, planets were clustered in two adjacent signs of the Zodiac, which indicates this was a very important eclipse astrologically:
--the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in Pisces
--Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius
Note that Osama bin Laden's declaration of war against the U.S. was on Feb. 23, 1998, 3 days before. See this page also.

August 11-18, 1999. August 11, a total solar eclipse over Europe (including a total eclipse in Munich Germany, a city associated with Hitler's rise to power-- giving this eclipse an Antichrist connection, since Hitler was a type of Antichrist), and August 18, a Grand Cross Astrological pattern of the planets in a cross shape, the most unusual astrological pattern of the century. I would associate this pattern with the Antichrist, especially since it is a bent cross. Note that Vladimir Putin was appointed Prime Minister of Russia on August 9, 1999, becoming acting President on Dec. 31, 1999, I believe he may be the Antichrist. The August 1999 Grand Cross pattern may have predicted the emergence of the Antichrist in Russia in year 2000 as Putin.

May 5, 2000. An ominous alignment of planets, moon and sun on one side of the earth, I would relate this to the May 7 2000 inauguration of President Putin in Russia (the Antichrist). See my web page on 5/5/2000.

May 5 2002. Interesting that this was exactly 2 years after the May 5, 2000, plantary alignment, at the time of Putin's inauguration as Russian President. Note that Putin negotiated a new treaty with Nato on Arms Control and nuclear weapons reductions in May 2002. Venus was close (2 degrees separation) to Saturn on May 7, 2002. Also, on May 10, 2002, Venus passed within .3 degree of Mars, as seen in the sky. The Astrology chart for May 5, 2002, shown below, shows a grouping of 4 planets in the Astrological sign of Gemini. What is different from May 2000, is here in May 2002 you can see the planetary grouping in the sky, in May 2000 the planetary grouping was too close to the sun to see..

Nov. 8, 2003, total lunar eclipse over N. America and Europe, and in Dec. 2003 a 666 day interval date, possibly significant events concerning the Antichrist at that time. Also note that there was a total solar eclipse in the Southern Hemisphere on November 23.
Also note that during the November 8 2003 lunar eclipse, there was a much-discussed Astrology pattern called the Harmonic Concordance, a Grand Sextile or Star of David pattern, of the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Chiron, a very powerful high energy pattern. This also relates to Putin visiting Rome that week. Note that this astrology pattern is a diamond shape, and on this page on Russia I relate a diamond shaped geographic pattern to Russia; diamonds sparkle in the light -- Lucifer means "light bringer" - like a solar flare. This diamond Astrology pattern may be a gateway for the rise of the Antichrist, Putin-- Lucifer on earth. Note this diamond astrology pattern has 6 sides, relating it to 666 the Antichrist number.

July 16-18, 2005. A Grand Fire Trine of three planets (Mars, Venus, Pluto) in three fire signs spaced exactly at 120 degrees forming an exact triangle, a very rare and powerful astrology pattern that multiplies the energy. Mars is associated with War and Pluto with Death. There was the U.K. bombing attack July 7 and July 22 Egypt bombings. The chart below shows the July 16 pattern where the 3 planets (Mars, Venus, Pluto) are within 1 degree of an exact grand trine, with also Mercury near Venus:
Mars at 22.6 Aries
Pluto at 22.4 Sagittarius
Venus at 21.5 Leo
Mercury at 18.5 Leo, close to Venus

May 1, 2007. An unusual astrology pattern, of Jupiter trine Saturn (120 degree shift), Venus trine Neptune, Mars conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Powerful alignments on this day. And Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius may mean the first and fourth horsemen will be riding, the Antichrist and Death. These trines may give the horsemen power.

May 5, 2007. 7 years since the May 5, 2000 planet alignment, 2 days before the May 7 2000 Putin inauguration as Russian President.

March 8, 2010. Astrology chart shows a planetary cluster at Pisces the Fish, the Fish being a Christian symbol.

Aug. 6, 2010. Volcano eruption in Indonesia, and smoke from wildfires in Moscow Russia. In the evening sky a close grouping of Saturn, Venus, and Mars. This chart shows a Grand Cross and a diamond shape in the Astrology chart for August 6 2010, may relate to economic chaos then.

Nov. 11, 2011. 11-11-11. Interesting date because 11:11 was a New Age related number. A New Age or New World date? And in Revelation 11:11 the Two Witnesses are raised from the dead. Also note that 11-11-11 is exactly 93 years or 51 666 day intervals after World War I ended on 11-11-1918. Could it relate to Revelation 11:11 on the Two Witnesses? And note that the Nov. 11 2011 Astrology chart has Mercury and Venus at 11 degrees Sag. for an 11-11. It was announced that Russia will be joining the World Trade Organization (WTO).

March 14 2012. Note that connected with the election of Putin is an unusual and very ominous astrology pattern on March 14 2012 (March 15 is the Ides of March, when Julius Caesar was assassinated, "Beware the Ides of March") of 4 planets in a Grand Earth Trine, of a triangle pattern with the planets spaced at exactly 120 degrees. 4 planets at 9 degrees, in Earth signs, in a Grand Earth Trine, with Venus and Jupiter at 9 Taurus, Mars at 9 Virgo, Pluto at 9 Capricorn. So 9-9-9 which is 666 upside-down. Definitely an Antichrist-connected Astrology pattern, here possibly related to Putin reelected as Russian President, possibly by a huge amount of election fraud and ballot-stuffing. Also note that the on the Ides of March was a Roman Holiday of celebration for Mars the War deity. And Jupiter/Mars/Pluto in this trine could mean the Antichrist/War/Death in a trine where their power is amplified, these three horsemen could be riding. . See it below, that seems to be connected to the 9-9-9 triangle astrology pattern on the date and the return of Ra the sun deity with Putin back in power "put-in". See this page on Putin's connection to Ra and the pyramids. Note that it also looks like a pyramid on the sun, an Egypt connection to Ra.

The March 14 2012 triangle on the sun.
Source: SOHO (ESA & NASA).

Dec. 21 2012. Mayan calendar date. Also, 12-12-12, Dec. 12, 2012, is (6 years, 6 months, 6 days) after 6-6-06, June 6 2006. 12 is the number of completion, as Christ had 12 disciples. So perhaps the cycle begins on 12-12-12, the Mayan Calendar transformation time. Astrologically unusual then is that 4 planets are at or near 8 degrees on Dec. 22 2012, near Christmas: Jupiter at 8 Gemini (Air sign), Saturn at 8 Scorpio (Water sign), Pluto at 8 Capricorn (Earth sign), Venus at 7 Sagittarius (Fire sign). So Earth/Air/Fire/Water, the 4 elements, and note that "888" corresponds to "Jesus" in Greek. Note that:
9-11-01 September 11 (Air - airplanes hit buildings)
+ 3-11-11 Japan Tsunami (Water)
= 12-22-12 The day after December 21 2012 (Earth or Fire?)

May 10, 2013. Annular solar eclipse seen in New Zealand and Australia. The Astrology chart has a planet cluster in Taurus-Gemini - Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars. Note that it is in the Southern Hemisphere, indicating that Hope will come from the Southern Hemisphere.

July 18, 2013. A rare and very powerful Astrology pattern of a Grand Water Trine, of 4 planets in a triangular pattern in water signs: Saturn at 4 degrees Scorpio, Neptune at 4 degrees Pisces, Jupiter at 4 degrees Cancer and Mars at 3 degrees Cancer. Also adding to the pattern are the Sun nearby at 25 Cancer, Mercury at 13 Cancer, and the Moon at 19 Scorpio. A Grand Trine multiplies the energy of the planets and is a very powerful configuration. And a Grand Water Trine may be connected with a Nostradamus Prophecy, Century 1 Number 50, about a hero coming from the U.S. in the future. In this prophecy the "aquatic triplicity" could be a Grand Water Trine.

July 29, 2013. This Astrology chart shows a hexagon shaped astrology pattern on that date, could that relate to the "new heaven and new earth"?

Feb. 21, 2014. A Grand Cross Astrology pattern of 4 planets and the Moon in a cross shape:
-- The Moon and Pluto at 13 Capricorn
- Mars at 14 Libra
- Uranus at 13 Aries
- Jupiter at 13 Cancer
Could relate the the Antichrist Putin, with the number 13, since Revelation 13 is about the Antichrist. Note this is just before the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia ends. I would say its about Russian invasion of Crimea and the Ukraine.

April 29, 2014. Annular solar eclipse seen in Australia and Antarctica. The astrology chart shows that 4 planets form a square - Uranus, 13 Aries; Jupiter, 14 Cancer; Mars, 11 Libra; Pluto, 13 Capricorn.
Could relate to the Antichrist Putin, and the crisis in Ukraine, with the number 13, since Revelation 13 is about the Antichrist.

August 21 2017. A total solar eclipse seen in the U.S. from coast to coast, Oregon to South Carolina. The Astrology chart shows a cluster of planets and a trine - triangle shaped pattern. Relates to a dark period for the U.S. with Trump as President.

June 14 2019. Unusual Astrology pattern - June 14 2019, Grand Water Trine. Mars - 18 Cancer, Neptune - 18 Pisces, Moon - 18 Scorpio. Mercury also at 15 Cancer. Note that 18=6+6+6.

January 12 2020. Planet conjunction.

December 14, 2020. Total Solar Eclipse. Followed by December 21 2020, conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the Evening Sky, so close that they appear to merge, so this is also a Jupiter - Saturn Astrology Conjunction. This is the Astrology chart. A very ominous alignment, it could mean disaster for the world. From Coronavirus.

February 12 2021: a planet cluster in Aquarius may indicate a positive energy then, possibly related to the COVD vaccines. And a positive force in 2021 with the election victory of President Biden. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn in Aquarius then, Pluto close by in Capricorn. This should be a positive energy.

March 3 2022. Powerful astrology pattern: a double conjunction of Mercury and Saturn at 19 Aquarius, and a triple conjunction of Venus, Mars, Pluto at 27 Capricorn. Could relate to the Antichrist Putin who is threatening to use nuclear weapons in the Ukraine invasion. Note: if the Antichrist Putin tries to set off nuclear weapons then I think that aliens may intervene to keep the atomic bombs from going off, the aliens have demonstrated before that they can shut down nuclear weapons.

March 27 2022. According to the book "Intervention", (by Alan Butler, Watkins Publishing, 2012), March 27 2022 could be a critical date for revealing the future. The book "Intervention" comes up with the 3-27-2022 date by relating it to a number 27.322 related to the moon, and the unusual numerical facts related to the moon. This book proposes that the moon being unlike other satellites of the solar system, it appears to have been designed and parked in orbit around the earth, possibly by people in the future, to allow intelligent life to develop on earth. Note that there is an unusual astrology pattern on that 3-27-2022 date, of planets in 2 clusters in Aquarius (Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn) and Aries-Pisces (Sun and Mercury in Aries, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces).

Nov. 4 2022. 100 years since King Tut's tomb was discovered in Egypt in November 4 1922 by English archaeologist Howard Carter, unleashing the Curse of King Tutankhamun as Hitler rising to power then, a curse on England and the world. Will King Tut's curse be unleashed again as the Antichrist Putin, the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse, asteroids hitting earth, solar flares, earthquakes, and nuclear war? Or alien invasion? The Nov. 4 1922 Astrology Chart has a Grand Water Trine pattern, a powerful Astrology pattern with planets in 3 water signs in a triangle shape.

The Nov. 4 2022 Astrology chart has grouping of planets in 2 water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, so it is similar.

March 2023: Saturn in Aquarius ending March 7 2023. Pluto in Aquarius beginning March 24 2023. Possibly connected with alien invasion.

April 20 2023 Total Solar Eclipse over Australia, Southeast Asia.

October 14 2023, Annular Solar Eclipse across the U.S., Oregon to Texas. Astrology chart:

Dec. 2023. 60 666 day intervals from August 1914, refer to this page.

April 8 2024. Solar eclipse across the U.S.. 3 solar eclipses across the U.S. in 2017, 2024, and 2045. This Solar Eclipse could indicate a bad period for the U.S. in 2024. Look at what happened to the U.S. in 2017 when there was a solar eclipse across the U.S., the U.S. entered a dark 4 year period in 2017 ending on January 20 2021, that saw the COVID-19 epidemic, and almost ended up in dictatorship in the U.S. on January 6 2021. A previous solar eclipse that crossed the U.S. on June 8 1918 saw the U.S. in World War 1 and the 1918 Flu Epidemic. Astrology chart:

October 2 2024. Annular Solar Eclipse over South America. Astrology chart:

Nov. 5 2024. U.S. Election Day. Astrology chart:

October 29 2025. Unusual triangle Astrology alignment, a Grand Water Trine of 3 planets in 3 water signs at 25 degrees: Mars at 25 Scorpio, Jupiter at 25 Cancer, Saturn at 25 Pisces. This forms a triangle shape. Also 2 planets have a trine in Air signs: Pluto at 1 Aquarius, Uranus at 0 Gemini. Also nearby in the Grand Water Trine are: Mercury at 29 Scorpio, Neptune at 29 Pisces. A very powerful Astrology pattern.

February 3 2028. According to the prophecies of Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier, the Age of Aquarius enters its final transition date on Feb. 3, 2028. And it predicts that this is a significant date for changes of the Age of Aquarius. I wonder if this could be about alien invasion? Reference: "The Essence of the Notes", Prepared by Maurice Osborn, Outskirts Press Inc., Denver Colorado, 2009. Page 474. But the Billy Meier book "And still they fly" gives another date for this: February 3 2029. Reference: "And still they fly!", by Guido Moosbrugger, Published by Steelmark, 2004.

March 11 2029. Powerful astrology pattern of a Grand Air Trine, with planets in a triangle shape in Astrology Air Signs, and a planet cluster in Pisces-Aries.

May 28 2032. Cluster of planets in Gemini: Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus.

Nov. 4, 2040. Partial solar eclipse, bent cross pattern. Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was on Oct. 31 2040, 5 days before. Astrology chart:

August 12 2045. Solar eclipse across the U.S.. Could indicate a bad energy for the U.S. in 2045. The 2024 and 2045 eclipses form an X across the U.S. with the intersection in Arkansas. Astrology chart:

June 11 2048. Annular Solar Eclipse, cross pattern. Astrology chart:

June 26, 2048. Hexagon shape Astrology pattern. Astrology chart:

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