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Click below for facts about the Titanic and her two sister ships as well as the Rescue Ship.

RMS Titanic

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RMS Olympic

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HMHS Britannic

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"The Rescue Ship"
RMS Carpathia

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The Movie

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James Cameron's "Titanic" is an epic, action-packed romance set against the ill-fated maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic, the pride and joy of the White Star Line and, at the time, the largest moving object ever built. She was the most luxurious liner of her era -- the "ship of dreams" -- which ultimately carried over 1,500 people to their death in the ice cold waters of the North Atlantic in the early hours of April 15, 1912.
The journey of "Titanic" begins in the present, at the site of the ship's watery grave, two-and-a-half miles under the ocean surface. An ambitious fortune hunter (Bill Paxton) is determined to plumb the treasures of this once-stately ship, only to bring to the surface a story left untold. The tragic ruins melt away to reveal the glittering palace that was Titanic as it prepares to launch on its maiden voyage from England. Amidst the thousands of well-wishers bidding a fond bon voyage, destiny has called two young souls, daring them to nurture a passion that would change their lives forever.

Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) is a 17-year-old, upper-class American suffocating under the rigid confines and expectations of Edwardian society who falls for a free-spirited young steerage passenger named Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio). Once he opens her eyes to the world that lies outside her gilded cage, Rose and Jack's forbidden love begins a powerful mystery that ultimately echoes across the years into the present. Nothing on earth is going to come between them -- not even something as unimaginable as the sinking of Titanic.


April 10, 1912. Technology had been delivering a steady stream of miracles for the better part of two decades and people were beginning to take this never-ending spiral of progress for granted. What better demonstration of humanity's mastery over nature than the launch of Titanic, the largest and most luxurious moving object ever built by the hand of man? But four-and-a-half days later, the world had changed. The maiden voyage of the "ship of dreams" ended in a nightmare beyond comprehension and mankind's faith in its own indomitable power was forever destroyed by uniquely human shortcomings: arrogance, complacency and greed.
My goal in making this film was to show not only the dramatic death of this infamous ship, but her brief and glorious life as well. To capture the beauty, exuberance, optimism and hope of Titanic, her passengers and crew and, in the process of baring the dark side of humanity underlying this tragedy, celebrate the limitless potential of the human spirit. For Titanic is not just a cautionary tale - a myth, a parable, a metaphor for the ills of mankind. It is also a story of faith, courage, sacrifice and, above all else, love.
Writer/director James Cameron, 1997

Click here to download the Titanic movie script.


The Cast

Leonardo DiCaprio - Jack Dawson
Kate Winslet - Rose DeWitt Bukater
Billy Zane - Cal Hockley
Kathy Bates - Margaret "Molly" Brown
Frances Fisher - Ruth DeWitt Bukater
Bernard Hill - E.J. Smith, Captain of the R.M.S. Titanic
Jonathan Hyde - Bruce Ismay
David Warner - Spicer Lovejoy, valet to Cal Hockley
Victor Garber - Thomas Andrews, Master Ship Builder of the R.M.S. Titanic
Danny Nucci - Fabrizio De Rossi
Bill Paxton - Brock Lovett
Gloria Stuart - Rose Dawson Calvert
Suzy Amis - Lizzy Calvert
My Titanic Video Collection

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Titanic VHS
2 Cassette Tapes
(Part 1 and Part 2)
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Collector's Edition
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This Collector's Edition contains the movie on two VHS cassettes, a mounted filmstrip one of 17 scenes from the movie, and a 24-page color photo book.

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My cousin gave me 3 more keepsake mounted filmstrips

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Titanic DVD
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Special Collector's
Edition DVD

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