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ALT Key Trick

The controversial "ALT key Trick", is a method to determine just exactly where the opponent has LOS (line of sight). Some people think of this as a cheat. IT IS NOT.

Everyone has access to it, and all it does is give you an idea of where the opponent can see.

The drawback to this is you need to think on a 3 dimensional scale. Just because the opponents LOS is stopped due to a small fence or high rise in the terrain, does not mean that if you pull a tank up to that spot he will not see it. How high is the fence? will a tank sitting behind it be above or below  it?

Now on how to execute this tool.

1. First and foremost, you must have suitable recon of the area to see the opponent.

2. Once you spot the opponent, hold down the ALT key, then left click and hold on the enemy team. Now you can drag a firing line out.

3. You can now see exactly where the opponent has LOS with that team, and can move your teams to a possible blind spot.

· AGAIN THINK IN 3 DIMENSIONS, as I stated above.
I've victimized myself, thinking this to be full proof, but it isn't if you think on a three dimensional scale. Because of terrain changes and building angles this can vary.

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