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Hi, this Lindsey and Susana (pronounced Soo-sah-nah for those of you cheeses who can't speak correctly). This site is once again run by us! We made up and are back to being friends again. Yeah! Well here's how 101 Lists :) got started.

Lindsey and I were REALLY good friends. We'd talk to each other everyday and constantly laugh our heads off, pull pratical jokes and pranks, and make fun of people either behind their backs or directly to his or her face. The idea of 101 lists came to us one afternoon after school when we were bored. The 101 questions list was originally a series of questions that we were going to fire at our homey Kevin the next day to make him mad (since he wouldn't come over to Susana's house that day when he said he would - he had to go to the Bulls game - What an excuse!!). When we were done, we decided that they were pretty funny, so we took them to school the next day and with the incredible response from our friends, we posted them on the internet. The site then just kept on growing, and it still is. Thanks for visiting!!

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