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Click below for facts about the Titanic and her two sister ships as well as the Rescue Ship.

RMS Titanic

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RMS Olympic

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HMHS Britannic

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"The Rescue Ship"
RMS Carpathia

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My Titanic Collection

My Rose Vinyl
Portrait Doll


These are all the dresses I have for my doll so far.

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The Blue & White
Suit Ensemble
ABoarding.jpg (67216 bytes) MyRoseDollBoardingDress.jpg (92633 bytes)


Black and White
Gown Ensemble
RoseBoarding.jpg (11360 bytes) BlackWhiteGownEnsemble.JPG (21420 bytes)
(I don't have this dress.)


The Tea Dress
CTeaDress.jpg (70538 bytes) MyRoseDollTeaDress.jpg (108432 bytes)


The Red & Black
Beaded Gown
(This dress came on my doll)
DJump1.jpg (34367 bytes) MyRoseDollJumpDress.jpg (80670 bytes)


White Dressing
Gown Ensemble
RoseGown.jpg (19952 bytes)
RoseGown2.jpg (16218 bytes)
WhiteDressingGown.jpg (18654 bytes)
(I don't have this gown.)


The Yellow & White
Strolling Ensemble
RoseandJackTalking.jpg (60564 bytes) MyRoseDollStrollingDress.jpg (57478 bytes)


The Dinner Dress
RoseDinnerDress.jpg (18954 bytes) MyRoseDollDinnerDress.jpg (78675 bytes)


Yellow and Cream
Lace Dress
RDRoseandCalatBreakfast2.jpg (18557 bytes)

RoseandCalatBreakfast2.jpg (20569 bytes)
YellowCreamLaceEnsemble.JPG (18860 bytes)
(I don't have this


ICorset.jpg (52635 bytes) CorsetEnsemble.JPG (20204 bytes)
(I don't have the


The Blue Velvet
Gown Ensemble
FlyingScene1.jpg (20655 bytes) FlyingScene2.jpg (43126 bytes)
MyRoseDollFlyingDress.jpg (71163 bytes)


Black Kimono
Dressing Gown
KKimono2.jpg (11689 bytes) MyRoseDollKimonoGown.JPG (59799 bytes)
The Kimono Gown also came with
Jack's Portfolio with 3 pictures he drew.

JacksPortfolio.jpg (23667 bytes)
SafeandPortfolio.jpg (28718 bytes)


The White & Lilac
Dress Ensemble

JackandRose1.jpg (20657 bytes)

SwimDress.jpg (15716 bytes)
MyRoseDollSwimDress.jpg (48631 bytes) MyRoseDollSwimDress2.jpg (45316 bytes)


Her Wardrobe
Trunk and Safe & Accessories
MyRoseDollTrunk.jpg (56200 bytes)  MyRoseDollSafe.jpg (34093 bytes)  MyRoseDollSmallHeartoftheOcean.jpg (38330 bytes)

The Rose Vinyl Portrait
Doll Collection

(These are the 5 Rose Vinyl dolls
available from The Franklin Mint)


The Blue & White
Suit Ensemble Doll

The Tea Dress
Ensemble Doll

BlueWhiteSuit.jpg (14629 bytes) BlueWhiteSuit2.JPG (20136 bytes) 

TeaDress.jpg (17219 bytes) TeaDressBig.JPG (22127 bytes)

The Red & Black
Beaded Gown Doll
(This is the doll I have)

The Dinner
Dress Ensemble Doll

Jump1.jpg (15690 bytes)  JumpBig.JPG (19991 bytes)

Dinner3.jpg (19768 bytes) DinnerBig.JPG (27713 bytes)

The White & Lilac
Dress Ensemble Doll
White3.jpg (14688 bytes) SwimDressBig.JPG (14695 bytes)


 The Rose Porcelain
Portrait Doll Collection
(These are the 3 Rose Porcelain dolls
available from The Franklin Mint)


The Blue Velvet
Gown Ensemble Doll

The Blue & White Suit Ensemble Doll

FlyingDoll2.jpg (65928 bytes)

BoardingDoll2.jpg (86232 bytes)

The Reunited Ensemble Doll

LoveReunitedDoll2.jpg (53053 bytes)


All of these dolls and dresses were available at
The Franklin Mint.  I hadn't seen them advertised in
their catalogs or online anymore.  So I wrote them a letter
inquiring about the Rose Dress Collection and they told me
"the item was produced in a limited quantity and is no longer available".
Hopefully they'll make more in the near future so I can finish my
collection, and so others can as well.

RMS Titanic Signature Edition

RMSTitanicReplicaPic.jpg (88023 bytes)

Also available from The Franklin Mint.
(I wasn't able to buy this one since I was saving for my Rose Vinyl Doll dresses.)

"A spectacular merger of superb craftsmanship and historical drama.  A monumental, historically accurate replica of the most famous passenger ship in history.  Powerful display piece is carved in mahogany, hand-painted and featuring the individually hand-signed autograph of Millvina Dean--one of the last living survivors of the ill-fated luxury liner.  Showcased in a display built into the polished wood base, an actual piece of coal--recovered from the Titanic's wreckage."

My Titanic Bears
Captain Smith Bear

BearCaptainSmith.JPG (34661 bytes) BearCaptainSmith2.JPG (27794 bytes)

Lives Saved Bear

BearLivesSaved.JPG (40337 bytes) BearLivesSaved2.JPG (38183 bytes)

Lives Lost Bear

BearLivesLost.JPG (48254 bytes) BearLivesLost2.JPG (44461 bytes)


My Titanic Clock

MyTitanicClock.jpg (23127 bytes)


A Night To Remember

ANightToRememberBook.jpg (57939 bytes)

I first read this book to do a book report when I was in High School.
I found out that it is the most famous Titanic book of them all.  Walter Lord interviewed every survivor he could find.  It includes a great deal of words of the survivors themselves.  I liked the book so well and because it was the most truthful book about the disaster, I had to get me a copy.


The Heart of The Ocean


If you'd like to buy the replica of the Heart of The Ocean, click the picture below.  It'll take you to a website that has two Heart of the Ocean necklaces for sale.

One of the necklaces is for $19.95 and has a blue heart made of blue acrylic.  The other one is for $39.95 and has a heart made of blue Austrian Crystal.  Each necklace is surrounded by an array of sparkling clear Austrian Crystal gems.  Both necklaces come carefully packaged with a gold gift box.

I have the $39.95 necklace and it is beautiful!!

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