I can use trading CONTACTS from in or near various places, including but not limited to the markets listed below.

I can not over-emphasize the trading contacts part.  Seems that even the most intelligent radio-geek will still take this list to mean I either want a bad 10-year-old tape of a station from that market, or that I will consider someone who lives 45 miles away and can/will only tape just a few of the major FMs (and then only those they like) to be "in the market".


Specialty programming I seek:

OLD (and perhaps new) AIRCHECKS
Specific Stations

Old tapes I am looking for.  First, the stations, roughly in state or provincial order.  As in all cases, I would rather NOT receive edited/scoped tapes, except in very special circumstances...And then ONLY after my personal approval.  Stations listed in BOLD mean I have some, if all you want is an "even" swap


Am also looking for any of the following personalities, from any station unless specified.  Again, I have some of any in BOLD, though could usually use more from that place too!

Wanna Trade?  Please write!
My current "Tapeable List" can be seen here.
Much of collection list is online, but still needs a lot of work (again).
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