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Greetings, fellow travel enthusiasts! Alas, I have been getting to all too few new and/or exotic places the past couple years, but I will at least try to cover past trips I have been on, and plans for the future. At this point, I have been to 49 US states (+ DC), but to only 7 Canadian provinces, uno estado de Mexico, and no where else on this or (far as I know) any other planet. My current location will not help me get to Europe, but I do foresee getting to Hawaii in the next couple years, as well as the two state capital cities I have missed (Honolulu HI and Helena MT).

When talking to sedentary and/or less-traveled folks about an upcoming excursion, their first question is invariably, "Oh, do you have FAMILY there?". Being from a small family, my answer is almost always "no", but they feel compelled to continue asking anyway, even when the location is exotic or (heaven forbid) an obvious tourist-trap hell. In reality, my travel interests vary from place to place. I might be interested in the scenery, the history, the eating establishments, the local transit system, where the area's baseball team calls home, what (if any) radio service they may have, or maybe just how many new counties I can visit in one trip (see also my freshly-produced by-state county scoreboard!). Each of those "special interests" will eventually have their own sub-section, so just follow the links as they appear.

Some of my individual trip stories are already online, and more will be coming as I write and/or find them. What's up here already includes:
* "101 Favorite Trips"
* Washington/Oregon/Idaho/Alaska, 8-9/97
* Alabama/Mississippi/Tennessee, 11/98
* Vermont/New York/Ontario, 5/99
* Kansas/Nebraska/Missouri, 8/99
* Illinois-California move, 10-11/99
[via Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona]
* Phoenix, 4/00
* San Diego, 6/00 and 8/00
* San Francisco/Oakland, 9-10/00
* And, San Francisco/Oakland, 6/01
* Las Vegas, 10/00

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