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Article: Is Punk Gone Metal?
Writer: Brinepacer
Date Posted: 23/12/00

I came from a metal background (not that my parents were machines, but that i listened to metal). I grew up on Sex Pistols, but Metallica's black album was the first i bought (and honest Lars, i did, this was pre-napster remember). Therefore, its only natural for me to not notice it, but as i step back, i realise that metal is a huge part of modern punk. I mean, look at AFI. They are a metal band with a bit of punk thrown in. And Sick Of It All. And every other hardcore band for that matter!

Now, i don't see metal as Judas Priest as some yanks may. To me metal is all about Slayer and Biohazard and Machine Head. Now i know people will say, "That's metalcore, that's just a sister to hardcore". Well, listen to Slayer's 'Undisputed Attitude'. I think that was the album that killed my interest in most metal, and pushed me towards Sick Of It All and such. I bought it the same day as i bought 'Heavy Petting Zoo' (the cover of which was in the bin in my house about 48 hours later when mother dearest deemed it offensive and crumpled it up, but thats another article). I think there are actually similarities in these records, and it may just be me but hear me out. 'Hobophobic', off 'Heavy Petting Zoo'. Now i would not be wrong in saying NOFX culled a lot of their style from hardcore, most notably 'Minor Threat' (just listen to the sodding drums). Most covered band on Undisputed Attitude? Minor Threat. In fact, the first couple' NOFX albums were assimilations of Bad Religion and Minor Threat.

In fairness, Slayer's readings of the songs on Undisputed Attitude are amazing. I really think they came up with true updates of all the songs involved. Even 'I wanna be your dog' (here craftily retitled 'I wanna be your god', ooh, the implications) is given a decent trashing, reminding you how it was a heavy as fuck song. Plus even when they throw in widdly metal solos to songs (like 'Filler'), it actually comes out ok.

And (with comedy punctuation) that's another thing. Solos. Is it just me or are they back again. And only in punk too! Everyone seems to be putting solos back in songs. I personally think its all El Hefe's fault, but hey, if you can, do. But all the new metal bands are shunning solos. I think they took more influence from Nirvana than we did! And in some cases El Hefe is even apeing 80s metal. Look at 'A Perfect Government' for feck sake!

But the real question is, is it such a bad thing? The new AFI album is a fucking triumph, truly a great album, and not a minute too soon. If i hear one more bad emo album i'm gonna puke. But then again, do we want a full scale, leather jacket, tight jeans revival. I think not. I think we better put AFI under surveillance and see what comes out. Oh and Sick of it all? Well, i think we lost them a long time ago!