The curiosity in Byberry has been rapidly peeked recently, with many questions, experiences, and requests for maps and blue prints coming in all the time. I have posted the experiences, the history, and rebuttles, and now here is what I have located in some serious research about Byberry, including pictures and maps.

Disclaimer: Spooky, Angelfire, and Weird USA will not be held responsible if you go to Byberry and are injured, arrested, assualted, or anything. You go to these grounds at your own risk, and for the record, we suggest that you steer clear of this abandoned and badly deteriorated building. It is Federal Property.

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Well, Northeast Philadelphia is home to one of the largest mental hospitals in the USA; Pennsylvania State Hospital aka Byberry. Its been abandoned since 1990. It was closed down due to unlivable conditions and mistreatment of patients. Also some of the building contain asbestos, another reason for the shutdown.

It has since been left to deteriorate. it is still patrolled by guards via jeeps, there are numerous roads all over the place. back in the hayday of the place there were over 50 buildings. the buildings were on both the north side and south side of rt1 aka roosevelt blvd. which was connected by a bridge that still exists. today there are about 27 huge buildings left. all connected by tunnels, some of which can be accessed in the basements of buildings. although, many were bricked off.

Padded rooms are still left, solitary confinment rooms, are still there. keep in mind that everything is in shitty shape, years of weather has taken it toll. during the winter, it is known to house bums, which should be taken note of.

As far as i know, fucked up shit used to go on in this place such as frontal lobotomies, shock therapy, various other experiments.

The most common building that people go into are the two 6 story buildings that can be seen from rt1, the buildings are quite heavily vandalized. the older buildings are not often broken into. my friend has found file cabinats and desks that were never removed. even xmas decorations are still up in certain parts.

Things to watch out for:

  1. guards, at night you'll be able to spot them and hide from them easily. LOTS of tall grass and scrubs to hide in.
  2. Bums, they are known to sometimes inhabit various buildings. as a form of intimidation to anyone you might come across, its good to arm yourself w/ clubs or bats.
  3. asbestos, its in there somewhere.
  4. LOTS of broken glass.

When to Go:

its best to go during the night on a weekday, local kids sometimes go in on the weekends to get drunk and party, but its limited to only 1 or 2 buildings.

What to Bring:

  1. Flashlights: only use when inside, you dont want to attract attention when you are on the outside.
  2. Crow Bars: to pry open doors.
  3. baseball bats, brass knuckles, etc. for intimidation purposes.

What to Expect:

  1. to get your feet soaked
  2. ticks
  3. to be scared shitless, really. this place is scary. ive heard many ghost stories about this place. but im too lazy to write them out, but they are pretty freaky...

Airplane View of the Grounds


Note from Spooky: I do not posses maps of the interior of Byberry, it's tunnels, or any blueprints. If you ask, I will not be able to get them [believe me, I have looked long and hard all over the internet, if they exist, they are not on the net.] If you have maps or blueprints of the hospital, please scan them and send them to me here. I will give you credit for drawing them up or finding them, and you can be crowned the reinging hero or heroine of the Byberry Saga!