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Mego Links

Mego Museum If you have any interest in Megos, you must visit the Mego Museum. It has the largest collection of pictures and information about Megos that I have seen (even though they don't have even a mention of Eagle Force)

Dr. Mego's Reproductions Dr. Mego makes and sells reproduction parts and accessories for 8" mego figures.

Mego Central A guide to Mego Figures and all of those tiny parts they came with (plus customs, stuff for trade and more!)

Forign Mego This is a great site that provides pictures and information about forign Megos!

Ruby Lane They often have a good number of Megos available. You can sometimes find good prices.

Sci-Fi Station Not a lot in the way of Megos, but they have a bunch of really cool Sci-Fi stuff (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.)

C.B. McHaul's Truck Stop From the creator of the Forign Mego website comes a site for a line of Megos even less known than the Eagle Force, C.B. McHaul!

Eagle Force This is my site for the Mego Eagle Force line of toys...not that anyone has any interest in them :-)!

Alibris -This is an online bookstore that sells books on Mego. You can just do a search for "mego" in the title search and see what they currently have.

The 3 A-Megos This is site that two of my friends and I are working on that's all about FUN!!! It includes repair tips, pictures of custom megos we have made, a lists of all of the megos produced in each size, galleries for each series that already have lots of pictures and will someday include pictures of all of the megos (not only 8", but 3 3/4", 9" & 12" too!), plus more!


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