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   It has been said that St. Patrick chased all the snakes out of Ireland. In order to commemorate that historical fact or fantasy, the IRISH SPRING FESTIVAL WILL SPONSOR A "WALK/RUN".

     The SNAKE CHASE course proceeds from Ireland to Duffy back down McChord Run to Route 19 and return to Ireland.  The total Ireland-Duffy-McChord Run loop is amazingly close to the standard 10,000 meters at 6.5 miles.  Actually, 10,000 meters is approximately 6.2 miles and that is where we will mark the end of the unofficial (odometer measured) course.

     Check stations will be located one mile apart along the course and will be in radio contact with emergency vehicles and other checkpoints.  Each participant will be given a number and will be timed.  Competition is encouraged but PARTICIPATION IS THE EMPHASIS.  Entrants may complete all or any portion of the total course.  Trophies will be presented to the first place winners in different age categories as well as one each for the oldest and youngest who complete the course.  Certificates will be given that verify participant's time and portion of the race completed. For those who do not elect to complete the total 6.2 miles, transportation will be arranged back to the starting point from any one of the check stations. 

     So, walk for your health, meander with your friends, run like the wind, stop and smell the crocuses or approach it with your own style--but PARTICIPATE!  And--if you see a snake--pursue him in chase until he has clearly crawled beyond the proximate boundaries of Ireland (WV).They may
name a day in YOUR honor someday.  ---GOOD LUCK!!!


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