Tapeable stations – Fullerton CA

Sorry for the lack of detail, and the several obvious old/wrong bits.  I just wanted to get SOMETHING more up-to-date up on the website quickly.  I still need to confirm current calls and programming on a few radio and TV stations.

These are stations I can record easily from home, so I deliberately left off the list-fattening DX that plagues many such lists.  On the other hand, this is a more complete list thatn many, as I do not deliberately leave off stations I CAN record.  Oh yeah, I do occasionally get to visit other places, such as Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura and others, so go ahead and ask for any regional stuff not on this list…just expect that it could be weeks or even months for me to get to those.  Same goes for getting local-strength recordings of the "weak" ones.

Before making a trade request, please check my trading guidelines.  Be sure to tell me what you can record (AM and FM), and also check my “most wanted” list for what little old things I might want.  Thanks!

XEBACH – standards-jazz-soft AC (= 1260)
KLAC – talk*, Angels, Lakers  {* - inc Michael Jackson, Dr Dean Edell, Clark Howard}
KSZZ – Mexican
KOGO – talk, Padres
KFI – satellite and local talk {inc Phil Hendrie, Art Bell}
KIRN – Iranian [weak]
XETRA – sport-talk
KDIS – satellite kids (Radio Disney)
KBRT – religious talk
KFMB – talk [weak]
KABC – talk
KPLS – satellite talk {inc Imus, B-1 Dornan, Savage}
KRLA – talk, infomercials
KALI - Spanish-
KHJ – ranchera
KFWB – news
KTNQ – Spanish standards-AC (= 98.3/103.9), and Spanish talk
KNX – news, talk, old radio shows
XEPRS – Spanish talk, Angels,
KSPN – satellite sport-talk (ESPN)
KXTA – sport-talk (inc satellite Fox), Dodgers
KEZY – Asian religious,
KWKU –  Mexican talk, Dodgers, etc (= KWKW)
K--- <1230> - Korean, Dodgers
KSUR – standards-jazz-soft AC (= 540)  [weak] {may have “Sounds of Sinatra”?}   
KFRN – satellite religious (Family Radio)
KAZN – Asian (inc Korean, Chinese)
KWKW – Mexican talk, Dodgers,
KPOP – standards, oldies {inc Jerry G Bishop} [weak]
KWRM – Mexican-  (= 1310/Victorville)
KGER – satellite Spanish religious (La Nueva Vida)
K--- <1430> - Asian (inc Chinese),
KTYM – ethnic (inc Russian, )
K--- <1480> - Asian (inc Vietnamese)
KMXN – standards-soft AC  Big Band Jump Sun nights
KMPC – satellite sport-talk (Sporting News), Angels, [weak nights]
KPRO – gospel, preaching [weak]
K--- <1580> - satellite Spanish talk, sports (Radio Unica) [weak nights]
KMNY – Chinese, financial news,
XEUT – classical, jazz, various rock, public affairs [weak] (Univeridad Autónoma de Baja California)
KGXL - Korean
W------ <1700> - public affairs, PSAs, and school sports even!?! (Cerritos College)
KLON – jazz, blues (Long Beach State)
KSBR – smoothjazz, jazz, blues [weak] (Saddleback College)
KCSN – folk, big band, others [weak/sporatic] (Cal State-Northridge)
Radio Genesis <88.9> – church-operated Spanish religious pirate [weak]
KUOR - jazz, blues (=88.1) [weak]
KPCC – satellite news, public affairs (PRI, NPR)
K--- <89.7> - religious
KCRW – news, public affairs, eclectic music {inc Harry Shearer}
KBPK - AC, public affairs (Fullerton College)
KPFK – news, public affairs, folk, blues, doo-wop, world muic, more
KUSC – classical (U of Southern California)
KHHT - urban oldies-AC
KCBS-FM – classic rock
KFSG – religious
KZLA – country hits
KMXN – hot AC
KTWV – smoothjazz
KFRG – country
KLOS – classic rock, freeform {with Jim Ladd}
KFSH – contemporary christian
KZOL – Spanish soft AC
K--- <96.7> - Spanish soft AC
KLSX – talk
KSSE – Mexican hits-dance (=KBCD)
KLAX – Mexican dance-hits
K--- <98.3> - Spanish standards-AC (= 1020/103.9)
KZSR – hot AC, 80s
KGGI – dance-hits
KKLA – religious talk
KOLA – oldies
KKBT – urban dance-hits
KMRK-FM – soft AC
KRTH – oldies
KSCA – Spanish hits,
KJLH – R&B, gospel [weak]
KIIS-FM – hits
KBCD - Mexican hits-dance (=KSSE)
KBIG – hot AC,
KMZT – classical
KBUA – Spanish hits
KPWR – urban hits-dance-hiphop,
KALI-FM – Asian, rock weekend overnights
KROQ – rock
KLVV - Spanish- ,
KLVE – Spanish soft AC
KWVE – religious
KCAL-TV – indy, Angels, Lakers, Ducks
KTTV – Fox
KSCI – ethnic (mostly Japanese, Korean, Hindi, other Asian)
KWHY – Spanish (inc Tel)
K----LP <26> - various ethnic, HSE
KPXN – Pax, NBC {Cable Net talk, etc. on SAP}
KMEX – Uni
K----LP <38> - various religious, etc {inc Gene Scott} [weak]
KXLA - infomercials, religious, other paid shows NEW!!
K--- <46> - Telefutura (network of Spanish language movies, mostly dubbed American)
K----LP <48> – HSE [weak]
KVEA – Tel (for now…will sell soon)
KAZA – Azteca America NEW!!
KDOC – indy (reruns, ethnic, religious, Wally George’s Bad Hair Day, etc.)
KLCS – educational
KRCA – ethnic (mostly Spanish), shopping overnight
K----LP <68> - shopping, ethnic, etc

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