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Photographs and Drawings


The photographs and drawings by David Calvert-Orange from all the publications are available as individual prints and can be permanently encapsulated or framed.

These are available as individual A4 size prints at 4.99 each on heavy art paper or a set of four at 11.99 post postage and packaging of 1.00.

EGYPTD~1.JPG (42017 bytes) EGYPTD~2.JPG (190830 bytes) EGYPTD~3.JPG (191898 bytes) EGYPTD~4.JPG (246396 bytes)

David Calvert-Orange 2000


A beautiful series of three magnificent photographs of the coffin and mask of Tutankhamun taken by David Calvert-Orange are available on A4 size heavy gloss paper at 5.99 each or 14.99 for the set of three plus postage and packing at 1.00

TUTGOL~1.JPG (62168 bytes)

David Calvert-Orange 2000



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