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Irish Spring Festival

Register of Kings, Queens, and Candidates

2007 King Andrew XXVI Donnie Craig and Queen Elizabeth XXVI Bernice Ann Craig

The 2007 King Andrew and Queen Elizabeth were announced on Friday night at the Festival.   Congratulations Donnie and Bernice Ann!!!


            Candidates:     Bob Blagg, Terry Skinner

                                        Ruth Singleton, Aletha Smarr

1982   King Andrew I Russell Weaver
           Queen Elizabeth I Pearl Pickens

Candidates: Dale Pickens & Hillary Spaur
                   Virginia Cunningham & Mae Spaur

1983   King Andrew II Dale Pickens
            Queen Elizabeth II Rhoda Bacorn

Candidates: Ed Bleigh & Opha Bull
                   Susie Bull & Martha Craig

1984   King Andrew III Sam Mick
            Queen Elizabeth III Wanda Weaver

Candidates: Pete Luther Crawford & Bob Bennett
                   Susie Bull & Martha Craig

1985   King Andrew IV Walter Gregory
            Queen Elizabeth IV Mae Spaur

Candidates: Gilbert Conrad & Lloyd Miller
                   Virginia Cunningham & Margaret Stalnaker

1986   King Andrew V Joe Forinash
            Queen Elizabeth V Ruth Reger

Candidates: Horner Bruffey & Carl Lowther
                   Gay Crawford & Mary Ratliff

1987   King Andrew VI Fay Heavner
            Queen Elizabeth VI Jean Bruffey

Candidates: Cliff Bailey & Bill Meese
                   Audrey Hall & Mary Ratliff

1988   King Andrew VII Bill Lowther
            Queen Elizabeth VII Opal Spaur

Candidates: Virgil Lane & Rodney Reger
                    Lola Fineran & Shelva Skinner

1989   KIng Andrew VIII Frank Craig
            Queen Elizabeth VIII Jean Lowther

Candidates: Kenneth Bull & Wallace Robinson
                   Myrtle Gregory & Mary Ratliff

1990   King Andrew IX Paul Loudin
            Queen Elizabeth IX Betty Lane

Candidates: Dan Bennett & Charles Pickens
                   Lucille McCray & Betty Wimer

1991   King Andrew X Rex Perrine
            Queen Elizabeth X Madeline Perrine

Candidates: Clarence O'Dell  &  Hill Spaur
                   Marion Forinash & Evelyn Snedeker

1992    King Andrew XI Hill Marple
             Queen Elizabeth XI Lucille McCray

 Candidates: Clarence O'Dell  &  Hanley Rexroad
                    Jean Craig & Freda Rexroad

1993   King Andrew XII Clarence O’Dell
            Queen Elizabeth XII Mary Ratliff

Candidates: Cliff Bailey & Johnnie Oldaker
                    Marietta Sarnacki & Shelva Skinner

1994   King Andrew XIII Noel Holden
            Queen Elizabeth XIII Helen Riffle

Candidates:   Dale Bacorn & Lloyd Miller
                     Dorothy Sapp & Desta Smith

1995  King Andrew XIV  Bob Nolen
           Queen Elizabeth XIV Olive Weaver

           Candidates:  Carl Greathouse  & Johnny Oldaker
Marion Forinash & Buncy Marple

1996   King Andrew XV Carl Greathouse
Elizabeth XV Marion Forinash        

            Candidates:  Johnny Oldaker & Calvin Strader
                               Mitzi Oldaker & Betty Pickens

1997   King Andrew XVI Dale Bacorn 
           Queen Elizabeth XVI  Betty Pickens

           Candidates: Nick Attanasio & Solomon Brown
                              Gale Craig & Marion Riffle

1998   King Andrew XVII  Glenn Lowther
Elizabeth XVII  Catherine Hall

           Candidates:  Bob Craig & Jim Romel
                              Virginia Brown & Jean O’Dell

1999  King Andrew XVIII  Robert McCartney 
            Queen Elizabeth XVIII  Jean O'Dell     

Candidates:  Bob Blagg & Sam Goldsmith
                    Virginia Brown & Nancy Craig

2000  King Andrew XIX Richard Hoover

         Queen Elizabeth XIX Shelva Skinner

             Candidates:  John Shields & James Romel

                                 Margaret Romel & Sue Foulks


2001  King Andrew XX John Shields

         Queen Elizabeth XX Gale Craig

            Candidates:  John Hedrick & Bob Craig

                                 Thelma Jarrell & Carolyn Hedrick


2002 King Andrew XXI Bob Doyle

        Queen Elizabeth XXI Mabel Mick

           Candidates:  John Hedrick & Junior Lewis
                                Nancy Craig & Carolyn Hedrick


2003 King Andrew XXII Ron Spaur

        Queen Elizabeth XXII Ann Spaur

           Candidates:  Calvin Strader & Bob Blagg

                                Louise Lowther & Ann Spaur


2004 King Andrew XXIII Raymond Blagg

          Queen Elizabeth XXIII Retta Blagg

            Candidates:   Calvin and Emmadale Strader

                                  Ford and Nettie Gregory   


2005 King Andrew XXIV Leonard McCray

        Queen Elizabeth XXIV Clara Mae Spray

          Candidates:   Ron Adams and Gary Hall

                                Judy Hull and Pat Adams     


2006 King Andrew XXV Rob Hoover

         Queen Elizabeth XXV Marion Long

            Candidates:     Nick Attanasio and Terry Jarvis

                                   Harriett Attanasio and Nancy Craig



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