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This website is for beginning fiction writers.We serve as a self-help resource to help you overcome writer's block. We offer tips, tricks, exercises, chats, and information, as well as links to other products and services for you, the aspiring fiction writer.

We address the three major forms of writer's block:

Stuck for ideas : This is like having ignition trouble - you can't think of an idea to start with. We provide inspiration; for instance, interviews with authors. We help you decide what kind of writing you want to do. You can also enter contests like creating an opening scene based on a word or an image. Stuck for words: Frequently new writers have wonderful ideas in their heads but have trouble putting them into words. For this problem, we feature advice on writing exciting descriptions, spine-tingling narrative and sensational dialog. We offer exercises and word games to help you develop your skills, as well as a glossary of slang to help make your writing authentic.Stuck for structure : This page is for people who know what they want to write but are struggling with the technical aspects of writing in a particular genre. Among other resources, we offer Writer's Craft, a monthly ezine with articles focusing on one literary genre. In this month's issue, we focus on romantic fiction. You need advice from other people who have suffered writer's block and how they overcame it; you need tips on the writing process and how to be more efficient and productive. We offer this and more. And throughout the site, we offer links to outside sources to give you an even larger reservoir of help and information on which to draw.
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