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Irish Spring Festival - 1999

List of Winners

King and Queen 1999 Irish Spring Festival
Robert McCartney - King Andrew XVIII
Jean O’Dell - Queen Elizabeth XVIII

Limerick Contest Winners
1st Place
Ducks in a Row
This spring Ireland will put on a show
With their ducks all lined up in a row
They’ve got Donald and Daisy
They’ve really gone crazy.
Everyone’s full of blarney you know.
Nellie Lowther

2nd Place
Damaged Duck
There once was a duck who went ape
For his beak he had bent out of shape
He damaged his bill
When he took a bad spill
Not to worry...he had some duck tape!
Billy Dennison

3rd Place
Featherless Duck
There once was a featherless duck
He always had terrible luck
Hit the lottery one day
So he bought a toupee
On his way home, he was hit by a truck.
Sharon Dennison

March 12th Friday Night 50/50 Drawing winner was Darlene Bowyer --
March 13th Saturday 50/50 Drawing winner was Tressie George -- $67.50
Bushel of Irish Potatoes winner was Macel Craig
The Signature Quilt sponsored by Crawford 4H and CEOS club was won by
Debbie Campbell
The Tops Patchwork Quilt was won by Claudette Sidebottom

Horse Shoe Pitch
Youth Winner -- John Berlo
Adult Winner --  Andy Long

Parade Winners were:
Best of Show --  Ireland Head Start
1st Place -- Fall Run Youth
2nd Place -- Hall Family float
3rd Place -- C M 2 Ducks  Brianna and Allie Pitman

Harp Players
Contributing to instruction and concert presentations were:
Ruth Heavener
Karen Skidmore
John Lozier
Bill Brian
Clyde Golden
Mr Golden and Dr. Lozier are both harp makers as well as players.  The
Harp Festival of the Irish Spring Festival is organized and presented by
the Harping for Harmony organization, founded by John Lozier.  Harping
for Harmony was established as a vehicle for bringing peace to areas of
conflicting ideaoligies.  Dr. Lozier shared stories that provided
examples  of how  Harping for Harmony and sister organizations were
actually impacting attitudes of peace in areas of the world where we
often hear only of fighting and violence.  

Road Bowling
8 teams participated on Saturday.  They are listed with their respective
scores (lower is better):
Don’s Kids -  Don Stewart, Eric Stewart, Shawn Stewart, Jared Putnam &
Danny Spaur  (Score 36)
Rollers - Crystal Ratliff, Robert Williams, A. V. Townsend and Malinda
Forinash (Score 41)
Burnsey’s Bowlers - Bill Burns, Burt Hunter, Caroline Sampson, Raymond
Sampson, Marge Bond (Score 44)
Wild Munchkins - Corey Smailes, Doug Smailes, Zack Smailes, Mack Gissey
& Ricky York (Score 45)
Wildcat - Brad Allman, Mike Wright, Amber Allman & Connie Craig (Score
Braxton County  Road Bowlers - Malinda Davis, Andy Long, John Berlo &
Jessica Bazuk (Score 50)
Salem Shooters - Don Gain,  Josalyn Gain, Theresa Gain,  Bill MacCuskie
& David Powell (Score 50)
Kamikazees - Brian Craig, Tara Sapp, Leighann Craig, Kristi Gannon &
Scott Gannon  (Score 52)
Don’s Kids won by setting a new course record of 36 tosses. 
Dons Kids won again on Sunday when they competed in extremely
undesirable weather conditions but still scoring a very respectable 40
toss round.  The Kamikazees forfeited on Sunday when one of their team
members was injured while retrieving a road bowling ball beyond a barbed
wire fence.  The injured player, Scott Gannon, is reported to be in good
condition after receiving  a nasty cut on his neck from the barbed
wire.  It is noted that course scores of fewer than 50 tosses is
generally rated better than paar.

Road Bowl Lofting
Brian Craig had the longest toss of 160 ft and 3 inches.  This is just
short of Travis Craig’s record of 161 feet in 1998.
Connie Bailey beat out Melinda Davis in the women's competition and her
own standing road bowl record loft  by establishing a new record of 79
ft and 5 inches

Scavenger Hunt winners were:
Xesia Pickens
Jessica Bazuk
Lora Cogar
Nicholas Hedrick 

Snake Chase
In persistant heavy rain and sleet that rivaled any average summer hail
storm, and in near freezing temperatures, three brave and hearty Lasses
entered and completed the 6.25 mile (10K) course.  They were:
1st Place -- Leighann Craig (Time:  1:13:32)
2nd Place -- Wendy Craig  (Time:  1:40:12)
3rd Place -- Laura Cogar (Time:  1:46:18)

Fried Potato Contest
Connie Bleigh narrowly beat out Jennifer Heater when a tie occurred
with the four judge panel.  Joel Bruffey was called in to settle the
friendly dispute and as an unbiased 5th judge to declare Connie Bleigh
the fried potato winner for the 18th Irish Spring Festival.

Talent Show Winners
1st Place-- Brianna Pitman who played dulcimer
2nd Place -- Tasha Sapp, Tara Sapp, Leighann Craig, Jill Singleton  who
sang an inspiring 4 part harmony rendition of “Little Ducky Duddle”
3rd Place -- Courtney Putnam who sang “ Mary Had A Little Lamb”  and a
little song about ducks.
Most Nerve -- Sandy King who sang a very memorable version of “There’s
a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea”

Pet Show Winners
Best of Show: Max the dog with Kasey Moneypenny
Best Behaved Pet: Chicken with Amanda Barbo
Pet/Owner Look-alike: Bear the dog and Joe Hitt
Prettiest Pet: Rusty the dog with Brittani Taylor
Pet best depicting the ISF: Daisy Duck with Cassandra Bruffey
1st Place large dog: Shotsee with Jennifer Baker
2nd Place large dog: Rawsha with Jeannie Grogg
1st Place small dog: Jake with Malena Grogg
2nd Place small dog: Zeke with Ashley Bleigh
1st Place cat: Henry with Tara Sapp
1st Place Misc.: Franklin the turtle with Pat Bruffey
2nd Place Misc.: Mojo the hampster with Kathy Johnson

There were 26 entries and the pet show took place on the outside in
temperatures of a near  freezing 33 degrees.

Just Ducky Sweepstakes
1st Place $100.00 winner: Roy Skinner
2nd Place $50.00 winner: Dana Davidson
3rd Place $30.00 winner: Howard Sidebottom
4th Place $20.00 winner: Patty Gillium
5th Place T-shirt winner: Justin Marple
6th Place 2 Spaghetti dinners:    Dan Moody

St. Patrick's Day was a beautiful day.  Temperatures were in the 70's.
The race took only about 4 minutes and about a third of the ducks
finished the race.

Flying Rainbows (Kite Fly)
1st Place Amy Hedrick
2nd Place Rex Putnam
3rd Place Anthony Blake

2nd Duck Race
1st Place $60.00 winner: Eric Stewart
2nd Place $40.00 winner: Ann Margaret Spaur
3rd Place $30.00 winner: Mary Ratliff
4th Place $20.00 winner: Penny Craig

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