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. . . . KISS ARMY . . . .

Here is my list of KISS ARMY stuff that I have for trade:

* * * 1978 KISS Trading Cards * * *
(Please check out my "Non-Sport's Cards" page for details of what KISS cards I have and what I'm looking for)

Black KISS ARMY folder, printed on the inside are the first four albums with an add for "DESTROYER coming soon"

Black KISS ARMY folder, printed on the inside are the first Seven albums with an add for "The Originals" w/ picture of an explosion

Volume One, No. 3, Fall Edition '76
Volume Two, No. 1, Spring Edition '77
Volume Two, No. 2, Fall Edition '77
Volume Three, No. 1, Winter Edition '78
Volume Three, No. 2, Summer Edition '78 (this was the first glossy paper newsletter. It was also the first 8 1/2" x 11")

Merchandise Order Forms:
KISS ARMY sign up form and merchandise for all 4 members
KISS ARMY P.X. (Merchandise for all members) ads for shirt, Jacket patch, stick pin, bracelet, necklace, notebooks, satin jacket
Ace merchandise order form
Paul merchandise order form
Gene merchandise order form
Peter merchandise order form

KISS LOVE GUN 2 sided cardboard cut out gun (this is very cool!)...
5 yellow paper "BANG"'s.
Gun is blue and yellow w/ a red background.
"KISS LOVE GUN" is printed on the barrel.
"Casablanca records & filmworks, rock steady production Inc." is printed on the bottom.

8" x 10" PHOTOS
(all photos were officially released to KISS ARMY members)...
KISS LIVE #1 color
KISS LIVE #2 color
Paul Live color
Gene Live color
Peter Live (singing Beth) color
Ace Live (close-up w/ smoking guitar) color

Live b/w
Peter playing drums live b/w
Ace live b/w
Gene breathing fire live b/w
Paul posed (not live) b/w

3 different sheets of photos (all full color).
Each set has one live wallet size photo of each member and one live photo

SHEET 1-Also has KISS ARMY membership card. This entire sheet is perforated so you can tear out the photos and the membership card and carry them in your wallet (in case you just can't wait to get home to see your favorite rock stars!). Each card has a biography for the member on the back.

SHEET 2-Biography on back and tour schedule

SHEET 3-Nothing on the back

(end of photo section)

Meet the members of KISS, 4 page yellow paper. Each page has a photo of one member, a biography, and their astrological sign.

KISS ARMY certificate, "This is to herby decree that_____is officially recognized..."

Double Platinum Award Replica, full color award that came with membership to the KISS ARMY

7" by 8 1/2" KISS ARMY logo Purple/Black, Red & Yellow
2" by 3 1/2" KISS ARMY logo Black on silver
8 1/4" by 8 1/4" Rock & Roll Over full color, it's perforated (I don't kknow why)

Rub on tattoos, 19 tattoos per sheet

KISS ARMY iron on

Kiss Discography, Yellow paper, first four albums and list of songs from each album plus preview for DESTROYER

Kiss Discography, Yellow paper, first 7 albums & list of songs

Silver KISS patch on black background

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