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A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policies and coercion are fruitless. We  find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip : a trip takes us. ( and it did. . .it was wonderful !!!)
- John Steinbeck

How did I like the Route 66 experience???

Our new licence Plate
the plate to see our
"new" road trip-vehicle

The trip was GREAT !!!!!

We saw so many "original" Route 66 icons (places & people) that it boggles the mind. We met many great people and ate at many of Route 66 Cafe's & restaurants . . . the Red Cedar Inn, Monroe Cafe, Joe & Aggie's, Big Texan, Rod's Steakhouse, the Oatman Hotel (Buffalo Burger), Bagdad Cafe and the "original" McDonald's in San Bernadino (replete with arches).

We slept in a Wigwam . . . at the the Blue Swallows, the El Rancho in Williams, AZ.

Katie saw the Meramac Caverns. We rode the Grand Canyon Railroad (steam-driven train) from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon. . . drove sections of Route 66 that are simply indescribable. it's sometimes hard to believe that we were in the same country as Ohio. . other times (in parts of Arizona & New Mexico we wondered if we were on the same planet). We met some GREAT people along the way. . . like General Bob (spinner of tall-tales "extrodinaire") at the Bagdad Cafe. 

  • Did you know . . 
  • Every law which is passed by Congress must be signed by General Bob first !!! 
  • General Bob speaks 5,000 languages.
  • He was personal friends with John Wayne.
  • He advised Patton.
  • He suggested to J.E. Hoover that he start a National police force.
  • He was in charge of the OSS in WW II.
  • We visited the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, a Harvey House, the Meteor Crater, the Two Guns Ruins. . . shopped at the Jackrabbit, fed burros, ate at the Bagdad (met General Bob), played on Santa Monica Pier and at Disneyland, walked on the beach. . . and spent four days with some GREAT friends in California. Ate dinner in Newport with Terry S., Van & Jan. great Italian cuisine!!!

    Van Pinkerton and Terry Sprague met us in Victorville, CA and lead the way through Hollywood to the Pacific.

    How did the Coupe do ??? Everywhere we stopped it was an "instant" car show. The most asked question. . . did you drive it here??? On Sunset Blvd., Elvis, Batman, Crocodile Dundee and "Black" Wonder Woman ran into the street to get their pictures taken with it. In Oklahoma, the starter solenoid "bit the dust" (fixed it in California). In California had to change a fuel line and remove the fuel pressure regulator. In Las Vegas a tank of bad gas "screwed up" one of the main carburetor's idle passages (fixing it now). In Colorado had to change two sparkplugs and a sparkplug wire. In Nebraska, we hit a hail storm (size of golf balls) with horizontal rain. How's the paint, you ask? Don't know, I haven't washed the car since and am afraid to look. In other words . . . the coupe did great !!!!

    How did Katie & me do ??? GREAT !!!! lots of bonding !!!!

    Our "Return Home Trip" was through Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa.

    As time permits, I will share more pictures and some stories. The best way to experience Route 66, though. . is to "EXPERIENCE" Route 66 !!!

    Please bookmark this page and check back from time to time.

    Would I do it again ???? In a heartbeat !!!!!

    Route 66 Slideshow
    From Chicago,IL to Santa Monica, CA.


    This is . . . "the" road-trip less traveled. . . . .
    Illinois Rt 66
    Kansas Rt 66
    Missouri Rt 66
    Oklahoma Rt 66
    Texas Rt 66
    N Mexico Rt 66
    Arizona Rt 66
    California Rt 66
    Hoover Dam
    Wigwam Motel
    Oatman, Arizona
    New Mexico
    Chain of Rocks Bridge
    St Louis
    Roy's Cafe
    Amboy, Ca
    Very COOL
    Ghost Town
    Meteor Crater



    "Cruisin' The American Dream"
    A Must Read

    by State
    Most of the following photos are mine.

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    New Mexico



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    Most of the following photos are mine.

    Those which have been borrowed will be sited in each link

    Ohio to 
    St Louis










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