Hi, I'm Lindsey. I'm a 16 year old girl, and I like to laugh a lot. I am going to make this short. I have blond hair and I'm about 5' 5". I am smart in school, and I like to listen to music and hang out with my friends. I play the piano, and I am quite good at it. Oh yeah, I live in Illinois. I am not saying where. All that I can say is that it is around Chicago. And my birthday's July 19!

Okay, I answered 101 questions just so you can find out ALL about me!

What is your favorite . . .
1. Color? blue
2. Word? diablo
3. Fast food place? Steak 'n' Shake
4. Animal? dog
5. TV show? Real World
6. Movie? The Wedding Singer
7. Actor (in movies)? Matt Damon, Freddie Prinze, Jr., David Duchovnybr> 8. Actress (in movies)? Julia Stiles
9. Band? Dave Matthews Band, Tool
10. Type of Food? Mexican
11. Food? rainbow sherbert, guacomole, pizzabr> 12. Singer? maynard james keenan
13. Season? Summer
14. Vacation spot? Seattle, New York City (I wanna go there!)
15. Country in Europe? France
16. Country in South America? Venezuela
17. Country in North America? America
18. Country in Asia? Japan
19. Country in Africa? Egypt
20. Store? Sam Goody, Best Buy
21. Department Store? Marshall Field's
22. Jelly Belly jelly bean? margarita!!
23. Candy? Twizzlers
24. Grocery Store? Jewel
25. Spice? garlic
26. Spice Girl? Sporty (even though i strongly dislike them!)
27. Airline? United
28. Soda? Cherry Coke
29. (non soda) Drink? Water
30. Punctuation mark? question
31. Letter? Z
32. Brand of clothes? GAP
33. Basketball Team? Bulls
34. Football Team? Notre Dame
35. Baseball Team? White Sox
36. Name? Boy: Kevin, Matt, Jarsh <----just kidding!! Girl: Fart
37. Disney movie? A Bug's Life
38. Gemstone? sapphire
39. Comic Strip? Peanuts
40. Website?
41. Party you've been to? My 1999 end of the year party
42. Ride at Great America? Raging Bull, Viper, and the Lobster Ride
43. Subject? French, Physics, Chemistry
44. President? Lincoln
45. Comedian? Jimmy Fallon
46. Actress (TV)? Molly Shannon
47. Actor (TV)? Chris Kattan
48. Disney Character? Heimlich
49. Teacher? Mr. Sharp!
50. Newspaper? Chicago Sun-Times
51. Book? Interview with the Vampire
52. Sport? baseball
53. State? West Virginia
54. City? Chicago
55. Number? 19
56. Ocean? Atlantic (only one i've seen)
57. Great Lake? Michigan
58. Element? Lithium
59. Metal? Silver
60. Dessert? anything besides pie
61. Flavor ice cream? moose tracks
62. Brand of ice cream? breyer's
63. CD? Ænima
64. Song? way too many
65. Brand of Shoes? Doc Martens
66. Month? July
67. Decade? late 90's
68. Brand? Dodge Cars
69. ISP? i think AOL
70. Friend (guy)? Steve
71. Friend (girl)? Susana
72. Holiday? Chrismas
73. Magazine? Discover
74. Brand of Juice? Aw...geez
75. Rapper? Will Smith (even though i don't like rap)
76. Radio Station? 101.1, 97.9
77. Movie Channel? Starz
78. Cable Channel (MTV, VH1, etc.)? MTV
79. Basic Channel (NBC, CBS, etc.)? FOX
80. Club/Cult? Ummmmm
81. Flower? rose
82. God? the only god there is
83. Goddess? Blargetes
84. Car? Mitsubishi 3000GT
85. Hockey Team? Chicago Wolves
86. Place you've lived? this house right now
87. Noble Gas? Neon
88. Fabric/Material? silk, angora, cotton
89. Kind of Precipitation? snow
90. Constellation? big dipper (i can never see any!)
91. BSC Member? HAHAHAHA!! i refuse to answer
92. Book Series? don't read any
93. Phase of Matter? liquid
94. Candy Bar? Nutrageous
95. Author? Anne Rice
96. Poet? Edgar Allan Poe
97. Poem? I Farted on a Foggy Day
98. Type of Music? any kind of rock
99. Year? 2000
100. 80's Movie? Blues Brothers
101. 101 List? 101 Barney Adventures

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